Trump’s Wall Costs $21.6 Billion; Illegal Immigration Costs $148.3 Billion Per Year—Do The Math


Your such a funny little person filled with hate. One of the deplorables from the left.


Yep, famous last words. McCain too, don’t forget him. It’s funny watching you guys stick your necks out this far, thinking that a wee basket of deplorables is going to take America back to, well, a time that you can’t even articulate but a supposed time when America was great, lmao.


Brain cancer can’t kill that traitorous cuck soon enough.


Wow, such hatred. Thankfully your vision for America is a pipe dream.

Btw, when was America great? What era do you wish to return to. When black men were in chains and women couldn’t vote or own property, or when a president had the stones to round up an entire race of people in the country and confine them in concentration, hmm??


I for one want to see America return to enforcing the laws that the representatives of the people put into place. Why is that a problem?


It’s not just enforcing laws, but punishing the corporations that hire people that enter the country illegally.


I see where you’re coming from now. As I said in my other post I want ALL laws followed. That includes antitrust.


Very good, but if that’s what you want, continuing to send democrats and republicans to Washington isn’t the way to accomplish that, obviously. 41% of Americans are registered as independents, time to start voting accordingly!!!


What, that he has supposedly been saying that the left carry a significant number of racists, bigots and hater?.. or did you miss that cause you certainly have never said anything like that…


Partisan politics is destroying America, both sides!!!


Guess the math means nothing.


Figures lie and liars figure, shrug.


Cute slogan but 20 Trillion in the hole is not a fictitious number…


Apparently reading as well as critical thinking skills evade you.

Your comment is yet another indication of your leftist ideology as you continue to pretend to be an independent.


The typical response when ones argument has been obliterated. Default to personal attacks.


You know for eight years under Obama all we heard was that immigration was a federal issue and the States had no say in the matter. Now all of a sudden the Blue States have discovered State’s Rights. I think they had better be careful of what they wish for.

Keep your powder dry.


Did you do the math???


More and more of his post show everyone here that he is no less of an ideologue than the most progressive person here. He is pouting because because I called him a ‘libtard’ and while the shoe fits, he won’t talk to me any more :cry::cry: But no matter… I will continue to engage the hypocrisy of his ‘independence’ and the deficits of his progressivism…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy:


It’s sad that half the country ignores the costs of illegal immigration which affects everyone in this country.

It’s not about right or wrong but the cost and the debt we have run up over the years. The argument that they pay taxes is so weak or who will pick your fruit. Less than 10% of illegals work in agriculture.

What’s totally ignore is how much they send home to support their families. In Mexico’s case it is more than their tourism industry.


Far more is spent on global occupation and endless war, but the right bitches about immigration, lol.