Trump Says Military Should Pay For The Wall


Trump signed the Omnibus spending bill that had ZERO funding for the wall and minuscule levels of funding for border security, but there was a buttload of dollars for military and defense spending, so now Trump is saying that the military should have to pay for the wall.

Trump is also saying that this is just a down payment. Not really sure how this works but…ok.

Also DACA. Why?


Trump is demonstrating he doesn’t understand how a federal budget works. So he is gonna say he signed the bill to fund the military and then take that money to fund the the Wall.

I am absolutely for building a wall. But not robbing from the military.

Trump is demonstrating his stupidity.


Interesting that one of the few people he follows on Twitter is Ann Coulter and she suggested this quite quickly after Trump failed to follow through on his veto.


Well… I think that ‘rebuilding’ our military should be of supreme importance however I don’t see looking for the next conflict or not working to scale back our military as good us of money. The Constitution calls for ‘Providing for the common defense’… how that is accomplished is not just a function of the military and if you are a president charged with providing for that defense and you have a congress that stonewalls it, the diversion of those funds, by me, is far game. Of course if pulling 20 billion out of the defense budget will cause them to pack some of our troop up and bring them home to provide actual defense rather than National ‘Security’ Interests, then I would say it is money well spent. Do understand that an omnibus spending bill does not have any relationship to a ‘Budget’…That of course is no doubt why Obama never admonished congress to present him one…


1.6 billion will barely make a dent in the 700B and 716B allocated for the military.


neither really will the one time 25 Billion… Let the construction begin. If we can’t get solid backing for the strict punishment of employers with mandatory E-verify, the we just need to build a wall. It won’t solve all of the problems but it will put a crimp in the style of our next Obama…


Signing this Omnibus spending bill is a gigantic blunder by the president , the dems gave the republicans a atomic wedgie here !!! :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


Oh, No doubt but that doesn’t mean that Trump (with a spine) can’t use this omnibus to his advantage. Democrats have conceded as much at the beginning of his administration when they worried, because of his cutback rhetoric that he would just hold the money and not spend it… He has wiggle room, he just needs to use it. Republicans caved to the democrats for sure but I’m hoping for a little strategy play here by trump… While I doubt it to be true, this is ‘possibly’ a backhanded strategy by republicans to get the 60 votes and the wall… yes,it was a lot of pork but if Trump can fund the wall… the dems are really in trouble over DACA…


I’m just waiting for the socialists to stage a rally and invoke Reagan’s demand to “tear down this wall” it will be the ultimate display in irony and mark my words - it will happen. They are that stupid.


NO wall or deal on DACA is worth that atrocious bill !!!


Maybe its time to stop being delusionnal. Trump is a globalist puppet. The wall will never be built. The troops are never coming home. We are going to have more wars for Israel. Maybe even WWIII.


This actually seems like a great idea, so long as he does it and doesn’t just tweet about it. Pentagon assholes don’t need billions, at least use it for some good purpose.


But I thought Mexico was going to pay for the wall?


They are… their welfare rolls are being over run… oh… well no… I guess their rolls are being over run but I think the US has a few more shekels to splurge on some brick work…


There should be an investigation to see if Mexican govt interference with our Congress prevented wall funding.


One of the things that made me a NeverTrumper was when he was in a debate and suddenly switched to favoring H1B visas. As a businessman, he’d never had the least qualms about using them. As a candidate, he started out against them. In one debate, he suddenly said that he was in favor of H1B visas because talented foreign students who graduate from our colleges should stay here and contribute to our economy. That was a leftover line from the 2012 Romney campaign, and he’s suddenly saying that in a debate. Within about five or six hours after the debate, his campaign is saying that he’s not really in favor of H1B visas.

I understand that he communicates the anger that we all feel about how things are going, but he’s never taken stable, principled stands on anything. He just says whatever he thinks the audience of the moment wants to hear or whatever will bring him the most attention. Anyone can say the right words, but I’ve never had any sense that he has any depth of conviction on anything. I feared all along that he would betray us on immigration and every other issue.

He’s done some things right, and that’s better than Clinton who would have done nothing right. However, we still don’t have good leadership anywhere in the federal government. Without that leadership, the country is still declining.


Look on the bright side, if Hillary would have won we probably would have been in the midst of WWIII by now. So far Trump has given us a year+ to stock and stack ammo/guns/food/seeds . I hope everyone has used this extra time wisely.


Place your bets fellas. which one will happen first brexit, or US border wall? Odds, probably neither.


This is the plan of an idiot who knows nothing about how the government functions. Trump can’t even do basic math he apparently thinks we are spending a combined total of $1.416 trillion in one year on the military. We aren’t even spending $700 billion. A large part of the defense increase come from rolling back Obama sequestration on the purchase of new hardware.

So almost all this new money is already specifically going towards acquisition projects for new hardware some spread out over 5-10 years; the companies that make this hardware are deliberately spread out over the country in as many congressional districts as possible. If Trump wants to kill the acquisition programs he will find himself impeached if factories have to close in half the members of congresses’ districts after tooling up for production again.

The rest of the money is also earmarked for specific things from paying for soldiers healthcare to their salary; there is at most $20 billion of legal room and that is meaningless when you consider it is illegal to use the military on US soil without a declaration of martial law which Trump is too much of a coward to issue. The only legal thing he could do is send them into Mexico and build the wall there, but invading Mexico would come with many other consequences. Trump appears more concerned helping those Dreamers he keeps talking about than building the wall he promised.

The only solution to stop Trumps cucking is to gas Ivanka, the only thing he actually cares about.


This is how the Republican Party works. They make vague promises and put in an appearance of trying to follow through but never have results. “Well we tried to fight for you, but those darn Dems won’t let it happen. Vote for me so I can continue the fight.”

Republicans have been fighting against abortion for decades, and they still sometimes pull the pro-life card in speeches.