Trump sends letters threatening fines of $500,000 for deported illegals who won’t leave

Donald Trump’s White House has sent notices of fines totalling nearly $500,000 …to some undocumented immigrants in recent weeks, as the federal government prepares to conduct sweeping immigration raids nationwide after the 4 July holiday.

Letters notifying undocumented immigrants of the administration’s intention were obtained by NPR , which included copies of the statements in a report published on Tuesday afternoon.

The US Department of Homeland Security stated the fines were for “failing to depart the US as previously agreed” and appeared to target undocumented immigrants who “willfully refuse to meet the obligations of an order issued by the department of justice’s executive office for immigration review,” the outlet reported.

Hope it works.

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I hope the raids happen. But I don’t see illegal tacos worrying about government fines. I do know if you don’t pay them there are usually legal ramifications. So maybe this is a way of going after them.

Why would they forewarn the illegals on their plans?

You can’t start a war by notifying the enemy.

yea yea yea…instead they’ll fire all the white people in ICE and border patrol and replace them with illegal immigrants.

screencap this

Good news. Hopefully, it lets the government seize their property.

They need to get moving on this. I just packed up the wife and kids and headed back to the house. The park that we have been going to every 4th of July for decades, back since when me an the wife were dating, was completely overloaded with illegals. Trash everywhere. Blasting their shitty music. Taking up all the grills despite not having one reserved with the town months in advance like we did. I am so fucking pissed off right now.

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That sucks man. It’s a familiar story though. These spics are everywhere and it’s getting really aggravating. They are like roaches.

All he has to do is figure out where they are and how to collect the fine.

Hmm…I thought he’d do the raids ON 4th of July, which would be great optics…but now it is AFTER the 4th

Yeah okay just wait another day, then another, then another.

I was unaware of this so thanks for posting it. The illegals have nothing so an enormous fine like this will never be collected. However, if the illegal owes the government money and is deported, will that debt effectively negate any showing by the illegal that he can financially support himself if he tries to enter the country legally? If possible, I’d like to see the people and churches who hide illegals fined as well. And since democrats are representing the interests of illegal aliens, I’d like to see them prosecuted for failing to register as foreign agents.

Hang in there @TerryDavis. We’ve been waiting over 2,000 years for Jesus’ return and may have to wait just as long for these raids. :joy: