Trump supporters’ cognitive ability


Shocked i tells ya.

“Using data from the American National Election Studies, we investigated the relationship between cognitive ability and attitudes toward and actual voting for presidential candidates in the 2012 and 2016 U.S. presidential elections (i.e., Romney, Obama, Trump, and Clinton). Isolating this relationship from competing relationships, results showed that verbal ability was a significant negative predictor of support and voting for Trump (but not Romney) and a positive predictor of support and voting for Obama and Clinton. By comparing within and across the election years, our analyses revealed the nature of support for Trump, including that support for Trump was better predicted by lower verbal ability than education or income. In general, these results suggest that the 2016 U.S. presidential election had less to do with party affiliation, income, or education and more to do with basic cognitive ability.“


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In not so nice and perhaps hurtful words… You saying retards. Well looking at the fools in the streets I would say the left is full of fucking retards. No wonder fucking idiots like Mad Max can get elected, she is the lessest stoopidest in her district. It is stupid shit like this that makes me realize how desperate the left is.



Verbal ability isn’t the same as cognitive ability. What a leap.


Hmmm. lower verbal ability, what an interesting observation. This would mean that immigrants would vote GOP as Inglese is a second language- and of course, there is the unfortunate tendency of the smug to think their own ability to have a verbal circle-jerk of platitudinous pontification makes them more intelligent. These highly verbal Democrats can barely operate an electric toothbrush, and couldn’t fix their kid’s bicycle, but they can sling the self important BS with alacrity, dexterity, and superfluity.


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It’s dangerous snobbery dressed as science.


Completely worthless study, would stand the scrutiny of proper peer review


A study of studies/polls is in no way science :joy::joy:


Have you seen… I mean… HAVE YOU SEEN the overall quality and engagement of liberals on this site. Some of them find stringing two sentences together a stretch… and the vast majority refuse to engage in any kind of debate on various issues…


…and they are a microcosm of global liberalism…useful idiots repeating asinine talking points, bumper-sticker phrases, chants and blatant lies.

They are the orchestrated chorus of lunacy.


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