Trump supporters will provoke violence?😐


Is this Tom Petty’s sister or Lord Farquaad?..:thinking:


Well, we will see in 2020 then . :laughing::laughing:


Another Democrat stoking racism and claiming violence, in a world of economic slavery (socialism) the Dems are threatening violence because Republicans with Donald Trump at the helm are once again freeing their slaves.


If the dotard is in office after two terms the alt-right Trump brown shirts wont have to use violence. This country is already falling and thats in under two years. Nobody will recognize America in 8 yrs if we keep going down this shithole


Just like the constant violence and threats that liberals have done since they’re criminal Hillary didn’t become president.


Only in New York could somebody as stupid as Novkov be a professor! Of course, she won’t criticize the left’s violence or the Antifa thugs.


In the current liberal dreamworld, the mere existence of opposing opinions is provoking violence. They can’t just tolerate opposing views - they must be met by violence, and the violence is the fault of those lousy people who dare to disagree with them.


But that still doesn’t answer my question…:laughing:




Sorry - I thought it was Shaun White


Looks like how Tom Petty would look if he was a mtf tranny that got rode hard and put away wet.


My bad Tom…:grimacing:…u were truly one of the greats…:ok_hand:


I think we should let the world of science know that they can stop looking for the missing link. We’ve found her.


No US President is in office after two terms.

The mulatto Muslim messiah, Obama likes to think he is still in office, but he’s not. His plan has failed. His cancerous tumors are in remission.


A women’s studies professor

Stopped reading there.



Come on y’all she can’t help the fact that she was born ugly as sin. She can help the fact that she’s a stupid idiot though. She should probably rename her study to Trump supporters will use self defense when attacked.