Trump Supporters


Rush Limbaugh is radio’s number one Trump supporter but he also was George W Bush 's number one supporter and this gave us the WMDs scam for which Rush Limbaugh bears responsibility for.
Can you trust Rush?


What are you talking about? Are you actually trying to blame the Iraq War on Rush Limbaugh? Rush was operating on the same information that the rest of us were. He had trusted that the government was giving us the straight and narrow story. It turns out that wasn’t the case but Rush Limbaugh did not cause Congress to vote to go to war. Rush Limbaugh wasn’t the president of the United States who committed troops after Congressional declaration. If you have an issue with what happened then put blame where it belongs.


Ur a troll who doesn’t know what the hell ur talking about. Michale Savage is radios number one Trump supporter…and Rush can be trusted…go fuck off!..


Rush Limbaugh ,the smartest man on the radio, knew it was a scam and he deliberately lied to curry favor with DUBYA. As a result he made a fortune with exclusive broadcasting rights in the theatre of operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was rewarded well for betraying the American people and for this reason Limbaugh has American blood dripping from his formerly nicotine stained fingers.


Lol rush gave a conservative POV it was way better then Democrats


Limbaugh is a political hustler. He started out as a sports handicapper and then became a DJ.
All of his conservative banter is nothing more than an act he uses to enhance his radio career.
Ask yourself ,how did Limbaugh go from being a vagabond in the Radio business to the most smartest man in politics today. He was prompted by the HOLLYWOOD crowd . When he started out ,in his first few weeks when he finally got a job at KFBK Sacramento Ca.


This is a bait thread. He has already made another thread about Rush. Dont bite now.



I was already well into adulthood when Rush happened. He was funny and ridiculed the crazed liberals who couldn’t believe that, not only did they have to endure eight years of Reagan but then GHW Bush made “liberal” an insult and easily beat Dukakis.

He’s become (for a long time now) just a stale GOP infomercial, but in the beginning he was funny and sharp. He had “feminazi updates” and funny song parodies like Teddy Kennedy doing “The Wanderer”

Alas, they all get stale with time.


Of course not…


You just don’t like Rush, it’s a silly question. Who would I rather have protect my ATM card and PIN, Whoopi Goldberg or Rush? I’d put my money in the mattress.

Rush didn’t get us into the Iraq war, and if you supported the invasion because you trusted Rush you farm out your opinions far too easily.


Well sure, and could just as easily have pimped liberal dogma.


I knew the Iraq war was total BS from the get go, W wanted that war even before 9/11 and had intelligence reports made to order to substantiate it. In addition the joint resolution to authorize the use of force in Iraq limited W to enforcing UN sanctions. When W told Saddam and Sons to surrender or have war that was regime change, not authorized by any UN sanctions, so the resolution was null.
I saw through that W nincompoop instantly, but seeing through Trump is even easier because Trump lies all the time and he sucks at it. Can’t blame him though his audience sets a very low bar.


Which is why the UNSG declared the war illegal.


sure you did, its easy to say that now eh? its easy once you know what happened years and decades later .

By the way if you knew this what does this say for Hillary Clinton? as she voted “aye” aka “yes” to the Iraqi resolution.

So did Little Chucky Schumer, Future Vice President Joe Biden, Future Secretary of State and former Democratic Candidate for president of the United States John F. Kerry.

Bernie Sanders the only consistent person of the bunch voted NO, NO and NO.

So its easy to blame ole Bush but he had to get a resolution to go to war in Iraq, or do you deny that?


As did I and I can tell you that it made for a miserable work environment. It’s really troubling what mob mentality can do and how sometimes blind patriotism can be. It was back then when Alex Jones still had credibility that he presented a good analysis of Bush’s plans while he was yet governor of Texas.


I was always pretty dubious about it, too, WMD never made any sense, even if Saddam had a mountain of them. I reckoned, and still do, that dubya/Cheney/Rumsfeld thought that they could make an example of Iraq, install a puppet and intimidate Iran into behaving better. When those fools tried to install Chalabi as their puppet, and it blew up in their faces, I knew that we had the biggest foreign policy catastrophe since Vietnam. I started calling Bush president disastro, an accurate description I got from the late, great Joseph Sobran. On boards like this, nimrods even called me a liberal for daring to question the wisdom of that fiasco, but all I could do with that is laugh.

Back in the good old days of the Shah, the people devising this meddling were infinitely more competent than they are now. Bush screwed up that whole region for generations.

Liberals like you were no help, saying that it’s illegal by UN standards, a ridiculous argument against snuffing a tyrant like Saddam. It was just an incredibly stupid waste of our fighting men and women and our treasury and stupid strategically, removing the main obstacle to Iran’s hegemony in the region.


Saddam convinced a lot of people that he had WMD by incessantly claiming he did.


It seemed plausible that he did have them, and it was a terrible reason for taking ownership of that hellhole. I don’t even think that Bush and his schemers thought that it was a good reason for doing what they did - they just thought that it was a good reason for public consumption. They thought that they’d waltz in and make an example of Saddam and get the upper hand in the region.

They could have bombed every square inch of Iraq for much less than what it cost to become the owner of that miserable place. We didn’t even try to pay for it with the oil they’ve got, but that wouldn’t have paid for the adventure. Iraq’s GDP pre-war was like $60 billion, mostly oil sales. It cost us much more per year to try to civilize those savages, an obviously futile task.


WMD scam?

The scam the CIA swore existed?


What a minute… you guys can’t have it both ways… the ‘intelligence community’ handed GWBush the intelligence that he believed and acted on. … This of course is speculation because no one actually knows what motivated Bush in Iraq. Of course you are flapping your wings over is unquestioning belief in the intelligence he is given and have ridden Trump from the beginning over comment she made about the intelligence community and their motives for handling the data the way they did…

So… which is it… does a president blindly follow this intelligence agencies without question… or not?

P.S. Rush Limbaugh is responsible for the war in Iraq?.. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I know that people assess other based on their own knowledge and ability to process what they hear but I actual listen to what people say and make my own determination of their validity…