Trump Supporters


It was actually courageous, none of the other candidates would touch it out of fear. There were a number of courageous positions he took, which set him apart from the crowd of politician weasels running for the GOP nomination: daring to defy the caterwauling sympathizers of illegal aliens, telling everyone that we don’t need another Bush, daring to fight the propaganda news media, daring to call Hillary a crook. There was lots to like about his candidacy.

I loved it when he ridiculed Jeb! for amassing a mountain of money and going nowhere with it. Yes, it’s true, we didn’t and don’t need another Bush weasel. He didn’t need an army of consultants to figure that out.


Bullshit, it was political expedience, he was already on record supporting it.


Your kidding right??? He was throwing you bloodthirsty guys red meat, and he NEVER intended to lock her up, and as soon as he duped your vote and before he could even be inaugurated he told you it was nothing more than campaign rhetoric, just to pump you guys up, after he won election he said he didn’t care about that anymore, TO YOUR FACES. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


He was for the war before he was against it. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Didn’t say that or imply that.

It was the reason the republicans and democrats decided to go for it.

As a side note, Bush 2 may have run as a republican but was far from a conservative.


You keep putting words in my mouth. He may not have had ICBMs, but terrorist nukes have always been a concern. He could have provided them if he had them. Or he could hit Israel too.
My point is, if Bush had NOT gone in, and then Saddam DID find away to explode a nuke, then Bush would have been hanged. And at that time, information FROM ALL THE WORLD’S AGENCIES said he had nukes. Bush had no choice. You have hindsight, he did not


Bush was an establishment conservative, big spender, etc… …still better thas Gore though


No. As usual, Trump is misinterpreted. He was saying that even though he thought we should not go in, once the decision was made he supported the president. Thats what a good American does. We fight for our side, and once the fight is over, we join together. Its too bad the Left has lost that



Bush was far from a conservative.

A conservative would not sponsor medicare part D especially without a way to pay for it.

That would be a democrat program.

Spending is a function of congress. Congress passes a budget, congress passes appropriation packages.


No, those are my words I’m saying to you, shrug.


…and Monte is ignorant of the fact that a missile is not required to deliver a nuclear bomb to any port in the world. The reach of a country’s ballistic missiles is irrelevant.


LOL The earned merit badges this forum sends out should include being called stupid by the village idiot.

It’s clear, Monte, that you’re just not bright enough to understand why Trump won. Don’t worry, a lot of boxhead libs are in that boat with you.


It figures you’d return to your old ways of insulting who your debating. Adios.


Typical liberal. Thinks he should be able to dish it out and not take it.


If that’s all it takes to be ignored by you, everybody here should call you a name just one time. Then you would respond to NOBODY!

What a blessing that would be!:joy:


It only took me about 3 times to get ignored…:laughing:


Nope, you need to go listen to the clip from the HS show. Trump is a political opportunist. Nothing more, he’s also an anomaly. He’ll be gone with one term if not before.


Well if big spender is establishment conservative, looks like that’s what Trump is as he just signed a record spending bill that INCREASED ENTITLEMENT SPENDING, something you guys HATE, but lack the integrity to criticize your goddess for. :roll_eyes:


This is a common retort that we need to be careful of … Supporting the men and women who defend our country is not the same thing as supporting a presidents decision to send them into harms way…


Im curious who is going to challenge Trump in 2020?

Michelle Obama?
kamala Harris?
Elizabeth “pocahontas” Warren?
who out of this bunch is going to beat Trump?

The only Democrat I honestly think that might even have a chance if she ran , it would be Caroline Kennedy daughter of the 35th president JFK.

The only normal Kennedy who doesnt have a drinking or drug problem, too many democrats wanted her to take Hillary vacated senate seat, Obama appointed her Ambassador to Japan, she has normal children .

Even though she has no political experience she has her family and she knows what its like, that might be the only democrat that could challenge Trump, the rest, Im sorry but Trump will eat them for lunch and a midnight snack.