Trump Threatens to Pull Immigration Officers from California


It’s both governments that have encouraged illegals to come to the US with lack of enforcement. Mexico loves illegal immigration.

  1. Reduces the cost of education.
  2. Reduces the cost of welfare, healthcare.
  3. Encourages the poorest least educated to seek a better life.
  4. Loves the money pumped into their economy from dollars transferred to their country.

If illegal immigration to the US didn’t benefit Mexico/central America think they would allow it??

Sanctuary cities, states encourage them to come to their areas with a promise to shield them from ICE and minor crimes.


Let the TIC pull his IO’s from California


Perhaps you could be deported to Nirvana, californicate with the TIC.


Mexicans come to America for work. And American business owners hire them. They may be conservatives or liberals, greed knows no political boundaries.


Americans cross the border seeking opportunities in Mexico without a work permit and they and anyone who hired them go to jail… laws have consequences which is saying something of a country where I got a speeding ticket sitting at a red light and to keep from impounding my vehicle, I paid the ‘fine’…


You may piss and moan all you like, but as long as Americans hire illegals, they’ll keep coming, as long as Americans are dope heads, that will keep crossing our border too! MAGA


Hey… your hooked on an ideology can you imagine having someone entice you into using something that is actually considered addictive… perhaps it was their own doctor… just imagine not having your ideological underpinning to lean on… devastating…

Help for them is hopefully on the way… rehab and a decent job taken up by an illegal can turn their lives around… and for you… we have help for you to… the 2018 elections are right around the corner… I know you will see the intervention with pain and distress but in the long run you will thank conservatives… You Are Welcome in advance :+1:t2:


And do you support required e-verify fr all employment in the US??


Illegal gun sales !
Illegal drugs !
Illegal search and seizure !
Illegal immigration !
Doesn’t the world illegal have any meaning to you or is it another thing you choose to ignore !


This is a first I believe ! I agree with you ." As Americans hire illegals as long as Americans are dope heads they will keep crossing our border too"
That’s why we are about to build a beautiful wall across the southern border to stop all that dope , gang members , drunks , rapist , white slavers and easily exploited labor !


Try it again:
And do you support required e-verify fr all employment in the US??


You’re illegal…


The whole Left Coast should form their own Separate country Calioregton and have the illegals govern them. And yes ,I believe ALL employers should use E-Verify


Wow, what a limited nonsensical comment.

My grandparents came through Ellis Island legally and were naturalized as did many LEGAL immigrants. I am native born. My daughter is a naturalized citizen brought into the US legally.
My wife’s grand parents came into the US legally and were naturalized Citizens.

People that came into the US over the border without permission are in the US illegally and have broken numerous laws just being here, working here.

Do you even have an idea about legal vs. illegal?


It is a tired and boring point of view… I get it, you hate America… you don’t believe in its existence, slavery started when America was settled and tribe territories never existed before what we now call ‘the nation state’ and of course it was America that created that concept too… Grow Up.


Indeed, but as I’ve told you before, because business likes open borders and the free flow of goods, labor and capital, we’re not seeing that because both parties pander to big business and their lobbyists.