Trump to end birthright citizenship! Whoooo hoooo

Get the fuck out! We don’t want you!


BREAKING: Future Democratic President ends the Second Amendment with an executive order:

“It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don’t.”
– President Trump

Executive Orders are NOT law!!!

Funny that you weren’t saying that when Obama was president. Elections have consequences. Suck it up, buttercup.

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Birthright citizenship is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution, under the 14th Amendment. Its first sentence: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

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Couple of thoughts:

  • Will he make it retroactive and if so, how far back? Does Trump then vacate the office and self-deport?

  • Does it include Russian babies being born in his hotels?

  • Does he think his lawyers have the final say? EO my ass.

  • Another reason for 2 SCOTUS picks?

  • Don’t states have to ratify this?

It’s a ploy. Ignore

VOTE on November 6th.

To those who are arguing that he cant do it because of legal restraints are missing the point. ICE will do whatever it’s told without giving a moment’s thought. They’ll black bag people night and day while you quibble about constitutionality.

I think it will be based on merit… if you have been on welfare for 50 years you need to go

Democrats didn’t have a problem when Obama created DACA by executive order, which arguably unconstitutionally usurps the authority of Congress. With regard to the 14th amendment’s birthright clause, it was included to ensure that states couldn’t deprive former slaves and their children of citizenship but it was broadly worded so it didn’t apply to just them.

The provision has two conditions: you must have been born in the United States AND subject to the jurisdiction thereof. Former slaves were always subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. However, foreign nationals and their children were considered subject to the jurisdiction of their own countries (to whom they owed allegiance). Trump can arguably determine that the children of illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States states and, therefore, not citizens.

Good for Trump!


This is a subject that has need Supreme Court attention for a long time but I would dare say that the left and some of their justice picks are far from constitutionality and indeed very far from being originalists. The concept of birthright citizenship has only been a topic really for the last 40 years and needs to be settled. Likely Trumps EO will do exactly what he intended it to do… Go to the court and if the court says that birthright is not part of the 14th … or even if it does… it is back in congress/citizens hands to sort it out definitively… I would hope that when it goes to the Supreme Court that they done make a narrow ruling as has happened since… un… Roe v Wade and address the entire meaning of the 14th would be good for America.


I KNOW… go figure… some of them are even unconstitutional… like… ummmm… DACA


The birthright citizenship was intend for “Legal Citizens”. It should never have been bastardized by liberal judges. Trump has the right idea. This is a strategic move. If you see harm coming, you need to brace yourself, prepare and take the necessary precautions. This caravan isn’t migrants or refugees… they are invaders and should be delt with as such.


Ending birthright would be great, but Trump would have to follow up with deportations of these people if he wants it to matter. Otherwise, the president elected in 2020 or beyond can reinstate it by not renewing his EOs.

Or it could stop 22 milking anchor babies

He could have done this on day one then. If he’s going to actually do it (Doubt) then why did he wait so long? There’s already millions upon millions of parasitic spic trash sucking up tax dollars and only NOW does any sizable pushback against this shit receive consideration?

I’m on the street I grew up visiting my father it’s just so sad what refugees and Latin immigration has done to these houses

He is doing it now because he has a looming reason to do so, otherwise the lefty socialist Democrats would be accusing him of being racist. A problem urgently needs fixing - solution = executive order

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Latinos can’t surive here with out entitlements… if they are allowed in public schools then they shouldn’t be here


They can’t survive here without entitlements?

I bet you will find “some” will disagree with this statement.

They absolutely can’t… they only came here after the 60’s in droves … before competition for jobs and why in the world should we allow people that can’t speak English in with out kids!? They need to be kicked out of schools

Come on. Trump has no authority to do this. And even if he did, an EO would not be the way to resolve this problem.

Plus, why on earth is he bringing this up a week before the election?