Trump will win in 2020 in a landslide unless he is removed from office


The absurdity of the left is astounding…

“I’ll go one better than you,” Deutsch told Hunter. “And this scares me. If he is not taken out of office—”…

“He will win again in a landslide,” Deutsch finished, talking about Trump in 2020. “Because people vote with their pocketbooks, and that’s what’s scary to me.”

Says people from the very party that make a living buying votes with other people money…

Wallace pushed back on Hunter’s contention by mentioning Trump’s low approval ratings, but Hunter and Deutsch argued that it didn’t matter because of the loyalty of Trump’s supporters.

“His approval rating is at an all-time low, and yet the people who support him still support him, and they think this is all a hoax and this is a scam,” Hunter said.

Here we have that same old tired line used by our very own monty… Snicker…


Virtually everyone in this country votes for the wallet first.

People vote for the welfare candidate if their on welfare.

People getting free medicaid or subsidized healthcare vote for the healthcare candidate that sustains their freebies.

People on disability certainly will support the candidate that allows them to stay there.

People who are investing vote for the candidate that supports their investing, lower taxes a hyped economy.

The absurdity is that people vote for what’s best for the country not themselves.


I don’t know. I’m tired of this country being flooded with filthy foreigners who are destroying the place. That’s the one issue where I put country first.


The Dems as of now don’t have a candidate that would be within Eyesight of defeating President Trump.
Will Corey Booker or Keith Ellison decide to run against President Trump.I hope not!!! Kamala Harris is bad enough.


No others though huh???


Trump just completed his first year in office and the mid terms aren’t even upon us yet, patience.


It has some rather pervasive implications for many parts of society, culture, the economy and as it stands, our very sovereignty…


A lot of how this looks will be either reinforced or changed after Nov.'s midterms. If the GOP should achieve 60 seats in the Senate, Trump will be re-elected, as the policies that all but the hard left want to see will be put in place. If the Dems gain control of either house, paralysis will take hold, as the #resistas like Schumer and Warren will fold their arms for the next two years and spout class warfare nostrums.

As to Dem. challengers, Kamala Harris definitely plays to the ANTIFA wing of the DNC, but I think she’s too ultra liberal for the heartland, even if Sodom (SF) and Gomorrah (NYC) will endorse her.

It must be terrifying to be a leftist and contemplate the reality that America actually chose Trump over the best candidate the Democrats could put forth.


I would agree with most of that analysis but heartily disagree that the Dems put forth the best candidate with Hillary Clinton.


Who do you think would have been better- Liz Warren? Bernie Sanders? Kieth Ellison? or how about go for broke Shiela Jackson Lee?

Kidding aside, Biden might have won. I guess he didn’t pass muster with either the ANTIFA branch, or the corporate master branch…


I could agree with that, but, Joe was suffering immensely from the loss of his son that he was VERY close to and didn’t have the guts or concentration to make the run.


Tailgunner Joe would have been the best candidate against Trump. HRC was the best candidate Money could Buy.