Trump's New Tariffs


Good way to keep South Korea working with us regarding North Korea.

South Korea says it will lodge a complaint about Trump’s new import taxes

Trump slaps tariffs on imported

“There is no question the Korean marketplace is one of the most difficult for any automaker to export into, in the world,” said Matt Blunt, the President of the American Automotive Policy Council and former governor of the U.S. state of Missouri.
Trump has said the free trade deal "doubled our trade deficit with South Korea and destroyed nearly 100,000 American jobs."
The U.S. “trade deficit in goods with Korea has doubled from $13.2 billion to $27.6 billion, while U.S. goods exports have actually gone down.
The two South Korean companies, Samsung and LG, were accused in 2013 and 2014 of “dumping” their underpriced LRWs on the U.S. market, causing “injury” to US-based Whirlpool. U.S. trade authorities imposed import duties on South Korean LRWs but rather than comply, the two companies simply relocated production and began exporting the same goods from China and Vietnam, evading the new restrictions.
Samsung and LG receive large subsidies from the South Korean government that allow them to produce at a low cost. Those subsidies are so generous that the two companies can sell their LRWs overseas for less than it cost to produce them. The very definition of UNFAIR TRADE !!! :roll_eyes: SHRUG
AMERICA FIRST !!! :star_struck:


The U.S.-based Solar Energy Industries Association said the decision could cause the loss of around 23,000 U.S. jobs this year, and result in the delay or cancellation of billions of dollars in solar investments.



Sometimes you got to break things to fix them…



Trump slaps tariffs on imported washing machines, solar panel technology !!!
At last fair trade !

For washers, the president approved a safeguard tariff-rate quota for three years starting with a 20 percent rate on the first 1.2 million units. A tariff of 18 percent will apply in the second year and 16 percent in the final year of action on washers from all countries except Canada. Imports after the first 1.2 million units will face a tariff of 50 percent in the first year and fall to 40 percent in the third year.

On Monday, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) called the decision “welcome news for the thousands of Whirlpool workers in Clyde, Ohio, whose jobs have been threatened by a surge of cheap washers.”

“These tariffs will help level the playing field, and show anyone who tries to cheat our trade laws that they won’t get away with it,” said Brown who spoke with Lighthizer before the decision was announced.

But the penalties on washing machines fell short of what Brown’s fellow Ohio Sen. Rob Portman ®, who has worked for years on the washer case, had asked the Trump administration to impose.

For solar cells and modules, the relief will include a tariff of 30 percent in the first year, 25 percent in the second year, 20 percent in the third year and 15 percent in the fourth year.

The first 2.5 gigawatts of imported solar cells will be exempt from the safeguard tariff in each of those four years.

Suniva and SolarWorld Americas, the bankrupt companies that requested the tariffs, say the decision should help grow domestic manufacturing and add more than 100,000 jobs.

Suniva said the move would hold “China and its proxies accountable."

“Over the last five years, nearly 30 American solar manufacturers collapsed,” Suniva said in a statement.
"Today the president is sending a message that American innovation and manufacturing will not be bullied out of existence without a fight,” the company said. “This is a step forward for this high-tech solar manufacturing industry we pioneered right here in America.”

Alliance for American Manufacturing President Scott Paul applauded the Trump administration’s actions.

“These workers and manufacturers make some of the best products in the world and have been innovation leaders,” Paul said.

“But they cannot compete against surging unfair imports from countries like China, which are dumping product into the United States in an attempt to put American companies out of business and control the global marketplace,” he said.


Let’s start a trade war with South Korea and China just when we’re needing their cooperation on North Korea the most. :roll_eyes: maga.


First understand that South Korea and China need us to stand up the the rocket man .
We have got to stand up for fair trade or our kids better start learning Chinese and Spanish .


Why do regressive liberals want to start a war with North Korea? Haven’t they killed enough people?


Actually no they don’t. China could snuff North Korea as quickly as the US could. What you don’t understand is that China isn’t concerned about North Korea the way that the US claims to be, they aren’t the ones fearmongering about KJU. They are walking a balancing act between their interests in relations with the US and their interest in a divided Korea without a collapse of North Korea. But start a trade war with China and the balance of their interests is likely to change.


I don’t know, you’ll have to go ask one.


China knows that it has been the very uneven and even underhanded trade relationships with the US that has allowed it to build cities where no one lives… They know this and they also know that until they have a firmly established middle class, the US still has the power to bring their economy to its knees and with it domestic social order. China’s theft of technology is the only thing that allows it to move forward… they know it… we know it. They will reorder their economy to insure that they don’t end up with an internal revolt. No matter how much they try to suppress it, the Chinese people know that Hong Kong and Taiwan are different and more successful in their own right and they see the resistance to the ruling party in Beijing… China will play nice… they have to.

The interesting thing about Trumps election is that… probably… had it not happened, the US would have seeded enough economic power to China to actually make the US economically irrelevant… and when that happens we become militarily irrelevant… God Bless Trump… I hope for even more principled leadership in the future…


We must insist on comparison wages , regulations , and shipping costs when dealing in trade agreements . If China and others pay wages less than our wage structure then a tariff equal to that difference must be added , and if China and others use child labor those products need to be rejected . If their government is subsidizing their business then account for that factor . A level playing field needs to take in ALL factors that allow them to DUMP their product and steal our jobs ! Liberals insist on $15 per hour minimum wage , then apply that factor to their products as well ! Why is it so difficult for liberals to understand if you want wages to rise then the cost of products and services will also rise ??? One day they will come to the conclusion buying foreign products that operate with child labor , no regulations and help from their government leads to ALL wages to DROP and jobs LOST !!!


I can’t understand libs at all .
There behavior is counter intuitive and anti American . They would rather buy a Apple product that was made under horrible working conditions then see an American employed making a phone !


Really??? Can you quote a liberal saying that. And are you suggesting that only liberals want inexpensive goods in our stores, or would you be suggesting that the owners of every company that has left America to manufacture over seas is a liberal??

I’ll remind you that the TIC’s goods are still manufactured in those conditions that you describe.

And this doesn’t help:

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada took the opportunity to announce that on exactly the anniversary of the United States’ withdrawal from the TPP, a trade agreement had been reached between the other 11 countries that would exclude the United States and had been signed in Tokyo.

Isolationism will get us nowhere.


It is in China and South Korea’s best interest to see a stable North Korea .
Both China and South Korea have fucked American Manufactures for to long . America First that is the new American trade policy and its about time .


lmao! They don’t have to say it! They DO it! They keep wanting to import more and more useless “immigrants”, send more jobs over seas keep schools turning out functional morons, etc,. And no one much cares what Canada does, I certainly don’t as I am an American and I expect the government here to work for us. Regressive liberals have proven over and over they are not for US.


And liberals hate that! Watch how they cry…


Citation. The TIC’s jobs are overseas, and his properties here use HB-1 immigrants. What a hypocrite. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes it is, who would disagree with that?