Trump's New Tariffs


The stupid liberals that preach about higher wages are the same morons that buy foreign products that use child labor and pollute . It’s about getting a cheap product .


This is way over the top. You may call Americans who subscribe to an alternative political ideology than yourself “unamerican” but that’s just the type of bigoted bs that’s tearing America apart. Conservative Americans and liberal Americans are two sides of the same coin. Stop shitting on half of America, that’s what’s anti American!!!


No… I don’t think you could compare an actual Conservative with a liberal, most certainly not in the classical sense…


This is the President fulfilling another campaign promise on revitalizing the US’s economy and going after China, but more importantly going after the World Trade Organization, and other UN-like nefarious international body that does more harms than goods to the US while benefiting China at the same time.

I get that the first clue to jump on this is jobs / China dumping, but the deeper implication here is the President challenging the WTO by discrediting them the same way he did with the UN and the Israel’s move. the WTO will say that the US violates some of its rules, and the President will tell them to back off. There is a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) that supercedes the WTO that oversaw and controlled tariff, and since China was admitted into it by Clinton in 1994, that US trade deficit with CHiba rose from $50 billions in 1994 to about $350 billions in 2016, since the deck is stacked so heavily in advantage of China. If the WTO and China / other countries were to retaliate with trade war, what can they do, when we export $50 billions ad import $400 billions of Chinese goods?

Trump is fundamentally going after and dismantling WTO’s influential power on world economy while being an unelected body of officials, and relegating it into an advisory role only, and ushering in a new age of free trades between countries, where countries can have bi-lateral trade agreements among themselves instead of having to go through a nefarious governing body such as the WTO.

The press doesnt pick it up bc they do not understand the implications.

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That’s funny, our trade agreements designed to advance globalization and not the American worker have had complete bipartisan support. What a pity the blindness of patronizing Americans.


So you support Trump’s tariffs to put Americans first is that right?


I’m not satisfied that his tarrifs accomplish that. Let’s see how that plays out. And I’m not necessarily opposed to globalization.


All we have to do is look at last week !
The democratic party shut down the Government of the United States of America to 360 million American citizens in a attempt to force America to accept 800000 illegal aliens !


Um, the TIC is on record stating that government shutdowns are the presidents fault. So that fat ass owns it. Also, he’s so damn stupid that he tweeted out that a good government shutdown is what America needs. Yeah, that’s the fat dumb ass that you pray to every morning, shrug.


Believing liars is no doubt a full time occupation. Ummm…sigh…ah…golly.


Let’s see.
China has virtually destroyed the US solar panel manufacturing market in the US with cheap imports.

China destroyed the rare earth metals mining industry in the US.

China has destroyed a number of manufacturing industries in the US.

S. Korea institutes regulations on US products to raise prices on US products a hidden tariff.

The US responds with tariffs.

Here’s the problem, do we allow cheap imports into the US a benefit to consumers or limit the cheap imports saving American jobs.

We have seen our manufacturing base decimated over the years. TV’s, Cell Phones, computers, appliances, etc.

The left complains of wage stagnation yet wants the cheaper imports.

What to do.

Canada is another recent example:
Canada tariffs our agricultural products to protect their industry. The US institutes a tariff on soft wood product in retaliation.
Canada claims foul.

Perhaps we should change our way of trading with partners. Imports = exports per quarter or tariffs apply.


You mean the one sided trade agreements that favor other countries while screwing us? Yep, you do…


I mean the trade agreements that have bipartisan support. So if you’re suggesting that our legislators have been intentionally writing trade agreements that screw Americans and benefit all the other countries we trade with, produce a motive and evidence.


Pretty amazing info from your government. Apparently we went from a trade surplus before NATFA to a growing deficit.

NAFTA trade imbalance w/Mexico
Numbers are in millions

TOTAL -65,683.3

TOTAL -64,354.1

TOTAL -60,197.1

TOTAL -54,722.8

TOTAL -54,601.7

TOTAL -61,718.5

TOTAL -64,584.9

TOTAL -66,321.0

TOTAL -47,762.2

TOTAL -64,721.6

TOTAL -74,795.8

TOTAL -64,531.4

TOTAL -49,861.0

TOTAL -45,170.2

TOTAL -40,648.2

TOTAL -37,145.9

TOTAL -30,041.4

TOTAL -24,577.3

TOTAL -22,811.6

TOTAL -15,856.4

TOTAL -14,549.1

TOTAL -17,505.6

TOTAL -15,808.3

1994 :
TOTAL 1,349.8

TOTAL 1,663.3

A movie really isn’t required.


Trade deficit with the world:
In millions of dollars
2016 -504,793
2010 -494,658
2000 -372,517
1990 -80,864
1980 -19,407
1970 2,254
1960 3,508

Seems as I’m goes by, our government gets stupider.


Whatever I “produce”, as a regressive liberal, you will only spin and lie more, won’t you? lol


That have been produced in bipartisan fashion yet you guys keep blaming it ALL on the left, shrug.


Both parties are at fault in the negotiation of fair trade agreements. While meaning well, few have been of benefit to the American working person.

The problem is those that complain about wage inequality, stagnant wages refuse to address the reasons why the middle class is collapsing. Instead put a bandaid on the arterial would with a minimum wage hike hurting the people at the bottom the most.


I don’t think you have to worry about anyone accusing you of that…:joy:


Get some new rebuttal points PLEASE .