Trump's New Tariffs


I can appreciate how stinging the presidents own words are, and the desire to ignore them. But calling the presidents own words “talking points” takes the cake. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Apparently living in your little bubble insulates you from reality.

Pretty amazing info from your government. Apparently we went from a trade surplus before NATFA to a growing deficit.

NAFTA trade imbalance w/Mexico
Numbers are in millions

TOTAL -65,683.3

TOTAL -64,354.1

TOTAL -60,197.1

TOTAL -54,722.8

TOTAL -54,601.7

TOTAL -61,718.5

TOTAL -64,584.9

TOTAL -66,321.0

TOTAL -47,762.2

TOTAL -64,721.6

TOTAL -74,795.8

TOTAL -64,531.4

TOTAL -49,861.0

TOTAL -45,170.2

TOTAL -40,648.2

TOTAL -37,145.9

TOTAL -30,041.4

TOTAL -24,577.3

TOTAL -22,811.6

TOTAL -15,856.4

TOTAL -14,549.1

TOTAL -17,505.6

TOTAL -15,808.3

1994 :
TOTAL 1,349.8

TOTAL 1,663.3

A movie really isn’t required.


LouMan11h Montecresto1
Trade deficit with the world:
In millions of dollars
2016 -504,793
2010 -494,658
2000 -372,517
1990 -80,864
1980 -19,407
1970 2,254
1960 3,508

Seems as time goes by, our government gets stupider.


OK lets look at today’s issues ?
Border security President Trump wants to secure the borders and libs don’t . That makes libs UnAmericana .
Taxes President Trump wanted to give Americans a cut in taxes the libs didn’t . That makes libs UnAmericana
Free trade President Trump wanted to give Americans fair trade the libs don’t . That makes libs UnAmericana.
ect,ect,ect !


Read the post please before responding !
“Get some new rebuttal points PLEASE”


You perfectly demonstrate the destructive nature of today’s polarizing politics. Those who disagree with your policies are unamerican. What a steamy crock of shit.


I bet your working on a Apple .


Um…what do you mean???


I do use a Mac Pro early 2011 version and it’s faster (i7 quad core) and has less problems than the 2016 HP gathering dust. (Added more RAM and a SSD)

Neat thing is they don’t issue a patch for the OS every week.

OS upgrades are free.


You are finding out first hand that regardless his rhetorical comments, @Montecresto1 has either very little interest or very little understanding of how to debate issues… I just let him blather on, make my comments uncontested and move on…


Classic example of liberal deflection! The poster you cry about has not put forth any policies, only stated what Trump has done for Americans and that the liberals hate it. That says it all about you, being an America hater.


You hurt his feelings.

As a leftist progressive they can hand it out but are ultra-sensitive to any criticism.


That’s not policies??? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


$1 billion in imports equals twenty thousand jobs American jobs LOST ! What is the trade deficit with China , Japan ,India , Mexico … ??? :roll_eyes: shrug ,shrug


I have always owned a car or truck made in America I wear union made in America pants and boots .
I will not allow a Apple product in my home . The company and the leadership has proved the disdain it holds for the it;s workers and in doing so every working person on earth . Fuck Apple the people that own the stock and the mopes that support their behavior by buying their shit !
Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city
If you know of Foxconn, there’s a good chance it’s because you’ve heard of the suicides. In 2010, Longhua assembly-line workers began killing themselves. Worker after worker threw themselves off the towering dorm buildings, sometimes in broad daylight, in tragic displays of desperation – and in protest at the work conditions inside. There were 18 reported suicide attempts that year alone and 14 confirmed deaths. Twenty more workers were talked down by Foxconn officials.

The vast majority of plants that produce the iPhone’s component parts and carry out the device’s final assembly are based here, in the People’s Republic, where low labour costs and a massive, highly skilled workforce have made the nation the ideal place to manufacture iPhones (and just about every other gadget). The country’s vast, unprecedented production capabilities – the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that as of 2009 there were 99 million factory workers in China – have helped the nation become the world’s second largest economy. And since the first iPhone shipped, the company doing the lion’s share of the manufacturing is the Taiwanese Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, Ltd, better known by its trade name, Foxconn.


Life and death in Apple’s forbidden city


He has a very interesting way in responding to my post .
He doesn’t seem to read my original post when responding . Hell some times he doesn’t even know what he posts himself .


Surely you know that in the last 30 years, at least since the new world order/globalization, your trucks are made all over the world. They’re called assembly plants for a reason.


Classic deflection with additional word play!


Assembled in the United States beats made in China any day .


Not really. If you actually look at how a dollar flows through the economy you will see that it really does not beat made in China because none of the processes other than assembly are done in the US. What that does is make things harder to deal with if the Tariff is imposed.

MADE 100% in the US means.

Raw materials extracted (company and worker revenues/company taxed and worker taxed), materials refined (transport revenues, company (REFINER) and worker revenues/company taxed and worker taxed), finished materials company and workers revenue/taxed… retailer and worker revenues/taxed.

An item 100% made in the USA creates much more in revenue for individuals and the government than one imported and assembled here.


Baby steps beat no steps . A piece of the pie beat looking at the pie . Tariffs will get them moving in the right direction .