Trump's New Tariffs


Well sure, and without Bush and the republicans creating it, there would have been no NAFTA for Bill to sign, shrug. You’ve already correctly pointed out that NAFTA is the blame of both parties. Why now are you attempting to walk that back??


Always willing to blame both parties for one parties accomplishments if it’s bad of course.


Yes, you guys are fond of the expression. Can you actually quote somebody disputing that?


Not dancing at all the congress approved the bill that President Bush negotiated that President Clinton fully endorsed pushed and signed .
Who was responsible to oversee the implementation of the law and ensure that working Americans got a fair shot in the one way trade deal ?


Nobody, neither Republican or Democrat.


Until we elected President Trump new sheriff in town !


I can point to a resist movement made up of disgruntled Hillary / Bernie supporters that some how refuse to acknowledge the election results .


That proves the point, and they are people that hate the consequences and do not dispute them. They also are wasting their time/effort.


Please don’t forget the Never Trump clan who are also in a state of denial.


Are they… without their voice and burning police cars, the ‘impeach trump’ movement that you so dream of and fantasize about would be mute. They keep your hopes alive that somebody… ANYBODY will find a way to corner Trump… even if the information isn’t reliable…