Trumps UN Speech - I Think He Did A Good Job... Telling It Like It Is


He ain’t the best or smoothest speaker but he hist the salient points right on the money…


I just watched Trump’s speech. It was quite ballsy I must say. Loved his takedown of Socialism which received crickets as a response. The silence of these world leaders on that statement speaks volumes.

They don’t care about their people’s dreams. Only holding their power.


Makes sense to me that the alt right would be approving of this.

‘The United States has great strength and patience. But if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea. Rocket Man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime.’
President Trump @ the UN. I can’t understand how it is that the extreme right wing of the Republican Party loves irresponsible blustery talk in favor of sound diplomacy. Of course they roundly denounce it when it’s others using similar language directed at ourselves and our allies. Typical hypocrisy.


Really?.. I suppose he should have continued to strike a… conciliatory tone that has enabled people like the Kims for decades… Believe it or not, sometimes you just have to tell people what you will and will not accept… It’s is a good thing that their have actually been people in history that will stand up and tell someone to STFU…


Would you have preferred sending North Korea more money? Maybe a big pallet of cash like we gave to the Iranians in the dead of night.


UN officials and other leaders around the world as well as many fellow Americans are appalled and frightened at hearing an American president threaten a country for threatening us, but worse, for threatening total obliteration of another country, his second and most overt threat of a nuclear attack on another country with all its implications. Namely, millions of dead civilians who are helpless to even oppose their own government, and the fact that Trump must be sufficiently ignorant of the military ability to surgically remove North Korea from the map without anything spilling over into Russia, China and South Korea. :roll_eyes:


Point in the speech where he said he would use nuclear weapons… he said with all the might of the US military but he never said which part of that might would or should be used to totally destroy NKorea… Quite with the hyperbole…


Again…he never said it wouldn’t… what he did say is that the United States would defend itself and its allies and it would end with the total destruction of NKorea… :roll_eyes: indeed


This moron in the White House is a far greater threat to global security than Kim Jong Un could be in his own wildest dreams!

North Korea: UN head tells Trump and Kim Jong-un ‘We must not sleepwalk our way into nuclear war’

Nobody else in the world fails to comprehend what’s meant by “fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen”, and “complete destruction” of a country, to mean NUCLEAR WAR!!!


Trump talked about sovereignty and non-intervention…all good.

Then Trump manages to forget what he said and talks about meddling in:

  • Iran
  • Syria
  • Venezuela
  • North Korea

There was no reason to bring any of that up.


Is the UN not the very place for sovereign nations to bring up such problems? Iran is exporting terrorism… should that not be addressed by the UN as a whole? Trump talked about the sovereignty of ‘the people’ and called for a political solution in Syria that took into account those people. As for Venezuela, the leadership are starving the people and it is a perfect example to bring up in talking about the failed ideology of socialism. Korea has played the world since the armistice was signed, perhaps it is time for the rest of the world to put pressure on the two countries that enable Kim… China and Russia… both need trading partners of the other 200 nations in the UN.


TRUMP: The problem with Venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented, but that it has been faithfully implemented.

UN: Crickets

I don’t see that statement as meddling. I see it as an opinion. A correct one too.



That’s not just expressing some opinion. Donald John represents a threat to global peace and security.


Well when the fat little rocket man decides to EMP the United States, let’s see what your opinion is then. I hope you are stocked up with water, food, guns, and ammunition. If you aren’t, then I can guarantee you that if that day comes you will be wishing Trump had taken this fat little joker out when he had the chance.


He called on world leaders to do more to help the people of Venezuela and not look the other way as their government destroys democratic institutions.

Sanctions and freezing accounts aren’t what I would consider outside the realm of reasonable actions against a government that is starving its people to hold on to power… and calling on others not to turn away is hardly calling for hell and damnation…


Sir, please put the pussyhat you are knitting down and pay attention.

STOP supporting cringing liberal cowards who think they should appease evil dictators with respect.

These spineless pontificating wimps are THE reason North Korea has nukes to being with.


Taking out Kim Jong Un himself isn’t the problem, it’s the millions of innocent civilians that reside in the country, impotent to oppose him, that would be destroyed by total destruction of North Korea. And that doesn’t even speak to Trumps fantasy that our military could surgically remove North Korea from the map without any ill effects to the three nations (Russia, China and South Korea) which border it. I’m not concerned about a North Korean EMP attack and you can’t scare me with that anymore than Condolezza Rice scared me when she asked “do we have to wait for the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud” as the Bush administration was scaring Americans with nuclear capabilities that Iraq/Hussein never had.


Authoritarians everywhere hide behind the skirt tails of some poor helpless population, that is nothing new… and none are more guilty of that than progressives…


Overall a great speech, but the NeoCon talking point of regime change in Syria needs to disappear. Just my thoughts though.

The line about Socialism was the clencher. Excellent form, Mr. President.