Trumps UN Speech - I Think He Did A Good Job... Telling It Like It Is


Syria is Russia’s chief ally in the Middle East and they’ll allow us to conduct regime change there just like we’d allow them to conduct regime change in Israel.


I’m sure that your blustery personal attacks make you feel manly like the others on here that cannot debate without falling to it, much like your buddy Trump who suffers from something similar. North Korea saw what the US did to Hussein and Gaddafi and are intent on becoming a nuclear power as a deterrent to such American imperialism.


Anybody that has actually been paying attention can see that when you remove dictators (Hussein, Mubarak, Gaddafi and Assad) from power, that you leave a power vacuum to be filled with the likes of the Islamic State, which hasn’t turned out well for us, but most importantly the innocent civilians who live in the region. And yes I know that to the alt right, civilian masses are dispensable.


More fake news. The left is so salty right now. Trump is literally Hitler.

North Korea, a country of 25 million, threatens nuclear extermination of multiple countries and would love nothing more than to destroy America and take over the South

Trump actually threatens to retaliate.



The difference being that Kim Jong Un is a paper tiger, incapable of doing anything he threatens while the United States is quite capable of wiping North Korea off the map and starting a nuclear war with fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen.


Think Progress is literally run by morons who can’t spell.


Well then, if bad spelling and grammar is the matrix to measure the moron, look about the posts in this forum and the twitter in chiefs daily barrage.


No one on this forum is pretending to be a journalist. Neither is the president. Both the president and members of this forum (this includes you) are master shitposters. There’s a difference.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom to shitpost, or of the lügenpresse; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Time to glass Best Korea.


Here is the Twitter profile of the ‘journalist’ who wrote the fake news article. I’m going to drop it on /b/ since /pol/ is still overrun with fgt shill larpers who will say ‘muh personal army’ but you know what to do.


The twitter in chief, with the aid of auto correct to overcome his grammatical shortcomings is still popping out messages daily that contain grammatical errors. Do you think Fox News stories never contain grammatical errors. You just picked the low hanging fruit because that’s what partisans do! And perhaps you thought it an effective way to divert attention from the presidents threat to kill 25 million innocent civilians who have no power to do anything about their leader.


Why do shills keep on talking about North Korea like its a wonderful socialist utopia that dindunuffin?


Who’s done that A and 2, why do so many people think that name calling and personal attacks are an effective debate tool, hmm?


I wasn’t calling you out. It’s everywhere. Shills and the shareblue bot army are going apeshit all over the internet. So sensitive.


You are now both a physiologist and an expert on NKorean military capability… amazing how fabulously educated one progressive can be… A whole lot of armchair progressives used words like crazy, paranoid and delusional to describe Trumps tweet about being ‘wire tapped’… not only did they make a meal out of his choice of words but they were incredibly disrespectful to the elected president of the United States that clearly had information that they did not…

How much of a threat would be acceptable in a suicide by US scenario be… Seoul?.. Tokyo? … after all, it only takes one shot…


Well you posted that here, and directly following me, so then who is it that has ever painted a utopian picture of North Korea, here or anywhere else for that matter?


Perhaps because you really aren’t a very good ‘debater’… after all, the only non partisan here is you and the only issue you continually harangue about is foreign policy is money wasted on defense that would solve all the rest of the worlds problems… however you have yet to produce much of an alternative to the world that exists today… I world I might add that has taken decades and two world wars to create…


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So who then on this forum or anywhere else has painted a utopian picture of North Korea???


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Trump’s message to the world at the UN: every country is on its own
And along the way, he threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea.