Trumps UN Speech - I Think He Did A Good Job... Telling It Like It Is


I guess we were using two different translator ear phones… I heard him speak up for sovereign nations and their rights as nations… I also heard him tell NKorea in no uncertain terms that the US would defend itself and its allies should it become necessary, in most devastating fashion… I.E… You poke me once… you no poke me again… You might be a more reasonable depot but in 60 years of dealing with the Kim’s… they like taking the world for fools and up to now, they have gotten away with it…


In the future, do your own internet research.


Btw, North Korea is looking to perpetuate themselves, not commit suicide. The countries entire income in trade is 3 billion and the United States spends ten times that much on its pets. With an annual pentagon budget of 600 billion, North Korea is no threat to us whatsoever. The US however survives in part on its war economy that both parties are loathe to mess with, so, we must have endless war. Humanitarian issues notwithstanding I’ve seen calls to glass North Korea, as if mind you that could even be done without disturbing a leaf in South Korea, Russia and China. The extreme right wing (not the moderates) pretend interest in human life and personal rights, but apparently that’s only of the unborn life.


Ok, I looked through it, I don’t see any utopian descriptions of North Korea, shrug.


Trump’s speech today made me so happy. I realized that this is how the US used to sound to the world.

Weak and feeble.

Now we have a President that represents America.


No, we have a president that represents a sliver of America and hatred, xenophobia, misogyny, racism, bigotry and most everything else that is distant from much of Americas past.


That’s not true.

I’m a mid-Westerner and am about as middle of the road as it gets. I lean right but I don’t consider myself an extreme person. I voted for President Trump because I thought he was the best person for the job. I don’t represent any of those things.

I think what President Trump said at the UN today needed to be said. We can’t make everyone happy. We tried that already for 8 years. It didn’t work so well.


This photo shows what many of us are feeling—Chief of Staff Kelly at the UN, listening to Trump:


Give me a friggin break. Maybe he had a headache. Maybe he was tired. Who the hell knows what was going on inside his head. Jesus Christ is there anything liberals won’t take our of context?


Sorry :snowflake: is this better?


Trump might be trying, but he still isn’t an America First president.

We’ll know when he gets there or when we actually get one because that President will evict the UN and withdraw the US from it. He won’t give speeches at the UN.


Yep, the American president needed to threaten total annihilation of a country of 25 million people. That certainly represents traditional American values.


True, all of those things are possible. It’s also possible that he was disgusted with some of the content of Trumps speech as so many of the rest of us were.


So how has that diplomacy been going?


How about them liberals still clinging to collapsed Russia narrative…


There’s been no real diplomacy, we don’t talk to North Korea the way we do other nations, even adversaries. Further more, North Korea just wants to be like other nuclear powers. They look at what happened to Hussein who was accused of being a nuclear power but wasn’t and Gaddafi who voluntarily surrendered his nuclear program and see the importance of becoming a nuclear deterrent themselves. And finally, there’s only one nation on earth that’s ever used nuclear weapons in history. I’ll let you guess which one that is!


Collapsed??? I’ll wait until Mueller says he’s done and there’s no there there.


Nobody has been able to get to NK. They are a problem for the world.


North Korea is a small, very poor country with a GDP smaller than what Americans spend on their pets. They are no more a threat to the United States then Hussein was when Condoleezza Rice tried to scare us by asking, “do we have to wait for the smoking gun to come in the form of a mushroom cloud” as she was trying to stave off criticisms from IAEA amongst others who were rejecting the narrative that Saddam Hussein was a nuclear power 6 months to a year away from delivering a nuclear weapon here. Do Americans ever learn any lessons. War economy is one motive and 6-10 trillion worth of North Korean minerals is another.


RocketBoy is the threat to NK as is their government. The FACT is NK is a rouge country.