Trumps UN Speech - I Think He Did A Good Job... Telling It Like It Is


The best take yet on Trump’s UN speech


Putin finally has an American president who considers national sovereignty as the end of the discussion, or at least in the cases where it serves their purposes. Trump’s call for a “respect for law, a respect for borders, a respect for culture” sounds unobjectionable – until it becomes clear that Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea will enjoy no such respect from Washington for their own sovereignty.


A couple of comments about your last two posts… first it is heartwarming that you throw up ‘conservative’ speak article on one hand while wagging a finger about supporting partisan politicians. Now I understand that these people will gladly marry with democrats over continued intervention around the world and that presumably makes them non partisan and they are likely to support some form of state sponsored medical coverage which, similar to many democratic politicians is more about votes then it is about medical care which again make them ‘nonpartisan’… but it doesn’t make them good for the country and it doesn’t make stance of independent look very solid.

Just like any president, Trump is a product of the reality of the world condition… In any America first position ANY country that might act in a way that jeopardizes the US is open for ridicule… Criticizing someones foreign policy is fair game for any president so that scratches Iran and North Korea off the list… and critisizing a country’s internal policy with respect to relations to the US is also fair game… the president is, after all point for foreign policy. These conditions and associations and entanglements around the world predated Trump… how he deals with them is call - the Trump Administration foreign policy… He said openly in the UN that the deal with Iran stunk and that it was the worst deal the US has ever put ink to… so? He told North Korea who, I might remind you has threatened both the US and South Korea for over half a century, that it wouldn’t be wise to test US resolve… He told the leader of Venezuela that what he was doing to his people was not acceptable to the US and it would use its power in the UN and through bilateral business to put pressure on the president of Venezuela to stop treating his people poorly… and he called out Socialism everywhere. National sovereignty is not breached by harsh words but by actions that violate a nations borders…



Could someone please explain to me just how NK has gotten away with as many threats or pseudo-threats or veiled threats or meme threats as it has in a world where America passed the PATRIOT Act after 9/11 specifically so we could “legally” pre-emptively strike a hostile enemy nation?

Wasn’t NK warned that if it tested another missile it would face military action, and then NK up and did it anyway - and 5 more times after that?

How dickless does the rest of the world need to look before Kim just calls everyones bluff, rises to nuclear capability and then flings whatever he wants wherever he wants?


The Kims were smart in their history of BS. The first aimed about a 1000 artillery pieces and rockets at Seoul and that became the leverage for all future advancement in their weapons program… Seoul has always been the primary threat. They have been coerce concessions out of the rest of the world every since.