Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Being Removed


The West Hollywood City Council on Monday evening voted unanimously to remove President Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star.

The resolution calls on both the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and City of Los Angeles to remove President Trump’s the star due to his “disturbing treatment of women and other actions.”

Of course these are the actions of leftist hypocrites…

Ever since it was revealed that beloved sitcom star and fatherly figure Bill Cosby had admitted to giving Quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with — accusations of which had been floating around for years — his image has been shattered. In its wake, activists are demanding that he be stripped of his official accolades: President Obama has been called upon to revoke Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Freedom, and protesters have asked the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove Cosby’s star from the Walk of Fame. [emphasis mine]

Obama politely declined the possibility of medal revocation, and recently, Leron Gubler, president and chief executive of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, gave his final decision on the star.

“The answer is no,” Gubler said. “Once a star has been added to the Walk, it is considered a part of the historic fabric of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Hollyweird wants its star back

I actually heard about this this morning on the radio. It turns out that the West Hollywood City Council actually doesn’t have the authority to do this and it was only a move to virtue signal. The Los Angeles City Council only has the authority to remove the star and they have not taken any action to do so.


California begging for help from President Trump to fight fires while simultaneously trying to remove his star on the walk of fame? Arrogance and entitlement have no limits on the left coast.


Can we all just urge the removal of West Hollywood? Surely it would not be missed!


Are they going to look at all the stars, and determine if any one else is no longer worthy as well?


Lets be real here, they are just bemoaning the fact that they have to give President Trump a shiny new star every other month, out of their pocket.


We are in a culture / race war. Republicans need to bring up legislation to protect our culture, let’s have a referendum on culture and language now! Not in 30 years. Wake up America. Or we the people will rally all across this land with a militia so big you will need to climb sky scrappers to see any other color then red white and blue.


Has West Hollywood passed a resolution pertaining to Bill Cosby’s star? I’m sure they have since they are so socially aware, right?


Who cares. Remove it. Eventually having his face on Mt. Rushmore is better anyways. :rofl:


Leftist morons. I just looked on a map and the Walk of Fame isn’t even in West Hollywood. Maybe I can get my town to pass a resolution for them to keep the star since geography doesn’t matter.


I’m certain they have some f-ing illegal in mind to replace OUR president’s spot , f-ing commie nitwits ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Does Harvey Weinstein have a star?


No… but someone unveiled this tribute just before the last Oscars… :rofl::rofl:


Brown is a greedy fucking weasel that doesn’t want to spend any of California’s money that was put aside for that dumbass Trane of his


I’m certain there are plenty of other rapist and pedophiles honored there ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Thats bullshit. I’m sure if this happened to anyone else’s star that they would have security out there to make sure it didn’t happen again. Roman Polansky, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein They better go remove all those fucking stars too. As a matter fact why doesn’t somebody go destroy their stars and see how they react to that


Only Bill the “sleeper” has a star . Roman Polansky got an Academy Award and a rousing 5 minute standing ovation ! :roll_eyes: THE “MORAL” LEFT HARD AT WORK ! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


California is begging Trump for nothing, let’s get that straight. But any state in the legal ‘state of emergency’ seeks federal support. As to the Star, why leave it when it’s going to be the repeated target of vandalism??


So we should get rid of rail cars? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


May bad…this was in :poland: Poland…:rofl:image