Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Being Removed


Wow , that’s pretty stupid . So your guys win ? :roll_eyes: Is that your answer to everything ? Why lock up repeat offenders they are only going to continue to commit crime . duh . :roll_eyes:


So…they give it, and then take it away. Fine. I hope POTUS goes there, pries the fucker up and takes it home to Trump Tower. Better yet…stick it on the front lawn of the WH.


That’ll never happen.


Embed that shit in the White House walls Lol press room haha


Well, they voted to ask nicely, anyway. They have no actual authority to remove the star – the actual owners of the walk of fame have repeatedly responded to previous demands to remove stars with “go fuck yourselves.”


Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars are insignificant. I doubt Donald Trump is broken up about a group of Hollywood nitwits voting to remove his. Oh, boohoo!


Nobody cares about Trump in Cali.


You don’t speak for the whole state Monte. Delusions of grandeur are getting to you. I heard though that they might have a pill to help with TDS. It’s a red one.


Holy Shit!!! Ur not ignoring me anymore…are we still friends?..:laughing:


Latinos for trump are located in California … opppppps


Not true my old friend…there is a red wave in this shitty blue state…


Nobody with any intelligence cares about California! California is a shithole!

I have sympathy for those that have lost loved ones and property in the wildfires, but none for the assholes that are content to live in shit-filled streets.


Hey!..:cry:…only I can say that about my state…:laughing:



I thought I saw an image on the internet of armed Russian soldiers in full Russian regalia and carrying the white, blue and red Russian flag who had shown up to protect their soviet-era puppet’s star? Will they continue in the face of the City Council resolution?


Thats antifa guarding the replacing of the xth time that star was destroyed.


That’s the numbers, shrug.


Um…I am a Californian. And I don’t shit in the streets.


I haven’t implied that all Californians are worthless. Read this thread and you will see that.

There are many good people in California. California is beautiful in places. California provides a plethora of good produce to the nation. There is much to love about the state. I have been there many times.

However, it is a SHITHOLE.

What has ruined the state is the Brown dynasty and the liberal idiots that manage to get elected year after year. I despise the government of California…not the citizens that suffer from the rampant liberalism that has caused the accumulation of needles, feces and piss in the streets.

California is home to the filthy rich and the piss poor. California is a sanctuary state that welcomes the poor and oppressed people but doesn’t really care for them at all.

California is the most poverty stricken state in the USA.


Had to look up what films that butthead actually appeared in. A significant majority of them it’s just him as himself. It’s not acting if you’re just playing yourself. The star should have never been put there to begin with. He probably (paid) sweet talked someone to get it there.