Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Being Removed


People dont just get a star for being in movies

The Donald trumped Rosie O’Donnell on Tuesday.

The unveiling of the 2,327th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame honored Donald Trump, the producer of NBC’s “The Apprentice,” billionaire developer and O’Donnell’s verbal sparring partner. O’Donnell doesn’t have a star.

Why does Trump have a star?

Mr Trump received his star in 2007 for his role in producing the Miss Universe beauty pageant for over two decades, not for his television success with the NBC show The Apprentice.

He sold the Miss Universe Organization - including Miss USA and Miss Teen USA - in 2015.

And Mr Trump is not the only president with a star: Ronald Reagan was inducted in 1960 for his acting career.

Recently, fans of fellow reality television star Kim Kardashian have called for a spot on the Walk, but it seems she does not quite make the cut.

A representative for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce told the Hollywood Reporter that since Kardashian has not received any awards and has only acted in guest roles, she is ineligible.

“Can’t really say if reality stars will ever be eligible,” the representative added. “Not on our radar right now.”

Other famous celebrities featured on the Walk of Fame include:

  • Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, whose star is the only one you cannot step on as it is in the wall of the Dolby Theatre, per Ali’s request
  • Disney’s Mickey Mouse, the first animated character to receive a star, and more recently, Minnie Mouse
  • Actress Marilyn Monroe, one of the most popular stars on the Walk


Oh their are plenty of other worth stars to consider… let us not forget, before Bill Cosby was the lefts big villain, he was the lefts big hero… But you deviate from the subject at hand… If Hollywood suddenly holds those stars to a ‘trump’ standard, #metoo is going to have a blast with pickaxes on that street… Lots of Heros to Zeros in the world of the left these days…

I know it deviates from the subject but did you hear about the political star Dianne Feinstein?.. Seems she did pretty well for herself in dealing with china… the only thing she had to sell out was America…


When ur as big as Trump, u don’t have to act. They were just happy he showed up…:laughing:


Apparently, the removal petition generated some interest from a conservative street artist with the talent and skill to make replicas and place them all over.


You watch… they will find out who created these laminates and charge them will vandalism of city property for sticking them to the sidewalk…

By the way… HI… we don’t hear from you much… Busy with midterms?.. or being a mom?


The Culprits… “rogue right-wing street outfit”

Keep it up, “Resistors”. We’re going to ride your baby-tantrum tactics all the way to victory in 2020 and beyond. Keep it up, “Resistors”. And your bathroom will be tiled with Trump Stars by the time he boards Marine One on January 20, 2025.


Trump is so fragile; no doubt this will shatter him. Heh heh heh


As it it matters

Let me help you

Not a knats azz


Sarcasm at its best!


Well sure, it’s quite natural to abandon someone when you find out that they’re a charlatan. We expected the same from the right when Trump began governing other than what he promised. Who would have thought that the right would sing the praises of Trump for golfing more than Obama, or for signing a record spending bill and raising entitlement spending and swelling the ND, from 19.8 to 22 trillion in under two years. You would have denied he’d do that had it been predicted. :rofl::rofl:


I feel like framing this comment with reference to the right… I assume you don’t have a mouse in your pocket when you talk about …‘We’…

I’m most certainly not seeing any praises over the last spending bill… but I do understand that those who actually right the bill and vote on it are in a particularly adversarial relationship with the president and I it isn’t like he got any of his spending preferences other than dealing with the military (which he campaigned on). So, he signed it and said ‘Never again’… On that we will see… As far as him signing the bill… he would have been blamed for shutting down the government in just as harsh a manner as signing it so he can’t really win.


Nope, no mice…


You’re making excuses for him, no excuses for Obama’s broken promises.


Why would I make excuses for Obama’s broken promises… any that he didn’t executed were a net plus for the nation by me… If anything I was remiss in not cheer leading his failures to execute…


Well that’s the point. :wink:


Hell, every broken promise was a blessing… you seem to have a problem with the ones Trump broke… but then again, I’m not sure you ‘really’ do…


I absolutely do. As a true fiscal conservative I believe in balanced budgets and scant debt, I run my business and personal life that way. And, I’ve despised HRC since before I ever heard of Trump. Trumps repetitious promise to lock her up was a welcome promise as well.

  1. Too busy being president to golf

  2. Lock her up

  3. Balanced budgets

  4. Paid off national debt by the end of his second term

What American in their right mind wouldn’t love that???


This may be on its way. Be patient.


Not 1 president in your life time balanced a budget yet you expect it of Trump.

Clinton was close and used the SS overages to bridge the gap. But that was with the help of a republican senate and house.