Trying to understand Trump supporters


I’m still reading social media posts, and still hearing people in my real life reality tunnel, wondering at the obstinacy of Trump’s core supporters. Trump himself is well known as saying he could shoot someone in front a thousand witnesses and his people would still love him, and honestly, if we ever thought we could laugh that off as hyperbole, well, we’re not at that place any more.

But why? Why do the core Trump supporters cling to hard to this man, why do they put so much mental and emotional and spiritual effort into justifying their adulation of him, despite everything he does? Despite the porn stars and Playmates, the third grade insults, the blindingly obvious lack of intelligence or competence, the equally staggering narcissism, the cruelty implicit in so many of his avowed intentions and policies?

I had a four day temp assignment last month and the nicest guy on the assignment, the one who was the most welcoming to me and supportive of me, the guy I most would have wanted to be friends with outside work, was an avid Trumper named George. I could not figure it out. He was a sci fi and fantasy fan like me (albeit, his favorite author was Terry Brooks, so, you know), he was a young white guy but his girlfriend/fiance, whom he clearly adored, was black, he was reasonably smart and good at his job – and given the chance he would endlessly regurgitate every phrase he’d ever heard on Fox News about Trump. “He’s just out there every day talking in America’s Living Room,” is one I remember starkly. But the other one he kept hammering was “he’s just an average guy, like us”.

I mean, seriously, George? He’s just an average guy, like you? SERIOUSLY?

We come up with individual explanations, many of which seem to be, hey, they’re all mean at heart, like Trump. They all wish they could screw a porn star or a Playmate, they love it when the brown people get locked up and their kids get taken, they cheer when white cops shoot black motorists and get away with it… the thrust is, Trump’s a bad person, and his supporters are bad people, and that’s the end of it.

I’ve gone down this road myself. I’ve frequently referred to the Tea Party, the Trump voters, the avid barking howling right wing mob, as ‘the cancer that is killing us’. And I’m not backing off of that. But I am saying, hey, George was a decent guy… not too bright, thought Terry Brooks was the greatest author ever, swallowed Fox News’ horseshit hook, line, and sinker, but, still… he’s a generous, warm hearted, decent guy. So how can he love Trump the way he does?

I think the secret there lies in George’s response when the name Hillary Clinton came up.

Swear to God, I thought he was going to make the sign of the devil and then spit between his fingers.

Trumpers loathe Hillary Clinton with a desperate white hot vengeance that is histrionic, historic, and hysterical. They are like Ahab to Moby Dick, like Khan to Kirk. From hell’s heart, they stab at her. With their last breaths, they spit at her.

If the 2016 elections accomplished one thing, it was forging the forever coin depicting Trump on one side, Hillary on the other. They are forever joined in the minds and hearts of those who love one and hate the other. For the avid, shrieking Trump voter, their support for Trump is invariably welded, and in fact, THE SAME THING, as their screaming toxic violent virulent abhorrence for Hillary. They cannot give up Trump, because if they back off the Donald by so much as one micrometer, to them, that is moving a micrometer closer to Hillary. They cannot do it. They will not do it. IT IS NOT TO BE THOUGHT OF.

From hell’s heart, they stab at her.

They can never give him up. They can never equivocate. They can never, even in the deepest depths of their souls, say to themselves “Hey, you know, Trump maybe wasn’t quite the best guy to go talk to that little feller from North Korea”. Because hot on the heels of that nascent, vestigial thought is “Maybe Hillary would have handled it better”. And that way lies madness to them.

With their last breath, they spit at her.

They cling to Trump, no matter what, because they have to cling to someone, and in their souls, to release their grip on the Donald, to lift so much as one pinky of one hand off his fleshy, orange smeared carcass, is to put that pinky out to Hillary.

No matter what Trump wrecks, no matter who he hurts, no matter what crimes he commits, blunders he performs, atrocities he enacts – he is the club they used to beat the living shit out of Hillary Clinton.

They’ve done far worse than kill her, you see.

They’ve… HURT her.

And they want to go on… HURTING her.

This, more than anything else, explains for me why they won’t let him go. Sure, some of them are mean, bad, cruel, ugly people. But a lot of them aren’t.

A lot of them just hate Hillary so much, they have to love Trump.

God help us all.

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The problem with you folks on the left is you approached politics with feelings, not with logic. This exhaustive post is an example of such. Ah yes, people with opposing views and opinions from yours are “bad people”. Poor “George” for having a petty acquaintance such as yourself, talking trash behind his back on some political forum, even tho he has been nothing but nice to you. But somehow hes a “bad person” for thinking for himself.

I was about to deconstruct your post point by point but then it became clear to be that you have a real hard on for “George” but hes unfortunately taken atm, so I’ll file this under “hurt feelings”.



While all that is true — it is also true that Trump supporters are just bad people. No matter what else they may say or do or be. Hating the sin but loving the sinner in this case is identical to “just following orders.”

It is always your neighbors. It is always your friends. It is always your family who, under “normal circumstances,” would do anything for you — or for a stranger on the street. Because, who else would it be? Countries aren’t made up of obvious sociopaths without a redeeming bone in their body. They never have been at any juncture in history. Countries are made up of “normal” people who love their kids, friends, and neighbors.

It’s always the folks you know and love who keep their machetes the sharpest.


There it is. Unbridled and unfiltered hatred of your fellow citizens. This is the statement and way of thinking of the type of person who would slaughter his own family for disagreeing with him. As Trump supporters we may be dug in, but we aren’t delusional and hateful psychopaths.


People recognise evil when they see it. Trump represented hope and Clinton represented more of the same Clinton


Great point! Someone was being as nice and as welcoming as possible and @madigan decides it’s a good idea to talk shit about the man behind his back. I wish I could track down George and show him this post.



OMG ! When will you dopes get tired of that line , do you really believe he meant that literally ? You couldn’t possibly be that fu*king dumb , even for a dem you have to be winking your eye and holding back the smile . If you want to wonder about those of unsound mental health look towards the Hillary crowd ! The Clinton’s have been in involved in so many scandals , corruptions , deaths , lies , tampering With evidence , intimidating witnesses, rapes , money laundering , Russian collusion ,and the largest scam charity in American history !!!


I think you’re right, a lot of Trump voters really did do it, and continue to do it, just to spite Hillary. I’d never have believed the impact that the coordinated demonization campaign of lies and propaganda against the Clintons, and Hillary in particular, would have had I not seen it for myself. George, e.g.- If he had not been an avid consumer of Fox News and conservative radio for [insert time period here], I bet he’d actually have a pretty reasonable take on Hillary as well. The noise machine overwhelmed his ability to filter out signal, though, and he’s where he is today.

I (and I know I’m not unique here) have the same frustration with my parents and siblings. Had a few good conversations when visiting w/my mother earlier this year, and (of course) the conversation turned to how she voted for Trump b/c she could never vote for Hillary. Especially because of “that Benghazi stuff.” I asked her how long the Benghazi investigations ran. She didn’t know, so I told her. I asked her how many indictments had landed as a result of Benghazi investigations. She didn’t know, so I told her. I asked her how many years the Mueller investigation had lasted. She wasn’t sure, so I told her. I asked her how many indictments had landed so far in the investigation. She didn’t know, so I told her. She was surprised by the disparities (as I knew she would be), but then her comeback was that we didn’t know all the things that had happened in Benghazi b/c [insert wacky conservative conspiracy theory about minute detail here]. I replied that with a hostile congress in election years, if they’d had any dirt, they’d have used it. She then asked me why she never hears about this info. And I sighed.

This is happening all across the USA. I continue to try to engage in conversations in an open and non-judgemental manner, but the conversations challenge assumptions and it’s to the point where she screens phone calls from my wife and I. It’s frustrating as all hell. And a lot of it is sourced in these deep, deep roots of hatred born from lies.


I have to laugh when I hear the left, Hillary supporters, Obama sycophants criticizes those who they label “trumper” for supporting or idolizing Trump when you guys do the same thing with Obama and the Clinton’s.

Talking about calling the kettle black… Every time I ask a leftists what does Trump’s past has to do with his current presidency you guys shoot out the same red herrings.

You folks are hypocrites, and hypocrites of the worst kind.

you can point out all the bad things Trump as done, said or the affairs he has had, none of it has anything to do with his presidency.

And the more you bring it up the more the right fights back, you are not going to change someone on the right’s mind about Trump, just like we cannot change your mind on how Obama was a inept and feckless leader.

If America was such in good hands under Obama, why didnt Biden run?
Hillary should have be a shoo in, like George H.W.Bush after Reagan’s second term, Bush won easily because the american public for the most part was satisfied with what Reagan did.

If Bill Clinton was so popular because of the economy why didnt Al Gore win?

Trying to understand Trump supporters? its easy… its so easy a caveman gets it.

Trump is not a Washington insider, he is unconventional, after 8 years of the smooth talking feckless leader trying to spin every thing and attempting to make himself and the situation look better , people got fed up and turned their back on smooth talking con artists.

Why do you think Bernie Sanders resonated with some many people? he is another politician that isn’t a Washington insider, he isn’t smooth talking by any means.

Hillary is, Obama is, Unfortunately Ted Cruz is, Ben Carson ( as much as I admire him) is a smooth talking guy.

Why do you think that Democrat socialist won in New York… Alexandra Occasio -Cortez, she isnt smooth talking she is down to earth every day people, but if they ( the democrat party) starts to shape and mold her and give her the Washington polish look, she will lose her base.

Most people are tired of smooth talking career politicians, and Trump isn’t one of them.


True. But ur avatar is a contradiction …:laughing::laughing::laughing:



I suspect that you made this shit up. You sound like a goddamned fiction writer.

Most people that support President Trump (YOUR President if you’re a US citizen) do so because he’s getting things done for the good of this country despite the obstruction of the Dimwits and the RINOs in Congress.

Your hatred of him is exacerbated by his success to date.

Here’s a pacifier for you. Suck it!





It appears that the fucking libs are pissed about yesterday’s election results…no blue wave in site.

…and the ‘progressive’ Marxists lost to the moderate liberals.

Reality is a bitch, ain’t it? :rofl:


@madigan is a fucking fiction writer. That bullshit is nothing but troll talk.

Just take a look at that idiot’s freebird stats.


George is a fictional character.


Because he was going to break the system and I don’t think they recognize the opportunist that he is. He was going to be the one to lock her up, pay off the debt, build this “big beautiful wall”, run balanced budgets, be so busy doing their work that he wouldn’t be able to golf, repeal and REPLACE the PPACA, he was going to drain the swamp, that was ribeye steak to them. Not only is none of that going to happen, but he brought the swamp with him, so many people in his orbit under investigation, fired, indicted, in fact one of his most loyal supporters and the first representive to support him was just indicted this morning. I guess the true believer is hypnotized.


Somehow I knew you’d eat that shit up.


Leftists can never understand support for Trump. Because a leftist has no actual empathy. What they have is conditional pseudo empathy, and lots of real hatred for anyone who is ideologically different.

Pseudo empathy is more a half-assed sympathy for those who have recently been identified as the cause du’jour. The endless panoply of nitwits, misfits, and the lazy receive loud sympathies, and shrill declarations such as “if any of us are oppressed, we’re all oppressed” - the better to virtue signal my dear…

A leftist will never attempt to actually understand why someone conservative - is so. And on some rare occasion when one does - the former head of NPR- they are ostracized upon their return to a liberal city.

But perhaps I am too harsh, what is wrong after all with suppressing free speech on campuses, or shouting down elected representatives at town halls, or violently assaulting Trump supporters? Vilification is both more fun, and far easier than the effort of discovery. Shouting down other voices is much easier than listening, protest marches are more fun than studying an issue.

Americans’ support of Ferdinand Marcos evaporated overnight when news video showed ballot boxes being overturned and emptied into the streets by Marcos soldiers. Americans believe in free speech, not ‘only acceptable speech’.

People see through leftists far more than leftists understand themselves, and they don’t like what they see.

Because he didn’t march in liberal lockstep like you? From your description, George liked some Sci-Fi that was not to your liking - this it would seem makes him stupid? Perhaps Terry Brooks is a bit of mindless fun for him - fun, it’s when… oh never mind. You see, George isn’t stupid, he just makes his own decisions on what to like and read. He’s not an urban sophisticate; he’s not a leftist; he’s not, oh yes - a self important asshole.


I have two acquaintances that are Trump supporters. Although I have never met them, I have interacted with them on the internets for well over 10 years. I know them, their spouses, their kids, what they do for a living, etc.

They share many of the traits described already. But the trait that has not been described is the lack of empathy. Neither of them have any empathy for anyone who thinks differently than they do.

The woman is very pro-Israel, was an illegal immigrant, and is socially liberal in some ways. She has a bachelor;s, and her husband is very high up in the banking world. But anyone who disagrees with her is not only a libtard, but she describes them in the most vile terms imaginable. It is not that they have a difference of opinion, but they are despicable cockroaches or worse.

The man is the usual gun loving good ol’ boy, even though he has a BS, and his wife is a lawyer. He posts a couple of times a day about the latest libtard outrage, be it demonstrations in front of a courthouse, or tomatoes supposedly being thrown at Trump at some unnamed rally or other.

They just lack the ability to see anything from a different perspective than their own.