Trying to understand Trump supporters


Interesting… what are Democrats running on?? Seems like trump got NK to de nuke and got gdp to 4.1 in the same week haha
God I love facts

Ohhhhh wait Democrats got 77 shot in Chicago on a weekend haha failure


We look at all perspectives and choose the ones that works best and corresponds with our principles. We don’t set ourselves up for failure like u lefties…


Funny how they deflect with their abhorrent lack of self awareness. Please see:


My brother Patrick once told me, with the smuggest smirk imaginable on his face, that the argument over whether Obama was a socialist or not was OVER. “Because,” he said, “you can argue about all his other policies, but Obamacare… you can’t argue about that. That’s SOCIALIST.”

He clearly thought he had me by the short hairs. I just stared at him, and then said, slowly (I don’t think quickly, but of course I’d been following the development of the plan), “Why is it socialist?”

Now he stared at me. “Because it forces everyone to get health care whether they want it or not.”

I shook my head. “You worked for Progressive for ten years. You were, what, a regional vice president or something with them, when you finally jumped ship?”

He kept staring. “So?”

I sighed. “So is the fact that people who drive are forced by law to get auto insurance socialism? No. Now, if the government paid for damages to vehicles, and paid the health care costs of those who suffer injury in vehicular accidents, THAT would be socialism… on a very limited basis. Doing it the way we do it, though, giving people the option to choose insurance plans, we preserve our citizens’ freedom of choice… and mandatory auto coverage is a huge boon to the insurance industry. Which you know. Obamacare would be limited socialism if it was single payer health care, where the government just pays all your health care bills. That would let the government dictate costs to health insurance providers. And if the government just took over all health care provision, just bought out all the hospitals and clinics and doctor’s offices in the U.S. and made them public services, that would REALLY be socialism. But Obamacare’s individual mandate is not socialism. It’s a giant wet kiss to the health insurance industry, because it was the only way to get them to sign off on it.”

He blinked at me a few times. “That’s socialism.”

Now I was really exasperated. “Pat, something isn’t socialism just because you say so, or Sean Hannity says so, or Rush Limbaugh says so. Socialism is a word with an actual meaning, and that meaning is, ‘centralized control, usually by a representative government, of various services and products that are generally offered on an open market in capitalist societies’.”

He opened his mouth to speak and I added “And, by the way, ‘socialism’ isn’t a political term. It’s an economic one. Most if not all of the working socialisms in the world are democratic.”

He just stared at me. “I don’t care,” he finally said “It seems like socialism to ME.”


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ITT: leftist political fictions.


I know someone like George. It’s a neighbor of mine, let’s call her Edith. She is white, Christian and a middle aged widow of a minority husband. She has been incredibly nice and a very good friend to me. And she is well aware that I am liberal and an atheist. I’ve seen her display the same generosity and caring for another neighbor who is a retired teacher and likely liberal also. Edith and I don’t talk about politics or religion but occasionally we have a short exchange in these subject areas. And yes, she shares George’s loathing of Hillary but what I’ve noticed is that she believes (or did before she met me) that all Democrats and liberals were of the far left variety. I’ve seen a look of absolute astonishment on Edith’s face when I’ve expressed an opinion or corrected her understanding of something that she thinks is true of all Democrats. I think it’s possible that right wing media has made caricatures of Hillary and Nancy Pelosi proxies for every liberal woman. (And possibly caricatures of Bill and Obama proxies for the men.) Mention Hillary, Nancy, Bill, Obama or most any prominent liberal and the vitriol that spews forth seems exactly like a Pavlovian response. Trump supporters as a group certainly contain tiki torch carrying Neo-Nazis, mouth breathing yokels and some frightened hateful people but I think that group also contains some otherwise mostly decent people who have been brainwashed by the right wing media they have steadily consumed for most of their adult lives. Some of you here have asked how can they still support him after all we know now? Very simply, they do not know what we know. They view the Mueller investigation much as we did the Benghazi investigation, i.e. as an effort by one party to undermine key figures of the opposition. For the most part, they don’t like Trump’s tweeting but otherwise they think he is doing a pretty good job. They attribute any failures on his part to those that oppose him. This is what their media tells them and has conditioned them to believe.


I cannot speak for Trump supporters, but as an unaffiliated leftist, I do not find him nearly as horrible as the DNC tries to paint him. Hillary was unacceptable to me on many levels, so I supported Bernie then Stein. Trump has done things that I do not agree with, but it can be undone relatively easy for the most part in the future if there is political will to do so. These trade wars will be a catalyst to renegotiate agreements that are, in fact, screwing middle income workers as is. It strikes me as amusing and scary to see democrats lambasting the top 1% and then attacking Trump for daring to undertake policies that will most hurt the top 1%. Without these trade wars, there would be no incentive to renegotiate NAFTA, etc.


…and your analogy evaporates after you realize that nobody is forced to buy car insurance if they choose not to operate a car on public roadways.


Do you understand just how silly you sound? and that mask makes you look like ANTIFA. Of course I could never vote for Hillary. Not only are democratic polices and direction of the country counter to my beliefs… The Clintons are crooks… Let me say it again louder… THE CLINTONS ARE CROOKS… any you… for all of the things you say that trump supporter delusionalally(sp) overlook… are either brainwashed or you are confused about the amount of denial that people have over the Clinton’s conduct over the years.

Fear not though… the farther Mueller digs his hole… the closer it will get to where the real story of collusion and election manipulation really lies…


Oh hell, and the righty can be described in congruent terms…


Then “lock her up”…Oh, that’s right. :wink:


Probably true…


No THAT… was much more funny than you could EVER imagine … :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Alas, I have no power and neither, regardless of desire or intention, does the President of the United States… Please… please don’t drag out your normal narrative on the subject… its trite


So you say, but it was the theme of his campaign, the chant that Flynn warmed up the crowds with and something that all Trump supporters and some of us that aren’t, wanted to see happen and in a brazen display of disrespect, immediately after winning election he let us all know it was nothing more than a rouse, merely campaign rhetoric to gin up support and votes. That’s pathetic, regardless of what you say about it, and the DOJ serves the president.


You just had to do it anyway… a truly obstinate liberal you can be at times…:expressionless:


Yeah, I know, why just the other day there was that beat down and pepper spraying of those liberals by - oh wait that didn’t happen - but then there was that university that disinvited a liberal speaker because the students had been so indoctrinated to hate liberals by their conservative profs, and, er, that didn’t happen either…

Oh, how about this, remember the conservative group Indivisible showing up at Dem. town halls and shouting down anyone with differing views? What do you mean ‘back assward’, what?

Wait wait, I got this- what about that Black, developmentally disabled kid who was tortured for wearing a Hillary shirt by Trumper White kids- oh wait, what, I got the whole thing reversed? Golly.

Oh wait, now I got it: remember the hurricane in Houston, how all the liberal LGWTF’s of every color but White drove to Houston to rescue strangers with their own boats, at their own cost, while conservative urban dilettantes drew cartoons mocking the drowning city? Right?, huh? right?

Actions speak louder than words Monte; they just do. Trump supporters by and large simply prefer Trump, warts and all, to what the Dems. offer- period.

How bad do the Dems have to be for adults to choose Trump over them? Everyone knows the media is biased, and that 90% is biased against conservatives. Everyone knows Fox is a mouthpiece for Trump, yet on Fox they are shown economic growth, and jobs; on CNN et. al. - they are told they have White privilege, and that they are racists, and that the only people worth any attention are people of color.

What a great way to win hearts and minds!


There must be a hunting season in the USA for the “greater deluded virtue signalling socialist libtard”


One of the most annoying traits of pompous libs like this is that they can’t stop themselves when writing down their hackneyed screeds.

This ilk, exemplified by Madigan, somehow rate their own smarts as very high, but never got taught in school the virtue of conciseness.