Trying to understand Trump supporters


So long as that lying hypocrite is setting in the Oval I’ll be “doing it”.


You say that as though it should be revelatory, shrug. My comment wasn’t intended to promote any democrat over Trump. It was to point out the reality that the right is equally prone to hatred of anyone who is ideologically different then them. And this board is a perfect demonstration of that. But run along with your partisan bull shit and shovel.


That’s like saying that the heat from an exploding star is the same as from a campfire, but I don’t expect a liberal to acknowledge something so obvious. Liberals are good at pretending to be oblivious.


I don’t Hate anyone but I do have problems with liberals who can do no better at justifying their opinions with…‘because we care and you don’t’. Those who are clearly liberal on this forum jump on as a group, make their comments an disappear… unable or unwilling to defend their position. Fact is it is difficult to defend liberal dogma. Government and law work on facts and figures not pie in the sky hopes and dreams. So no, I don’t hate anyone… I just get really annoyed with how they respond with arm waving and clearly intolerant rhetoric or the just clam up. Outside of when your comments were vague, trivial and pointed, I don’t think I have been particularly hateful to you and even then I was pretty mild on the 'hatred scale of possible responses. I do however disagree with your perspective on many issues and will gladly spend time telling you why you are wrong…:v:


…or honesty. :sunglasses:


He left in January, 2017.


Well put! You are tolerant and polite when sparring with this incorrigible idiot we call Monte.

Thank you for keeping him busy.


I think he has more patients than anyone here…He must have a lot of experience working with 1st graders…:laughing: And I mean that as a compliment…:+1: Monte reminds me of one of those mean little kids that will kick u in the shin…:laughing:


Ok, but that’s not me…


And that of course is subjective…


This thread in one picture.


[quote=“toirtap79, post:48, topic:10047, full:true”] Monte reminds me of one of those mean little kids that will kick u in the shin…:laughing:

That’s a little unfair, you’re describing the trumpturd guy. Monte is just a garden variety liberal, not a troll. I welcome his contributions, just because we need the other side, as annoying as it can sometimes be.


What the hell are y’all writing sore loser fanfiction? Trump supporters are no different than anybody else. We love our families. We love our country. We do what’s right when nobody’s looking. Hell, maybe we are different than everybody else!


“What’s right” is a subjective issue.


A lesser version of something like this


Golly Monte, I was making a point, guess it was lost on your reflexive smugness. You fool no one but yourself; you pretend to be non partisan, but you always agree with those spouting on the left, and your hatred of anyone conservative as a ‘Trumper’ has become your personal cliche’.

Perhaps some new material, a new slogan to toss out every two or three posts? It would do us all some good.


Right, that’s why I’ve been waiting for her to be locked up, opposed all of Obama’s foreign policy save Cuba and Iran. Called for Lerner, Lynch and Holder to be fired and remain a critic of Obama’s budget deficits and huge national debt. Those aren’t positions of the left.


Not all conservatives are Trumpers. A solid Trump supporter is a Trumper.


And then there is the reality

Not everyone loves trump and view him the same way as Obama’s

Tolerate him

Like Obama some things trump does are hooked some bad and somethings don’t matter

We all tolerated Obama yet the left cannot get over a piss poor choice for their candidate

An interesting comment GOD help us all as many felt that way about Obama’s and didn’t act out like 5 year olds

Do you even believe in god as that’s not a trait of the left


Acceptance. Is the real issue

The left can it accept the reality that trump is president

They will do everything to undermine his presidency