Twice as Many Killed with Bare Hands than Rifles in 2015


This is a great article and highlights something the left doesn’t seem to understand. Even if we banned all firearms from the Earth; people would just focus on other things, like sword fighting or how to kill a man with one punch. Ever since one caveman threw that first rock at another caveman’s head, man has progressed primarily in our ability to be violent.


This of course extends to the drive for homogeneity and the attempt to eradicate difference in culture… preference and even the inequitable results that will naturally occur because of differences in motivation and shear ability… But those facts are irrelevant to an ideologue searching for ‘their’ version of Utopia and working relentlessly to impose it on everyone else…


You two are missing the larger question. When will the campaign to ban “assault hands” begin?


Hell, I’m waiting for them to outlaw BBQ’s… can’t use charcoal cause the EPA says so and can’t use gas cause DHS says so…