Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey forced to apologize for eating Chick-fil-A during Pride


Bow to your diversity Gestapo!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey ignited a backlash online after revealing that he ate at Chick-fil-A this month.

On Saturday, Dorsey posted a photo on Twitter with the caption “Boost @ChickfilA,” showing he had saved 10% on a $31.58 order at the fast-food chain.

“You must love the taste of bigotry!” one person wrote in response.

“Why is Twitter boosting a notoriously anti-gay company during #PrideMonth?” another person wrote.

Among the critics was the former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, who said, “This is an interesting company to boost during Pride month, @jack.”

Dorsey responded: “You’re right. Completely forgot about their background.”

Critics immediately seized on Dorsey’s support of Chick-fil-A, whose CEO has come under fire for his views on same-sex marriage, during Pride Month.

Some people supported Dorsey’s decision to eat at Chick-fil-A, saying that it’s “great” and that he shouldn’t have to apologize for eating a chicken sandwich.

One person tweeted: “Don’t give in to these people and their complaints. I’m gay and I LOVE ChickfilA. Ridiculous. Go on and eat that ChickfilA and post as much as you want about it!”

The backlash shows Chick-fil-A still has lingering problems with its brand image following remarks six years ago by the company’s CEO, Dan Cathy, regarding his views on same-sex marriage.

Cathy set off a fury among gay-rights supporters in 2012 that led to nationwide protests after he told the Baptist Press that the company was “guilty as charged” for backing “the biblical definition of the family unit.”

Reports soon emerged detailing Chick-fil-A’s many charitable donations to anti-LGBTQ organizations.

For months afterward, protesters rallied outside Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country and held “kiss-ins,” where same-sex couples kissed in front of onlookers and TV cameras covering the backlash.

Since then, Chick-fil-A has worked to shed its controversial image, and over time, protests against the chain have largely dissipated.

Given the backlash against Dorsey’s Chick-fil-A meal, however, it seems the fast-food chain still has some work to do to move past Cathy’s comments.


What a little bitch this guy is. I’m glad he got a dose of his own medicine. But I bet he won’t change the culture of Twitter. That much I can tell you.


What did he do wrong other than forgetting what a bigoted company he was boosting??


Chick-Fil-A seems immune to such bullshit…even though they never open on Sunday.:innocent:

Chick-fil-A had a standout year, increasing sales by 16.9% and opening its 2,000th location.

One major indicator of Chick-fil-A’s success is its incredibly high estimated sales per unit, which reached $3.9 million this year. That is more than any other limited-service or chicken concept on the market, and it is roughly three times as much as what a KFC location brings in on average. Analysts say exceptional customer service sets the chain apart from its competition.


It’s disturbing that groupthink would compel someone in an influential position to buckle under to what amounts to such an intolerant dictate. This isn’t an attribute of a free society. The only hope is that the larger public is watching and will reject this type of submission.


So funny Starbucks refuses to hire veterans and the liberals were quiet, Cuck Dorsey eats a chicken sandwich during gay month and people lose their shit.



I’m sorry for my outburst. I’ve been on edge lately. Ever since Starbucks called the police to exert violence on two black bodies I’ve been boycotting them, which means I’ve gone without my two daily Mocha Frappuccinos with extra soy🥛 milk for a very long time. I’ve transitioned to soylent™️ Cafe Coffiest and soylent™️ Cafe Chai, but it’s just not the same. I’ve also tried soylent™️ Cafe Vanilla, and I have to admit it was super-yummy, but the implicit whiteness of the name (Vanilla, ugh) just puts me off.


Ah the happy tolerant left. The CEO of Chick Fila is a devout Christian who closes all stores on Sunday- even though it would be a GIANT money maker so employees can spend the day with their families- (uggh -shudder- breeders). He doesn’t believe in Gay marriage and so that means no gays can marry, and all gays are deeply affected by his stance, there lives on hold, as they silently wait for the end of humanity…

Oh wait, none of that is happening.

The gay lobby and now all hardcore leftists boycott the chain because they decided to make it a scapegoat for their never ending offense taking. The chain, meanwhile, does enormous good in communities, and treats their employees far better than 'Mickey D’s (which liberals have no problem with). What a load of hypocritical crap.

Consider - Liberals hate Chick- fil-a, and so the chain, crashes and burns… oh wait, best year ever you say? Two thousand locations you say? Could it be that liberals are seen by the majority of Americans as misguided self important pharisaical crybabies whose parents never let them fall down and go boom? Methinks so.

As is so often the case,satire tells the hilarious truth…