Typical California



Ooh, but she’s a scholar- she attended-wait for it Evergreen College in Wa.! Is it any wonder CALPERS is 450 billion short of its obligations.


Frost on Wednesday spoke about her background during an all-staff meeting at CalPERS. “I have to stay focused. We have to stay focused. It really is the only way we can achieve the goals we have set,” she said.

Yet she couldn’t even stayed focus to get a degree. Im not surprised that the leftist states of Wa and CA hired her. Will she sue the CA state for putting her under immense stress over unethical practice?


I’ve worked with a few people without a degree. Several were former detectives who moved over into the business consulting world. They were just as polished and just as professional as anyone else. None of them were CEOs though.


Nothing wrong with people who gain professional experience moving up in the world. In this case though she told recruiting firm that she was enrolled in a dual bachelor’s and master’s degree program in public administration at college.

Evergreen never had such program. They still don’t.


I think executives should not only have a tremendous amount of experience, but advanced degrees, certifications, licenses, and awards. We want people who overperform leading organizations…not underachievers.


It wasnt that fact that she doesnt have a degree that was wrong. Its the compound fact that 1) she half-lied about her education, and the soft promised of finishing such degree, and 2) the incompetency of the the board to sweep this under the rugs. If they were a regular companies, then it’s all fine and dandy since competition will crash the company instantly. The lack of competition is what keeping this place afloat, bc they are managing people’s pension.

This is why state-run entities lead to abuse, complacency, waste and bureaucracy.


The way the right is always criticizing academia and bashing universities as bastions of liberal goulash, I don’t know why such a premium is being put on degrees they hand out.