UCLA Ballers caught shoplifting in China


Entitled Millennials, compounded with being ‘ballers’ humiliate the nation. Yeesh, will Trump have to discuss these clowns with Ping?


Come on these are Californians where they were entitled to the goods they shop lifted. Why didn’t the Chinese know that???

Thought you knew that.


I’ll bet those Chinese cops were racist and targeted those blacks !!! :wink::wink::wink:


Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that thy were entitled.


What a shame!!! Balls son didn’t come home on Air Force One. How dare our President be this racist!!! I guess Ball would have had to wait on Massa Trump. His father should kissing the ass of both Trump and XI for freeing his son who was facing 3 to 10 years in a luxurious Chinese prison. How UNGRATEFUL can a person be!!! I guess he would have the ACLU sue Communist China for being RACIST if his son was put in prison.