UK: Police Fail FGM Victims- Focus on Islamophobic Tweets Instead

UK: Police Fail FGM Victims- Focus on Islamophobic Tweets Instead

There is a great Twitter account that goes by the handle Cuckex Police. It mainly skewers the absolute lunacy that comes out of Policing policy wonks in Britain and is one of those bitingly satirical jokes that are so close to the bone only the English would have the gall to make it.

Unfortunately, Cuckex Police have been outdone (yet again) by the real police force. The topic this time is one that has been at the forefront of many minds of late due to the severity of the crime and that the victims are young girls. Female Genital Mutilation is a significant problem in the United Kingdom, particularly among Muslim communities from the Middle East and Africa. The government estimates over 170,000 women and girls in the country, but since 1985 only one prosecution has ever been brought- and both defendants were cleared. For context, the first time that data has been recorded on FGM showed that there were 5702 cases in England alone in less than a year. These are the cases that were discovered by medical practitioners, following new directives that forced doctors to report cases of FGM. Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland recorded no data at all. The British Police have been typically useless.

Suffice to say, since 2016 when this report was published, the fact that there are still no prosecutions for this barbarism is quite beyond the pale for many Britons. So, when Surrey Police tweeted that the 6th of February is International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, you can imagine how well it went down with the public.

Surrey Police can at least be commended for trying to bring some awareness to the problem of Female Genital Mutilation.

Sadly though, awareness-raising is not what the constabulary are for. The police are supposed to be catching criminals. Female Genital Mutilation is a crime, and one might expect that in 33 years of this barbarous act being a recognized crime, we might have seen more than zero convictions.This sentiment was echoed by almost everyone who replied to the Surrey Police social media intern, who would soon regret the day he was born.

There's always someone who sees the future coming that split second before everyone else.

Having gone through every single one of the 433 responses to this tweet at the time of writing, there are zero incitements to violence against anyone. There are no incidences of hate speech. There is a hefty amount of criticism of the UK government, of the police, and of Islam. Luckily for decent and normal British people everywhere the social media intern at Surrey Police knew just what to do in this situation. That's right. Report everyone for Islamophobia and begin files on them so that charges may be brought at a later date.

Yes, criticism of Islam, while not illegal in the United Kingdom (yet) has been passed on to Twitter and intelligence teams within the British Police. Why are the police cataloging tweets that criticize Islam? So that if enough tweets are collected together from the same account they can be used against the perpetrator to paint him as a Hate-Speaker. A crime which is far worse than mutilating the vaginas of young girls, it has emerged.

Surrey Police have revealed themselves to be completely bankrupt in morality and without a backbone.

Instead of taking criticism from the citizens of the United Kingdom on the chin, they have cried off, shrugging the punch. The use of Twitter policies as a shield? Sad. And, to reiterate this point, there are intelligence teams that will hold files on people suspected of criticising Islam because some Muslims mutilate the genitals of girls. Despite the protests of liberal academics, Female Genital Mutilation is very much an Islamic problem.

I will stop short of calling the United Kingdom a police-state, despite the unreasonable intrusions into the very concept of freedom of speech they are making of late. This being said, it is indisputable that the British Police are enforcing certain Islamic laws on non-Muslims, while ignoring British laws when they should be applied to Muslims.

That should be a wake-up call for everyone.

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How could it not be glaringly obvious to police (and their communication interns) that failing to investigate FGM after claiming zero tolerance for it…while simultaneously reporting citizens to internal intelligence services and the Twitter police…is anything but an insufferable double standard. They must feel incredibly confident that there will be no public investigation into their ineptitude.


UK is doomed ! And they brought it on themselves !! :roll_eyes:


Regardless, people will be banned from Twitter and investigated by law enforcement all for speaking up about something that by the police’s own admission is something that they are seeking zero tolerance on. If a person or group says that there is “zero tolerance” it should be common sense that people echoing their support for zero tolerance wouldn’t be targeted and punished. Sounds like a honeypot to me.


Yeah…it’s a police trap. They want people speak up and report cases of FGM, but if they do they’ll be reported for “Islamophobia” and hate crimes.


I wonder why UK feminists aren’t lashing out at the police about this? Oh that’s right - FGM is exclusively a third world Muslim practice which means its part and parcel of living in a diverse and multicultural setting.


Not a police state at all! I mean with 24/7 public surveillance and enforcement of thought crimes…what we are seeing here is levels of freedom that shouldn’t even be possible in the Muslim world!


This is just sickening. The police are supposed to be protecting people, stopping crimes, and arresting criminals! FGM is a barbaric and twisted practice that only people as depraved as Muslims would do. The police should all be fired and they should hire patriots willing to put an end to this filth once and for all.


When the actual police officers that were doing their job and got called “racists” and let go, naturally whats left are the “cyber polices” that go after speech and thought crimes. The UK is coming close to a police state … without the good polices left.


It would seem that the police there are in a situation where they are between what their government superiors want them to do and what the citizens expect them to do, leaving them as a totally ineffective and useless police force!


ISIS members engaged in extended conversations on Twitter, scheming and planning attacks targeting specific locations, and somehow authorities still failed to prevent them from carrying out the attacks, yet they seem to be very efficient in stopping "hate speech and “Nazis” who are just asking the police to do their jobs.