UN Condemns the US


In an extremely rare move, the United Nations General Assembly has overwhelmingly voted to condemn Trumps announcement that the US will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Nikki Haley’s threats and ballsy warning speech meant nothing.


And the UN condemnation means nothing. As a sovereign country we get to choose where we place our embassies. If other countries don’t like it, well they can get fucked.


Time to withdraw funding from the United Nations and kick them out of NYC.


I oppose the UN on the basis that a conglomeration of nations has zero right to impose their beliefs on others.

Sanctions are always a prelude to war, and diplomats acting like they are innocent present themselves falsely.

Countries have a right to put embassies wherever they mutually agree.


I’m shocked I tell you, absolutely shocked.

Who would have thought.

I like the idea of deporting the UN, maybe send them to the EU.


Yes indeed. The United Nations condemnation wasn’t a dispute of that.


The United States move being opposed by so many in the United Nations, gives me a good confidence boost that we did the right thing.


That’s an option. Probably learned that during your undisciplined youth.


Indeed. Unless the US is leading the imposition.


All the sovereign nations who voted against America being a sovereign nation.


Wow, I don’t know whether to lol or cry. Are you just having fun, or do you really believe that that’s what the UN just told the US with that vote???


What other message where they sending? Are you the non-partisan expert on the UN now? It’s our right to make these routine diplomatic determinations. Any attempt to undermine our diplomacy should be treated with hostility. We do not seek their approval nor do we need it.


I think their lease is up.


Really dude. The UNGA was criticizing the US for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They were not voting on whether or not the US is a Sovereign State. I didn’t hear any FM, declaring that the US didn’t have the right to make the declaration or that they wouldn’t be allowed to move their embassy. They’re just telling the United States that it’s a provocative move that serves no good purpose and senselessly aggravates other interests, that basically it was a stupid move.


Pointless political body passes pointless resolution condemning equally pointless declaration from the US that it was moving it’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Why is anyone paying for the UN kabuki theatre, again?


Given that the Soviet Union and since its demise Russia proper has ALWAYS been the antagonist against most anything the United States was for… One has to wonder just how effective their interference in world politics has been? I’ve contended that they have been hard at it, most certainly in the US since at least the conclusion of WWII… in business, education, academia, politics and Comintern style ‘world unity’… just who is singing Russia’s song… even if they don’t even realize it?


When I find hysterical about this emergency vote was that it was initiated by Yemen - a government not even in control of it’s own country and whose civilian population is being bombed to smithereens by Saudi Arabia - but this was more important.


Until it does have a point like when it created the state of Israel, or delivered ultimatums to places like Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea and so on. Just slap the big P on a billboard dude.


Yes indeed, our ally in the region. The place that Kushner has spent so much time and that Trump recently visited and praised.


What on earth does that mean? Do you understand who’s fighting who in Yemen, and who’s supporting which sides in that fight. I believe that if you did you’d understand the significance of Yemen’s opposition to Trump on this.