UN Condemns the US


The fight between Saudi Arabia and Yemen is of no consequence to us. I raised the issue because they haven’t done jack shit in the UN for their own issues, but had all the time in the world to devote their attention to this.


Funny how even Wikipedia acknowledges that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

They are bitching about something that has been acknowledged as the truth and claiming that its not? What babies.


To you it’s of no significance. That’s not understanding why it is to Yemen though.


Not quite exactly.

Jerusalem is the biggest city in Israel. Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheba and Rishon LeZion are also large cities. Israel says that its capital city is Jerusalem.


That’s exactly what @Intrixina said.


You mean that Google has it wrong too?

Keep pulling straws mate.


No it’s not. She said that even Wikipedia acknowledges that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel whereas all that Wikipedia acknowledges is that Israel CLAIMS that Jerusalem is its capital, You don’t see the difference?? Shrug


TIL that a country can’t choose its own capital.


So if I say the capital of the United States is Fargo, ND does that make it so? Or does the government of the United States get to make that determination? Help me understand. Shrug.


If you knew the history of the Israeli State from the time of its recognition by the UN, you’d understand that Israel can claim any city their capital, but the UN, and therefore it’s members seeing too much trouble in any formal acknowledgement of Jerusalem as such, had historically refrused to do so. It’s been the prudent position all these years. Now if you think it’s cool beans that Trump has stuck another stick in the eye of the international community, that’s fine, but you’ll live with the criticism and consequences thereof.


If we wanted to put our embassy in a smaller city in Israel there is nothing anyone can do to stop it so long as Israel agrees.


That has no bearing on the topic. The modern Israeli State was recognized as a sovereign state by virtue of a 1947 UN resolution. And in the interest of peace, the body decided not to recognize Jerusalem as its capital. All members placing their embassies in Tel Aviv.


That I won’t disagree with. But it’s not about what we can do. It’s about what we should do. Btw, I opposed this long before Trump was a factor or had ever chimed in.


Trump should have a teleconference with Haley tonight and get her to call an emergency meeting tomorrow to proclaim that the United States no longer recognizes the EU.


Yeah, that’s a great idea. Tweet that to him and tell him I agree.


Israel is the only country in the world that is unable to determine its own capital. This just confirms this. Maybe we can eminent domain the UN building as punishment - or Trump can stay true to his word and cut funding to all countries who voted no.


Actually you can post it on wiki and make it so.


Better yet:

Trump should have a teleconference with Haley tonight and get her to call an emergency meeting tomorrow to proclaim that the United States no longer recognizes the UN.


Yes, and that everyone needs to start packing their things. The eviction notice takes effect on December 25, 2017.


This was something agreed to by the UN 70 years ago as far as their official recognition, for good reason. And btw, Israel has in fact determined Jerusalem to be its capital. I’m surprised you didn’t know this.