UN Condemns the US


Yes, Jerusalem is where the seat of government is in Israel. I’m also aware that Israel considers Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel. I’m also aware that because of Muslim pandering, other countries choose not to. However, any state is free to recognize the existence of another state, the government of another state, and the seat of government of another state. That’s how sovereignty works. I’m surprised you didn’t know this.


This whole event made my stomach turn. Especially the speech made by Haley. The arrogance and audacity to insist that other nations bow to our wishes because we have a lot of money and contribute to the UN is so antithetical to the founding concepts of the body itself, that it makes me ashamed to be an American.

Trump and his gang of cronies are the laughing stock of the world. The damage to American is incalculable. If there is no course correction in the 2018 midterms, then I truly believe we are lost.


Sorry, but there was no Muslim pandering when the UN created the state of Israel. Had the UN been Muslim pandering, then they wouldn’t have created the Israeli State to begin with which provoked the Arab leaders to walk out in protest.


Perhaps, but it is reversible.


You mean like Obama bowing and groveling to the Saudi King???

But as it turns out bending over was his norm.


If you knew the history you might be able to see things better. Jerusalem is first mentioned in the Bible as Salem, or Shalem, in Genesis 14:18, which describes a meeting between Abraham and Melchizedek. Jerusalem became the seat of power for Israel during the time of King David. He reigned as King of Israel. After David, the kings of Judah reigned in Jerusalem.


I’m with you. I’m horrified and embarrassed to call myself a citizen of the U.S. It’s amateur hour at its finest. This is what happens when the Student Council takes over the High School. Hormones and raw emotion are determining policy and what passes for diplomacy.

Growing up in the Deep South my only role models were shallow thinkers and bullies with no appreciation for critical discussion or any discussion at all unless you agreed with them. They were all Dixiecrats a.k.a. Goldwater Republicans. Sadly, that scenario still drives government and political decision-making in certainly large, if not all, areas of the South today. (The Jones election is an outlier, IMO). My role models are all dead now but if they were here now they would love love love Fox News as well as Trump, of course. And Haley too, because she is saying what they have always wanted to say, i.e. “taking names” and threatening to withhold funds. They would have swooned when Trump said “we don’t care”.


Love all the leftists in this thread, always hating America while praising other entities outside of it. Simple solution: move elsewhere. Whats stopping you, universal healthcare, vibrant diversity and and pronounce laws?

Take you pick, Canada, Venezuela, Sweden, Germany, Australia etc…


Fuck the UN and all the spineless gutless pussified countries that voted against the U S.Congress should immediately stop all foreign aid to those countries and threaten to close our embassies.The UN should be moved to either Moscow or Tehran.Imagine all the money we could save !!! God Bless President Trump Nickey Haley and PM Netanyahu.Congress should also immediately stop any and all tax dollars to the UN.


Ok CW, we’re talking about the modern Israeli State created via United Nations resolution, and the reason that Jerusalem wasn’t recognized as its capital.




If our allies will turn their backs on us when we make a decision, I see no reason why we should support their decisions.


The UN isn’t an ally of the US.

The UN views the US as a cash cow.

That and of course to send our troops into harms way.


A little melodramatic isn’t that. It’s not like our ally’s turned their backs on the US in our time of need. Our ally’s have censured us for a policy move that will lead to further unrest in the Middle East. Things will be fine again post Trump.


A little melodramatic isn’t that


Don’t be. The world sees the TIC’s dismal JAR and it’s clear that the majority of Americans DO NOT stand with Trump.


Democrats are such fucking hypocrites for years they approved of the move and now they whine and bitch about every move president Trump makes . Why in the world should we care what other shit hole Countries think ? When will they pay their fair share ? We pay more than any other Country so our voice should be the loudest and the one that counts the most !!! When the fuck will the democrats stand by their word ???


Is that a big surprise as Monte is on of the biggest hypocrites here and a progressive self serving bernie bot.

The hate that emanates from the left is unbelievable and will certainly be returned 10 fold with their next occupant in the WH.

The reality is you reap what you sow.


Until they went into Babylonian captivity and the land was once again vacated.


The Bolivian U.N. ambassador proudly proclaimed Bolivia would be the first name Haley should write down.