UN Condemns the US


To that I say… so?


Hence the restoration of the Jewish homeland…


Here’s the great countries that supported Trump in this vote:

  1. Guatemala
  2. Honduras
  3. Marshall Islands
  4. Micronesia
  5. Nauru
  6. Palau
  7. Togo


They all get to go to Nikki Haley’s “friendship party”


A meaningless vote with no authority.

Cheer on Maroon.


Looks like you joined the progressives so that you could have a similar experience. :joy:


The vote indicated the extent to which the Trump administration’s departure from a 50-year international consensus on Jerusalem’s status has unsettled world politics and contributed to America’s diplomatic isolation.

Major allies like Britain, France, Germany and Japan voted for the resolution.

Pretty much a global repudiation of the fucking moron in the White House.


Haha no, the UN should be disbanded now


As Geo Politics go China, Russia, Iran, NKorea and their satellites never vote in favor of the US… Europe seems to be voting against its own best interest of late but then again Russia has it by the short curlies over energy and they are of the mistaken belief that if they capitulate to Islam paradise will come to them.

35… Canada being one of them abstained ostensibly because they did not want a vote for Trump to look like giving in to the US… they are, like so many countries caught in the SJ gig so doing the right thing comes at a political price… another 21 countries couldn’t be bothered to vote at all on a resolution that was improper in the first place…


Some folks are reluctant to step up… kind of like a guy getting his ass kicked by a bunch of thugs and other very capable people just stand around and watch… everyone votes in their own best interest and Europe has its own ME problem now that Merkel has turned central Europe into a ‘refuge’ camp. The BBC, being the unbiased state sponsored news agency that it is, has always had a soft spot for the poor Palestinians… even as far back as the Achille Lauro when the PLO was pushing wheel chairs off the boat cause it was fun…


While I have certainly said it of many policies in the US, you have repeated it as well… The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again anxiously waiting for a different result. Of course the progressive left are stuck on the same philosophy when it comes to Great Society programs. They know that they have actually created dependency and poverty for millions yet they refuse to do anything different… Hum, but then again, perhaps that was the plan all along… scratch the analogy.


Indeed. But you keep treating this as though it’s a right of the US that the UN just blocked, or tried to block. You seem to be having difficulty understanding that NOBODY told the US they can’t do it. Save a few countries that you’ve never heard of that reap sizable aid packages from the US for voting lockstep with us at the UN, the whole world told Trump he’s a fucking moron for doing so, hmm?

The U.S. threatened it would be “taking names” of countries opposing the decision to move America’s Israeli embassy to Jerusalem—but it turns out, the names were for a party.

On Thursday, after the United Nations resoundingly voted to rebuke the Trump administration for the controversial move, U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley invited the eight countries that voted no to a reception early next year.

Apparently Mrs. Haley thought that with her menacingly threatening speech before the vote, she’d put enough fear into the hearts of leaders around the world that it would be just a handful on the short list that opposed us. America has been slipping in power and stature in the world for sometime, but Trump is rushing it along. So much for maga.


Why do you got to lie to make a point … first, the vote itself was a violation of UN protocol and should have never taken places so they didn’t have the right to ‘block’ anything and by protocol they didn’t even have a right to call a vote on the issue in the first place… but you know that.

Second and just as trivial but a lie none the less is that Trump extended an invitation to all countries that didn’t vote against the US.… therefore it is 65 countries and not 8…


Your so well informed, it was a meaningless vote that meant nothing.

Your spewing opinion vs fact is so progressive.


If a tree falls into a river… can its disruption of the waters flow change the coarse of the river?..


Now they will have $ 285,000,000 less US money and hopefully even less in the coming years .


Only 3 billion left to cut.

Seeks to cut should be will not fund.


Wtf are you talking about??? Is your friend turning his back on you if he criticizes a decision you have made?

Our ally’s didn’t turn their backs on us, they let us know in a non binding undisciplining way, that they disagree with Trump’s announced policy move in Israel. That’s it. They have a right to do that, and we have a right to move forward with our plan to move our embassy. Some posters here are trivializing it as “meaningless” and some are treating it as an act of war. And the TIC is acting his typical childish self in dispatching Haley to give a threatening speech before the vote. Taking names and now, cutting 250 million dollars in funding in his stereotypical childish tit for tat way.

Besides the fact that he’s further isolating the US in the world, he’s lessening our diplomatic influence. How utterly embarrassing this president is to the nation.


Incidents like this and ones like removing the US from the Human Rights Commission and replacing us with some 3rd rate African despot is exactly what Trump talked about in his campaign… This isn’t some out of the blue reaction to an event… this is telling the UN (for all the good it actually does) that if you want an new blue hats for Christmas… Respect is in order… Psst, if you have to pay for influence and respect… you didn’t really have it anyway…

This vote and things like removing the US from the Human Rights Council to be replaced by a 3rd rate Africa despot is the exact reasons for Trumps comments about the UN during his candidacy. After all… “For the regular budget, the U.S. is assessed more than 176 other U.N. member-states combined,” Schaefer said. “For the peacekeeping budget, the U.S. is assessed more than 185 other U.N. member-states, combined.”

“The inefficiency and overspending of the United Nations are well known,” Haley said in a statement from the US Mission. “We will no longer let the generosity of the American people be taken advantage of or remain unchecked.”


An apt description of you the (BIH) hate filled progressive and your name for the president.


More like, he’s not tolerating the pandering to terrorists and lets the Israelis have agency and decide where their capital is allowed to be in their country.

Laughing stock? Nah, that’s the label which is firmly planted on the rabid far left these days. You know, the ones who screech about Israel deciding where their capital is, and them saying “YOU CAN’T HAVE IT THERE REEEEEEEEE”