Uneccesary war of words


As the two infant world leaders continue to fight, the adults keep scolding them. United Nations Secretary General warned them both not to “sleep walk the world into nuclear war”.

In the mean time, Russia and China are doing what they need to do for contingencies that could occur along their respective borders with the DPRK.


So it would seen you turn a deaf ear to all the threatening to immolate the U.S. in “a sea of fire” and to reduce “the whole of the U.S. mainland to ruins.” And pay no attention to all the missiles launched over SK and Japan .


Well first of all, it was none other than the TIC himself that campaigned for the office he now holds declaring that South Korea and Japan become nuclear powers and start looking after their own defense. Remember that?

But furthermore, a Chiwawa dog can nip at the heels of a pit bull all it wants, it will always run back to its hole whenever the pit bull turns around towards it. The DPRK has a GDP much smaller than what Americans spend on their pets every year. They are exactly zero threat to the US.

And the undesired result of the TICs teasing and provoking of Kim Jong Un is that Russia and China are forging closer ties.

In the end, North Korea is full of hot air and empty threats. Why the pres takes North Koreas threats against the US serious is anybody’s guess and would be hilarity if not for the fact that it’s so dangerous given those that border the country.


And your hero referred to ISIS as that JV team and created this mess and every barking dog began to act in a threating matter because they knew Obama was one of THEM !!!


I’ve stated here repeatedly that Obamas foreign policy (although consistent with static USFP generally) was absolutely horrible, and took a problem created in the ME by Bush and made it magnitudes worse. He’s no hero.


It was Obama’s actions that created ISIS !


Wrong, the Islamic State formed in Iraq in October of 2006, Bush’s Iraq. However, it was Obamas actions of continued destabilization by further regime change that created the power vacuums that allowed the Islamic State to spread from Iraq to neighboring countries.

Islamic State of Iraq traces its origins to Jama’at al-Tawhid wal-Jihad, which was formed by the Jordanian national Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Jordan in 1999. Al-Zarqawi led the group, under numerous name changes, until his death in June 2006. Jama’at participated in the Iraqi insurgency (2003–11) following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Western forces, and on 17 October 2004 al-Zarqawi had pledged allegiance to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda network; and the group became known as Tanzim Qaidat al-Jihad fi Bilad al-Rafidayn (commonly known as al-Qaeda in Iraq).[4][5][6][7] In January 2006, Tanzim and five other Iraqi insurgent groups formed the Mujahideen Shura Council, which on 15 October 2006 merged to form Islamic State of Iraq.[8] At their height in 2006–2008, ISI had military units or strongholds in Mosul and in the governorates of Baghdad, Al Anbar and Diyala, and they claimed Baqubah as their capital. The new group continued to be commonly referred to as al-Qaeda in Iraq.


You know the wonderful thing about a firearm?.. it is a wonderful equalizer against a much bigger individual. Kim now owns a firearm. His long stated goal is the reunification of the Korean peninsula… (under the control of the current government of the DPRK). Now… if you want the US out of every-other body’s business, then they must as a defensive measure, particularly when faced directly with Communist China, Communist NKorea and yes… Communist Russia, be able to be more adequately capable of defending themselves…

Of course your mission and dream in life is that the UN take charge and disarm everyone so that we all live happily ever after… or else.


LOL, the UN cannot agree on the time of day.


Obama created a vacuum AGAINST the advise of the generals fighting in those areas we LOST all momentum and that encouraged the terrorist to flood the areas vacated by our troops .


USFP, Obama = BAD. I think I’ve made that clear. What appears to be over your head because of the alluring pull of partisanship, team member, us verses them and all that rah rah bs, is that both parties have been horrible in FP, but USFP is static and transcends administrations. You probably don’t remember, or would be loathe to admit it but republicans were all on board for regime changing Libya, and Syria and are only pissed at Obama because he failed with the latter. Try as he did. The destabilization of the Middle East and the regime change of half a dozen countries there is long term USFP ambitions, going back decades now. And there’s multiple reasons for this.


Bush , Bush , Bush, Regan , Regan , Regan glad your NOT partisan like us …:laughing::laughing::laughing:


Bush, Bush, Bush, Regan (sic) Regan, Regan, Obama, Obama, Obama, Clinton, Clinton, Clinton. It doesn’t matter. The cesspool must be drained of the two parties that are destroying America.


You mean the republicans who can’t seem to get rid of Obamacare… or fund the wall or roll back the open border achievements of the last 3 presidents… Which republicans are you talking about, the Trotsky inspired neocon movement.
I think that if you look back in our history since 1900 you will find that democrats have been at the foreign policy wheel… republican (if you can call them that) involvement in the evolution of the Monroe Doctrine has been been pretty much johnny come lately to the world of strategic intervention…


Truly a case of selective memory.


Why don’t you add to that Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and while you are at it, throw in LBJ…


We lost all momentum the day that George Bush expanded the so called War on terror to include Iraq which had exactly zero participation in the Saudi financed and manned attacks on 9/11.