Unhinged US Liberal Attacks Trump Supporter at Bar in Denmark – Facing Charges


An unhinged American liberal recently attacked a Trump supporter at a bar in Denmark.

The woman wanted to sit at the man’s table. The Danish man was wearing a MAGA hat. So this outraged American leftist became visibly angry and started calling the man a racist.

Fortunately, the man’s friend recorded the entire episode and after her litany of f-bombs they are pressing charges against the loon for politically motivated assault.


Good, she should get arrested. There is a BIG difference between free speech and assault. She laid hands on someone because she didn’t like their self-expression. Our friends in law enforcement could learn a thing or two from watching that video and reading about the consequences this lunatic is now facing. She was probably used to getting away with physically attacking Trump supporters here in the US. Apparently, politically motivated physical assault isn’t tolerated elsewhere.


They must be particularly agitated after Trump dissed all things socialist yesterday… groan.




Hey - at least she did not beat him…



She is a carbon copy of that SJW who berated the Uber drive about the Hawaiian girl bobble on his dashboard. Insufferable screeching hyenas of the University-Industrial Indoctrination Complex


She’s a denier of child gang rape, supports ethnic cleansing, and no doubt voted for a presidential candidate who wanted to prop up Islamists against Assad in Syria and generate all those refugees she claims to care about, yet she thinks those who disagree with her are “horrible human beings.”


At the end of the video I think she did shove him. Not a beating, but she had no right.


I’ve spent a lot of time working and traveling around the world… Americans were always brash and loud and self righteous… I got to watch it first hand although I tried my best to stay away from where tourists normally hung out. She is an example of American self importance and rudeness than actually sets the tone of how people around the world see Americans… Kind of a reflection of liberal self importance all the way around…


She has that typical face. Ever notice that? They are usually mouthbreathers and their mouths consistently have that fish mouth shape. Every single time.




Fishmouth is known as mobius mouth and it is found in people with autism and in those with general brain damage of the frontal lobes. These liberals are becoming literally retarded from all of the propaganda they consume. It’s like MKULTRA on steroids.