Unions upset over vouchers, tax credits for private schools


Vouchers, tax credits and private, for-profit charter schools, she alleges**, ”hide a dangerous ideological agenda”** Weingarten says, many private schools can — and do — discriminate against students because they’re exempt from federal civil rights laws. Sounds like the liberal dems playbook !
And yet no mention of Agenda 21 where more suitable ideologies like Islam and Sharia law being taught in place of the Constitution, UN values through Agenda 21 agreements are taught in place of the Declaration of Independence, Planned Parenthood and the gay agenda are being substituted for traditional Judeo Christian values and parental responsibility, socialism is preached as a cure for economic ills in lieu of free market capitalism. ?

Parents should send their child to a school with the highest performing options , evaluating school quality, accountability, curriculum, and teacher training in decide on the best school for your child, private schools tend to have superior academic programs and much smaller classes , and those schools performing poorly will be forced to either improve or risk losing students and the funding tied to those students


Big difference though… Segregation was the law of the land … vouchers are, funny enough, freedom of choice … and freedom of choice and freedom of association scare the hell out of the statist who would forever control the narrative…


Aren’t most college campuses asking for safe spaces from the big bad whitey these days ?


I do find this quite humorous… although it is natural. It is as natural today as it was when do-gooder liberals passed Article II and VII of the 1964 civil rights act, vurtually killing freedom of association…


We know it’s all about CONTROL .


As a retired teacher, I understand part of the Unionista’s argument. When all of the parents who care about their children have left a failing school, all that will be left are the utterly useless bags of trash marking time when not vandalizing, until drop out day. That would be hell in the classroom, especially during liberal controlled times when you couldn’t do much to maintain order because it would be ‘ist’ to do so.

The other benefit of a union is when you have administrators who push their political, or other non academic agenda and would otherwise remove any teachers who did not sing the ‘Battle Song of the Proletariat’ with sufficient vigor.

Oh, one more thing, the market, and our society- places little value on the education of coming generations. The idea that teachers will simply hold out for better offers like programmers/coders, is a fantasy.

Our country spends more on professional sports than on education, more on make up related products than on education, more on, well, you get the picture…


This unfortunately is the legacy of almost all quarters of our society that pander to the weakest link. Now the weakest students are the anchor by which we judge our educational system. As far as the market goes… it cares about putting out a product that people want. It will care about the future of a student in direct proportion to the people who buy their services… again, we have created a society that leaves that to government rather than placing the actual responsibility for parenting squarely where it should be.

You are correct that to take funding away from some schools and neighborhoods would create a rather sever problem… that problem, in my opinion was created by unions and statists working to hold up the public school model to the detriment of all others. And of course teachers unions have clearly shown that their interest is in protecting the teachers and not fulfilling the longterm needs of the student which is why they so vigorously object to homeschooling…innovative institutions that compete with the standard model and of course merit based pay.


The problem there is sports are funded by ticket sales and TV ads , while it’s the taxpayers that support our schools and teachers and we should be able to get the best for our dollars .And the amount we spent compared to other Countries is outrageous when you see most students can’t read or write today . The United States spends more than any other country on education, an average of $91,700 per student between the ages of six and fifteen. That’s not only more than other countries spend but it is also more than better achieving countries spend .


Very well said . And oh so true .