Unite the Right 2018 - Washington, DC


4 whites guys, 7 people of color and cnn calls it a white supremacist Movement haha

That’s called propaganda cnn


Another rally where white Democrats tried to lynch people of color practicing free speech.


When pundits come on Fox News and announce there will be civil war when Trump is impeached — just remember the massive turnout for today’s Unite The Right demonstration.

Those are the folks who’ll rise up against the Federal government.

All two dozen of ‘em!



The event was pretty much a complete failure in terms of turnout, but there were some serious double standards. Unite The Right had a proper permit but we’re not allowed to carry their flags on flagpoles…but thousands of counter-protesters (Antifa) all managed to keep their flagpoles. The police didn’t harass them.


I go to the gym in Boston, the biggest guys at the gym are white businessmen republicans , and if a civil war ever broke out you fags would be run off this land in minutes lol


Let’s be honest if cameras that take video weren’t so Mobil the Democrats would be screaming for a medic.

We only tolerate them because women are allowed to vote and they would feel bad for these nazis


No double standards, the police clearly don’t like racist white supremists, shrug…


You just validated the double standard if you hadn’t noticed.


Nope, one standard, no racist white supremists…


Lol they were black and Spanish, you have zero credibility


Do you like black supremacy?


I love facts … :slight_smile:


Good thing there weren’t any at this rally. This was a rally for actors and state sponsored shills designed to make those who actually support the rights, survival, and advancement of Europeans (whites) look bad. We are on to them and we aren’t going to allow ourselves to get doxxed. Let the actors have their day. We don’t care.


Maybe now this means that Kessler will vanish or return to being a far left activist.


Antifa SUCKS…


Just like bull run we win



I am a white nationalist. I can say that happily because I can also say that the term has been twisted and perverted.

First of all, I am white. No big deal, just sayin.
Second, I am a Nationalist, by which I mean I put America First above all other nations , peoples and their needs. I would stomp on another country’s neck if it boosted American power and quality of life. Its just another way of saying that I am an Ultra-Patriot.

Sadly, the liars in the fake news media have fused those terms together, sort of like you did, to infer that nationalists are some sort of racists or supremacists. That is a big fat lie.


And a good Christian too…


Last year there were hundreds of Nazis and white supremacists openly marching. Now they don’t feel safe, resulting in only a handful showing up. Seems like Antifa tactics are working.

Because being an antifacist and antiracist is a basic American and human quality…