United Kingdom Desperate to Attack Russia



The UK is trying to find any reason to attack Russia. What the UK needs to realize is that Russia won’t cuck under any circumstances. This whole thing also reads like a false flag. There is nothing saying that MI6 wasn’t behind the takedown of these Russians on UK soil…including the latest guy. I bet more Russians continue dropping dead until May is “forced” to declare war like a moron. If they keep this up the UK will be a smoldering nuclear waste pile. Or, will be completely obliterated by Russian forces. Britcuck soyboys in the Queen’s Army and Navy won’t stand a chance.


The UK government is unhinged if it thinks it can claim moral authority and weaponize this incident for international politics.

They have such a weak hand right now. Who are their allies anyway? Not on paper…but in reality.


WOW!! The world is certainly upside down when the right is attacking and accusing American allies in deference to the communists that they claim to hate so in any other circumstances. Had China helped the fat ass TIC become president, they’d be the new fringe rights BFF. Anything to protect that pos psycho in the White House. :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Well we can thank all the fat ass supporters of the left/progressives for Trumps election.


There are no moral governments on earth, where’d you get such a notion?




Smells cia/mi6/mossady.


Another Russian exile living in London was found dead late Monday night, just a little more than a week since a former Kremlin spy and his daughter were poisoned.

Andrei Borovkov told Russian media outlets on Tuesday that his client, Nikolai Glushkov, was found dead inside his south London home and that he was unaware of the time and circumstances.

British media said Glushokov, 68, a businessman, had associated with a prominent critic of the Kremlin, late oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who died in London in 2013.

Berezovsky was found hanged at his home and an inquest failed to determine whether he had killed himself or died from foul play.

Glushokov reportedly told The Guardian he would “never believe” his friend took his own life.

Without confirming the man’s name, London’s Metropolitan police said the counterterrorism command unit was leading the investigation into the death “as a precaution because of associations that the man in believed to have had.”

Glushokov is at the top of a list of “fugitives from justice” published by the Russian embassy.

This simple ‘businessman,’ Glushokov, stole $123 million from Aeroflot. Berezovsky was a mobster oligarch.


This whole situation stinks.

Everything at the moment is Russia Russia Russia.

We’ve been told over and over that they meddled in the US elections. Then they decided to ‘look into’ Russian interference with Brexit. Then the multiple elections across Europe. Russia meddling in Syria “supporting Assad the murderous dictator”. Now we have this “military grade Russian nerve agent” used on British soil to kill and ex spy. Now some other guy has turned up dead.

They’ve done a job of getting ‘Russia are the bad guys’ into the heads of the masses. Next step is these chemical weapons, which by they way, is a term they have been using specifically, and most likely because it’s a key phrase like when it was used for invading Iraq. It wouldn’t surprise me if they started linking Assad and Syria into this particular equation seeing as they’ve done the chemical weapon thing over there a few times.

It’s quite clear that this is a huge smear campaign against Russia. Not only are they painting them as the enemy and dropping the ‘chemical weapons’ narrative, they’re also going after them financially.

One thing I will not be surprised about is if there were to be some kind of false flag at the World Cup later this year. It’s almost being set up perfectly.

  • Russia hacking the US elections.
  • Russia linked with Brexit.
  • Russia interfering with elections in Europe.
  • Russia backing Assad in Syria.
  • Spy poisoned on British soil.
  • Russia used ‘military grade nerve agent’ on British soil.
  • Russian turns up dead in London.
  • Britain going after Russian money in London.
  • Britain going after RT to get it taken off air.
  • Talks of boycotting the World Cup.

It’s almost like they’re going after Russia financially to threaten them. And they’re building up the narrative at the same time to go after them forcefully if needed. Both, I think, are to get Russia out of Syria. They either threaten them financially and get them to pull out, or they step up pressure and get them to pull their forces out in the event of needing them back in Russia. And it all makes sense because Britain is part of the wider globalist effort on the opposite side of the war in Syria.


It’s almost like there’s something going on that we’re not supposed to think about.


Unbelievable that the US as well as other alleged democracies would interfere in Syria after the disastrous results of the US ending the rule of the dictators in Iraq and Libya. Both ruled harshly yet they were stable compared to both ruined nations controlled by radicals.


Lol, comical watching the alt right suddenly so pro Russian after decades of hatred of them. You guys would now sooner blame the US, the British and the Israelis in an attempt to shield the TIC (I guess forgetting that he’s in charge of the CIA now) And what if the White House takes the position that Russia is responsible for the attacks.


Today the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats!!!


Who cares!!! It’s all a hoax!


How’d you come to be pro Russian and anti American? Oh never mind, it’s about the TIC and rhetorical.


Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. There’s no way of knowing for sure one way or the other. But the United States is 100% supportive of the UK. The UK called a UN meeting and Nikki Haley pointed the finger and Russia and said that we back the UK - no matter what.


War is coming. The UK expelled all Russian diplomats and called an emergency UN meeting to get the blessing to attack Russia. The historically astute will recall that the UK started WWII with exactly the same kind of ridiculous ultimatum May has issued to Russia.

We should be ready to be the only anti-war voices if this escalates. The so-called left (Antifa, BLM, DNC etc.) have been beating the war drums against Russia for quite some time now.


What a fucking lie that is. Quote any lawmaker on the left that has been urging war with Russia?? You guys have no problem with war however if the fat ass TIC suggests it. You’ve been drooling at the mouth to get after North Korea and Iran.

So you’re suggesting that the UK is asking the United Nations Security Council for a resolution for the use of force against Russia, knowing full well that it requires a unanimous vote and that Russia sets on the UNSC, lol?


British peasants are getting little bit angry about Pakis raping hundreds of thousands of British girls…so globalists and royal family swine launch this “muh evil dangerous Russian enemy” operation to distract and scare peasants into submission again.