Unloaded Merck


Merck’s Frazier quits Trump council in wake of white supremacist march; president tweets complaint.



Notice how quickly the left has become the defenders of large drug companies. All Trump has to do is tweet :rofl:


This just proves that now all politics is identity politics. The left wants to play this game but the right just isn’t allowed. It’s bullshit.


Having personally been ripped off by said drug prices buying antibiotics two days ago, I applaud our POTUS’ comment.


Frazier outed himself as a supporter of leftist domestic terrorist groups. He is part of the problem and doesn’t belong on any presidential council.


I’ve owned a substantial quantity of Merck for a couple decades. I believe in medical science bettering our lives. What I don’t believe in is corporate CEO’s making snap political calls based on skin color.

There are hundreds of other investment opportunities available.


I don’t know much about investing but I hope that other investors do the same.


It’s time for President Trump to put Merck and other drug companies under a very watchful eye !!


Ask yourself, do we really need a President’s manufacturing council after all?