UPDATED: More misleading information from Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety



This of course along with the NYTimes thread are where the vast majority of people get their news. The unfortunate thing is that while much of it its fact based, their is just enough misrepresentation of the facts to change the entire color of the argument and while not entirely untrue, its effects could and should be considered fake news. A large readership either get their information from these major outlets or from on-line blogs like Huffpo and Slate that transcribe this misinformation into their own articles…

Not to change the subject but here is an example that many people see. Google, depending on where you look vacuums up anywhere from 65 to 95 % of the search traffic. That is a huge amount of the search population seeking information and being presented with a list supposedly by their importance to the search subject entered…

I tried it myself and you can too…

DuckDuckGo on the other hand provides you with no visual suggestions and just links but non of them flash Planned Parenthood as being ‘Pro-Life’

The left get their information from these places… unfortunately they believe everything they read…


We need a new internet. The one we have is broken and I don’t think it can be fixed.


Every report in their study contained errors but that won’t stop anyone and everyone on the left from pointing and screeching…I told you so!


I switched to DuckDuckGo some time back and like it much better overall.