US Coast Guard member 'removed' after making 'offensive' OK sign on live TV


People have absolutely lost their fucking minds. Not everything is racist and there needs to be a line in the sand. People need to stop overreacting and firing people over this stupid shit.

Or, we need to pic a symbol the left uses and make that fucking racist and then demand that these purple hair landwhales get fired from their jobs.

Guy in background seated at desk in this pic, right hand.


I agree, out of control…


Look at this weak response from the USCG. They should be ashamed of themselves.


Can you imagine the consequences of white supremacists tasked with disaster relief? Lives are on the line. This is why we kneel.


Democrats have held on to positions in our government for decades, get them out


This response of yours is just a bit over-the-top don’t you think? Even the ADL has stated that the OK hand gesture isn’t racist. It’s just to troll people and get this kind of reaction. Calm down. :ok_hand:


Of course that would be a disaster. But because the “OK” symbol has long meant everything’s ok, I don’t support the knee jerk reaction in this case. Certainly if there’s information on this person like he’s found to be a member of a WN group or has posted racial commentary on social media, get him out of there. Surely you’ve seen enough of my posts to know how I feel about racism.


I’m sure he isn’t the only one. Also sure they knew about his views and never did anything about it until it embarrassed them.


All racial oppression ONLY comes from towns run by Democrats, unless he’s a democrat I wouldn’t worry about it


Another one of those odd hand gestures that are “meaningless?” No, it is exactly what you think it is; white power.


Can you Bozo Libtards agree that he might have just been squeezing a pimple next to his ear?


That symbol has been accused of being a symbol for “white power” following a 4chan hoax operation to trick news media outlets into reporting that it is a symbol of white supremacy. Well it worked because you fools along with the rest of the media fell for the hoax.


The gesture, if it is one, is at best ambiguous. In the absence of some other information, assuming that he intended to make a white power gesture is ridiculous.


I can remember a couple of pictures of Obama with his had next to his cheek giving us the middle finger, never heard anyone say anything about that.




Give me a fucking break. These people who keep calling that a white power symbol are fucking morons.


While most military branches are filled with cool guys, the leadership (any general) are all globalists. To become a general you have to sell your soul to the powers that be. The commander of the Air Force is a literal SJW jew. That guy controls our most powerful weapons and he’s bought and sold for. Trump needs to purge leadership.


Wrong, plenty has been said about that right here on this forum and I’ve seen that picture posted here 20 times if once…




Well that’s just stupid. Even if he meant it as a signal to white supremacists, there’s no way to prove it; so, letting him go over it (unless upon investigation he admitted to flashing a white supremacist sign) is an overreaction which is, sadly, all too common these days