US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead


The Iran-Palestine Peace Circus: Two Non-Deal-Deals in Likud Clown World

Deals! They come in three forms: Good deals, bad deals, and forced deals; the first two depend on whether you correctly assess your risks, but they’re agreed upon by both parties; the last depends on whether you’re being conquered or not. If you’re being conquered your only real choice is to fight, rather than accept a deal probably not offered in good faith to begin with. If you trust the word of a person who knows they have the ability to force you into an unfavorable compromise, they’ll probably, eventually, take to themselves even that which you have been offered.

This was the sentiment held by my best friend when growing up; a young Palestinian named Peter with a few Lebanese roots, exiled in an Australian capital city with his Christian family, separated from other family members exiled in Lebanon. They were some of the most welcoming, truly conservative people I have ever met, the strength of their family bond being an amazement to behold. Perhaps a strong family bond is easier when your birthright is stolen by a new nation which ejects you from the land of your nativity, finally your family being forced to settle halfway across the planet in a foreign country. Tough times make tough people.

Palestinians, as Christians, had been thriving in Palestine for almost two thousand years until 1947 when the government of Great Britain created a power vacuum, announcing it would remove its mandatory administration. In swept tens of thousands claiming a birthright lost to them in 70AD; though from a Christian perspective this birthright was rejected on Passover 33AD during a Messianic Regicide. Perhaps this is why the Palestinian Christians were the recipients of especially egregious disdain. Today, less than 30% of these Palestinian Christians worldwide still reside in their homeland.

US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead

Christian Zionism: Likud Christmas gift that keeps on giving

As a result of this exodus, Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ which was 86% Christian in 1950, was by 2012 only 12% Christian; the rest of the town being Muslim. This de-Christianization of the birthplace of Christ is a direct result of the formation of Israel in 1948 – not the result of Muslims driving out Christians – though if you were to ask a Christian Zionist living in America what they thought of the situation, you’d think modern Palestinians were worshipping Molech, sacrificing babies on altars, Joshua having returned in a secular reappearance.

Pope Francis visited Israel/Palestine back in 2014 during the 50th anniversary of the first Papal visit to Jerusalem (1964 Pope Paul VI visit). During this 2014 visit Haaretz reported an inconvenient truth which might come as a surprise to some western Christians, but not Christian Zionists as it will go through one ear and out the other: The Palestinian Authority is far more accommodating towards Palestinian Christians than the administration in Israel;

... the PA’s record is far better than Israel’s. The president's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, is a Christian. So are two cabinet members, for Finance and Tourism, and two members of the PLO's executive committee. The deputy speaker of the Palestinian National Council, Qonstantin Qurmush, is a priest. Christians abound on boards of banks and chambers of commerce, and head its largest company, CCC.

By contrast, in its 66 years, Israel has had no Christian presidential spokesman, government minister, or bank chairman. Where Palestine has eight Christians in its parliament, Israel has two. Where Palestine has at least five ambassadors, including to London and Berlin, Israel has none. … Israel’s prime minister [Netanyahu] ... in his first term in the late 1990s aroused Christian ire by backing construction of a mosque next to Nazareth’s Basilica of Annunciation, while his Palestinian counterpart, Yasser Arafat opposed it. [!!]

... Israel does give its Christians native citizenship, but when its leaders endlessly trumpet their status as a Jewish state, many feel they have second class status. They are not spared strip-searches at Israel’s airports. Exacerbating Christian anxieties, hate-graffiti – such as "Mary is a prostitute" – is daubed on church doors, and increasingly rife. Priests in Jerusalem say spitting on their habits has become well - a habit.

Despite this reality, adherents of the relatively new phenomenon known as Christian Zionism - with their ironic blindness to the implications of Messianic Regicide as applies to the land deed of Mosaic covenant - cheer on the consummation of the remaining land by an ethnic in-group so detached from the Old or New Testaments, it leaves a person actually familiar with that sacred text scratching their head in bewilderment.

This travesty bears heavy irony: Christians thus cheer the historical displacement of fellow Christians by a nation which despises the person of Christ, most of whom, as secular, regard not even the person of Moses; two men respected by almost all Muslims as two of six sacred prophets. Of course, secular leaders like Netanyahu will never miss an opportunity to wheel out the proverbial corpse of Moses endowed with everlasting political capital, citing the land deed promised by (to?) this titan of history as part of a conditional covenant.

It might sound like a generalization, but let’s face it: Christian Zionists actually believe themselves to epitomize the purity of right-wing conservative doctrine in the United States. They consider fellow Christians who hold a position of empathy towards Palestinians to be either ‘liberals’ or anathema to true Christianity. Accordingly, denouncing the false image of largely secular lebensraumist Zionism is a heresy too upsetting to Cyrus Scofield’s ghost. As a result, most Christians who don’t overtly agree with Scofield’s gibberish simply hold their silence. The Christian Zionist cannot but judge, though they should remember, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”

Well, I’m sorry to be the messenger carrying the uncomfortable flame of truth, but holding your silence is just as bad. It’s time to speak up; something early Church fathers were also persecuted for. It is our duty. It is what qualifies our Christianity. Never shrink from controversy because Jesus Christ died for this very same reason; testifying against this same ethnic group the Palestinians are now also confronted with, I might add. All Christians need to realize that ethnic Palestinians worldwide are over three times as likely per capita to accept the blessing of Jesus Christ than Jews; they also have a much higher conversion rate.

From the same Haaretz article quoted above :

The Knesset bans Christmas trees which sprout all over Palestine from public display on its premises.

The above should be read in context of the National Menorah being erected annually next to the National Christmas Tree directly south of the White House, which if not attended by US officials yearly to celebrate Hanukkah would be shouted from the rooftops as a sign of disrespect, anti-Semitism, probably even garnering hyperbolic insinuations that gas chambers were nigh. Oh, how accommodating we are in the west, regardless of the treatment of Christians by that nation claiming the name of Israel in the east. The Smithsonian magazine gives a little history of how the National Menorah was lawyered into the national capital highlighting the coincidental relevance of Iran ever since its inception in 1979 :

Every year, the White House has two holiday symbols on the Ellipse: the White House Christmas tree and the National Menorah.

The tradition of the National Menorah dates back to 1979, and to an Orthodox Jewish leader in Washington named Abraham Shemtov, who thought the nation’s capital needed a menorah as well as a Christmas tree.

Then, the secretary of the interior initially denied him a permit to put a menorah on government property, on the grounds that it would violate the First Amendment … Shemtov … “called his friend Stu Eizenstat, an adviser to President Jimmy Carter. Eizenstat gave the secretary a choice: Either approve the permit or deny the National Christmas Tree’s permit too. If he disobeyed, Eizenstat would take the matter straight to Carter, who would side with Eizenstat—a major embarrassment for the secretary.”

Shemtov got the permit, and a tradition was born. That year, President Jimmy Carter participated in the lighting of the menorah, mentioning the Iran hostage crisis in his speech.

US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead

70 Years: Reversing the symbolism of Cyrus the Great

Cyrus Scofield wasn’t just the author of the most influential pro-Zionist commentary on the Bible, but his parents happened to name him after a man of completely opposite purpose; liberator of those who deserve covenant clemency. Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire of Persia is commemorated in Judaism and Christianity, for freeing the People of the Covenant in 539BC from a 70 year captivity in Babylon; the number 70 being of further importance in Christianity as Jerusalem was obliterated by Rome in the 70th year (70AD) since the birth of Christ. Cyrus also lived to 70 years of age and Trump was 70 years old when elected. Haaretz reported the religious buzz in December 2017 :

Christians and Jews Now Compare Trump to Persian King Cyrus – Will He Build the Third Temple?

Like Cyrus 2,500 years ago, Trump is seen as an instrument of God. And the plan: to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount – where the Al-Aqsa Mosque currently stands

Currently, in 2018, during the 70th anniversary of the 1948 Israeli Declaration of Independence, the opportunity to invoke this important number and its relation to Cyrus the Great has not been missed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; leader of the Likud coalition in the Knesset. US President Donald Trump has been happy to indulge Netanyahu’s semiotic fancies for this anniversary by declaring Jerusalem to be the official capital city of Israel – a ‘holy’ grail endorsement justifying the 1967 border violations by Israel.

On March 1st – Purim (!) – Netanyahu made a speech at the United Nations HQ in NYC where he, characteristically, held up a Persian rug made in Iran in what the Jerusalem Post called a ‘Purim Parody’. He declared the rug a weapon of subversive warfare and a vector for money laundering by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Four days later, on March 5th, he met Trump and wife Melania in the White House for a presser ;

It’s always a pleasure to see you, both but this is the first time we meet in Washington – America’s capital – after you declared, Mr. President, Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. And this was a historic proclamation followed by your bold decision to move the embassy by our upcoming National Independence Day.

I want to tell you that the Jewish people have a long memory. So we remember the proclamation of the great King Cyrus the Great — Persian King. Twenty-five hundred years ago, he proclaimed that the Jewish exiles in Babylon can come back and rebuild our temple in Jerusalem. We remember, 100 years ago, Lord Balfour, who issued the Balfour Proclamation that recognized the rights of the Jewish people in our ancestral homeland.

We remember seven[ty] years ago, President Harry S. Truman was the first leader to recognize the Jewish state. And we remember how a few weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Mr. President, this will be remembered by our people throughout the ages. And as you just said, others talked about it. You did it. So I want to thank you on behalf of the people of Israel. And I also want to — I look forward to our discussions on both challenges and opportunities.

If I had to say what is our greatest challenge in the Middle East to both our countries, to our Arab neighbors, it’s encapsulated in one word: Iran. Iran has not given up its nuclear ambitions. It came out of this nuclear deal emboldened, enriched. It’s practicing aggression everywhere, including on our own borders. And I think we have to stop this country — the chants, “Death to Israel,” “Death to America.” Iran must be stopped. That is our common challenge.

Thus, Palestinian Christian and Muslim captivity by Israel, is portrayed as a period of Israeli captivity, Trump is likened to Cyrus the Great, the rebuilt Temple is invoked (!), and the actual Persians are portrayed as if they are Babylonians who need to be thrown off by the might of King Trump at the 70 year mark. Reversals! This is Likud Clown World!

Trump’s actions to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem during this 70th year, in spite of Palestinian protestations, is not exactly the sort of conciliatory stance a person makes when apparently just about to offer the Palestinians a deal for statehood – in good faith we are told. This deal which will be publicly tabled by the end of May 2018 is not a good deal. It’s not even a bad deal. It’s the third option; the forced deal. This is conquest in continuation. There is no good faith here towards the Palestinians.

A cadre of four comprising of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and wife, together with Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump, are to open the US Embassy on the 70th anniversary; May 14th. I have a hunch that Kushner is Donald Trump’s chosen peace ambassador to present the deal shortly thereafter. Jared, the geopolitically inexperienced heir of a billionaire Orthodox Jewish New Jersey felon’s real-estate empire headquartered at the Kushner Companies building at 666 Fifth Avenue – who married the non-Jewish daughter of the first billionaire POTUS, shunning Rabbinical marriage custom – will perhaps be ‘offering’ a ‘peace deal’ in Jerusalem to the Palestinians and Israelis (which the Likud totally engineered). Could this get any more clown world?

Early reports are suggesting that this deal is for the Gaza Strip and half of the current West Bank excluding the Jordan Valley; including four peripheral and rather marginal neighborhoods in East Jerusalem as a capital. If true, this new West Bank would be a concentration camp for 3.3 million Palestinians forever placing Israel in charge of Palestinian water supplies, their contact with fellow Arabs in Jordan being cut off. Israel would have a complete choke-hold over this mini-state. If the Palestinians accept or are forced to accept this deal, the new nation could expect to be sanctioned and/or continue to be assaulted by a hostile Israel perpetually citing ‘self defense’; just like Syria and Lebanon, sovereignty would mean nothing.

US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead

If one checks the rising war barometer since the Iraq War – especially lately – one gets the impression this symbolic 70th year was singled out so that tensions around Iran and Palestine would climax simultaneously :

  1. Sunni Saddam overthrown. Democracy brought to majority Shiite Iraq.
  2. Shiites inevitably become the dominant force in Iraqi politics.
  3. Shiite ascendancy allows a greater rift to open up between Baghdad and Erbil, fueling the Sunni Kurdish independence movement while Israel digs into the KRG oil and gas industry (previous article) readying it for integration into Israeli water and energy security agendas.
  4. Shiite Iran becomes major power broker in Baghdad and Shiite Southern Iraq.
  5. Sunni ISIS/Syrian Rebel/Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra NATO-Saudi proxies break out like a virus in order to clear the required pipeline corridors and justify balkanization of Syria (previous article).
  6. Iranian proxy Hezbollah drawn deeper into Lebanon, Syria, Iraq.
  7. Hezbollah strengthened immensely in the Shiite public imagination for preventing the fall of Assad. This is great news for the Likud.
  8. Israel now can claim Hezbollah/Iran have encircled them so that annexation of more Syrian and perhaps Lebanese territory can be claimed as ‘self-defense’ against Iran (actually happening as I type, as I predicted a week ago). This is simply more land theft or theft by proxy. As explained in a previous article, this is to assist Israel and the Saudis to carve out two pipeline corridors, 1) to bring oil and gas from a newly balkanized north-east Syrian puppet state and the KRG in northern Iraq, into Haifa via the Golan Heights, including water from the Euphrates, and 2) to tap the Gazprom Killer in Qatar, linking it with the EU, preventing Iran from tapping this same shared super-field and gaining access to either the EU or Chinese energy markets.
  9. Iran non-deal-deal (explained below) for a nuclear program offered then revoked by successive administrations as if this wasn’t planned all along to provoke predictable reactions in Tehran; for example, the burning of the US flag in their parliament by government officials. Netanyahu, Likud & Co., sit back in glee at this wonderful public relations gift for the Zionist cause. Mission accomplished. Chaos can now resume as desired.
  10. Jerusalem declared the official capital of Israel by the US President and the official location of a newly relocated US Embassy to be opened on May 14th, 2018; the Roman calendar date of the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.
  11. Palestine offered a “deal of the century” on statehood by President Trump, almost instantly endorsed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman – even though it isn’t public yet – who then threatened Mahmoud Abbas, telling him he has to accept the deal or resign (Isn’t it funny how this happens right after the recent major purge of royal rivals in Saudi Arabia?). It’s as if Salman were the inaugural recipient of the Zionist award for Wahhabist of the Year. I can imagine the award now; it would be a golden clown waiving the black flag of Jihad wearing a suicide vest of peace.
  12. The billionaire Jewish Zionist Sheldon Adelson – the largest political donor in the US and Trumps biggest donor, who openly supports illegal settlements in the West Bank – waits until Trump revokes the Iran nuclear deal including a fresh slew of sanctions on Iran, before donating $30 million to save the House GOP majority. You’ve got to be good boys and girls before you get your pocket money!

Dear reader: None of this is deliberately synchronized.

These are all ‘coincidences’ following foreign policy ‘mistakes’ in Iraq.

Nothing to see here . . . move along now!

Likud Clown World: Come to the big top, to see the show!

The ‘liberal’ Brookings Institution in Washington DC – which is one of many fronts for tabling Zionist geopolitical agendas and presenting them as productions in the best interests of the United States – released a 156-page report in 2009 entitled Which Path To Persia? (PDF).

US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead

This report is basically a handbook for regime change, such as those which have occurred or been attempted during the Arab Spring (which began two years after the report was released). As I mentioned in a previous article, JINSA and Netanyahu’s Likud coalition have a fixation on Iran which is the crux of this very influential report I would advise serious students of geopolitics to read in full. On page 39 (pg.52 in PDF), the report states the following regarding Sanctions :

For those who favor regime change or a military attack on Iran (either by the United States or Israel), there is a strong argument to be made for trying this option [sanctions] first. Inciting regime change in Iran would be greatly assisted by convincing the Iranian people that their government is so ideologically blinkered that it refuses to do what is best for the people and instead clings to a policy that could only bring ruin on the country. The ideal scenario in this case would be that the United States and the international community present a package of positive inducements so enticing that the Iranian citizenry would support the deal, only to have the regime reject it.

In a similar vein, any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context—both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer—one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians ‘brought it on themselves’ by refusing a very good deal.

Notice the inclusion of Israel side-by-side with the United States as dual antagonists attempting to convince every other world player of the need to take down Iran.

What actually happened when this planned Iranian nuclear deal was offered up by Obama in 2015? Rather than decline it, Iran accepted the terms. We can see in the report that the intent was for the deal to be rejected so the US and Israel could use the rejection to 1) prove to the world that the Iranian regime cared more about nuclear arms than peace, and 2) use the rejection to stir resentment internally in Iran, turning the Iranian people against the regime. This deal acceptance delayed Zionist plans to overthrow the regime using this initial approach, though in the section on Invasion, on page 65 (pg.78 in PDF), the report continues :

If the United States were to decide that to garner greater international support, galvanize U.S. domestic support, and/or provide a legal justification for an invasion, it would be best to wait for an Iranian provocation, then the time frame for an invasion might stretch out indefinitely. With only one real exception, since the 1978 revolution, the Islamic Republic has never willingly provoked an American military response, although it certainly has taken actions that could have done so if Washington had been looking for a fight.

Thus it is not impossible that Tehran might take some action that would justify an American invasion and it is certainly the case that if Washington sought such a provocation, it could take actions that might make it more likely that Tehran would do so (although being too obvious about this could nullify the provocation). However, since it would be up to Iran to make the provocative move, which Iran has been wary of doing most times in the past, the United States would never know for sure when it would get the requisite Iranian provocation. In fact, it might never come at all.

This report is entirely candid that the desired outcome for the US and Israel is a full scale invasion of Iran!

As I hinted earlier, the foreign policy ‘mistakes’ made after the Iraq War which have led to an Iranian influenced Shiite regime talking over in Baghdad, were completely deliberate. The breakout of NATO asymmetric warfare proxies known as ISIS & Co., in Iraq and Syria, were also deliberate (Wikileaks). Hezbollah which is virtually a direct militia arm of the Iranian regime has been drawn down into Syria and they’re even more entrenched in Lebanon as the recent election has proven. Now Israel and Hezbollah are exchanging fire between the Golan Heights and the Syrian ‘buffer zone’ which I predicted in a previous article.

The truth is, the Iran nuclear deal was always going to be revoked in the event that Iran did not decline the offer. This is because it is a non-deal-deal; it was simply a circus apparatus in the world-class Iran Palestine Peace Circus brought to you by Likud Clown World.

The forced deal in Palestine is also none other than a non-deal-deal, being synchronized with the collapse of the Iran non-deal-nuclear-deal during Israel’s 70th year. This is being done so that a Palestinian rejection or acceptance can be tied into a greater conflict where asymmetric warfare techniques (such as false-flag military or terror attacks) can be used to create the PR necessary to sell Israel as the victim and the United States as the savior; rather than both being seen as aggressors having planned this in advance. Thankfully far more people are waking up to the reality of this circus.

What do the true aggressor’s desire? As I explained in my last two Balkanizing Syria articles (here and here), they desire the final rewiring of mid-east geopolitics: Pipeline corridors; Israeli lebensraum annexations; balkanization; death; misery; flag draped coffins; not to forget massive military industrial complex profits and war debts for the bonds salesmen – Americans can pay the bills and provide the bodies, as usual. US neocons and Zionist JINSA aligned apparatchiks in Washington designed all of this. It is a masterpiece of Hegelian dialectic.

I’ll leave you with one final ominous statement from this Brookings report reminiscent of the chilling New Pearl Harbor comment in the 1997 PNAC Rebuilding America’s Defenses report. This excerpt comes from page 66 (pg.79 in PDF), mentioning a “Tehran-sponsored 9/11” :

Most European, Asian, and Middle Eastern publics are dead set against any American military action against Iran derived from the current differences between Iran and the international community—let alone Iran and the United States. Other than a Tehran-sponsored 9/11, it is hard to imagine what would change their minds. For many democracies and some fragile autocracies to which Washington would be looking for support, this public antipathy is likely to prove decisive. For instance, Saudi Arabia is positively apoplectic about the Iranians’ nuclear program, as well as about their mischief making in Lebanon, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories. Yet, so far, Riyadh has made clear that it will not support military operations of any kind against Iran. Certainly that could change, but it is hard to imagine what it would take.

NOTE: Public antipathy can only be manipulated using massive events like the September 11th, 2001, terror attacks in the US, which can be organized as false-flag operations if/when necessary.

I have a good idea exactly what and where such an event may occur, though I’ll save that for a future article. To be clear, I am not against Jews having a sovereign state of their own, but I question the wisdom of them having been given this particular land of all lands; including their M.O. towards their neighbors since their ascension. What is the statute of limitations on a particular land covenant granted by divine right in a largely secular state? 1900 years?

I urge the reader to take the time to read the Which Path To Persia? report. It’s quite obvious from the bold language and tone, the authors consider Iran to be a frustratingly peaceful nation actively attempting not to trigger a conflict, yet the authors are clearly attempting to work out schemes to implode Iran or to justify a military invasion – shades of Iraq WMD’s propaganda. These people are insane. People with psychological profiles like this, could either deliberately, or accidentally, trigger WWIII if public awareness of their intentions does not increase rapidly. It almost might be too late though, based on events taking place on the Syria-Israel border at this very moment.

I don’t know about you, but this Peace Circus is starting to insult my intelligence. Is Netanyahu Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s I.T., or am I just having a bad dream? At least a rogue intern got the best of this dangerous clown villain recently during a PowerPoint presentation :

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When the Trump Administration made the decision to relocate the embassy the same claims were made. Yet, we haven’t seen any acts of violence linked to the decision…even though “experts” on the left and the right claimed that we would. I don’t consider myself to be an Israel-first conservative but logistically if it makes more sense for the US to have our embassy in the capital of a country (which is typically where embassies are placed) then I support it. No one dictates where the US puts an embassy.


The title is more for SEO purposes, but the article is an analysis of why the Iran nuclear deal being revoked, and the Palestinian peace deal, seem to be synchronized around the 70th year of Israeli independence. The last half of the article is important, because it cites the Brookings Institution 2009 “Which Path To Persia?” paper which outright states the US and Israel have teamed up to work out a way to bait Iran into a war. They stated in that paper that they would use a nuclear deal.


At least he’s honest about something. Nice bait.


I’m not saying I want this country to get into yet another Middle East war. I don’t think anyone wants that. But I have absolutely no patience for a country that chants Death to America and burns the US flag with great regularity. Iran has given us more than enough reasons to destroy their regime…starting in 1979 and going to today.


Ask him what he’d do about the Iranian Aryans.


This will be one of the greatest days in the long and special partnership and friendship between the United State and Israel.


I’m not the editor, so I have no control over how articles are vectored for SEO. Obviously every news/op-ed outlet vectors their articles for SEO. The original title is at the beginning of the article : The Iran-Palestine Peace Circus: Two Non-Deal-Deals in Likud Clown World … thus the clowns in the header graphic.

If you ever post a non-fallacious comment relevant to the substance of any of my articles, or actually reply to any of my answers to your strawman attacks, I think I would die of shock.

Take the 4-Corners of core Islam, as I call them :

1) Iran was secularizing until the mid-1970’s CIA operation to overthrow (I’m not talking about Operation Ajax here) a Shah who was too nationalistic for the tastes of Langley ‘went sour’, allowing the religious zealots awaiting the Madhi to seize power. This was very good for Israel. Same thing in Afghanistan with the Taliban and the birth of AL-Qaeda, the arms dealer of choice being Israel (Zvi Rafiah, Mossad station chief, and private arms dealer).

2) Saudi Arabia was granted the chosen status by the UK and US, the former arming and supporting them, as Wahhabists, to manage the spiritual home of Islam, driving out the moderate Hashemites. The US then needed cheap production crude with vast facilities to glut the world market in order to use Saudi’s to control OPEC, thus they have armed and supported the most vicious of all Islamist sects in order to maintain the petrodollar system (neoliberal linchpin; also the reason the US is so bankrupt).

3) Egypt during the Arab Spring, was infected with the Muslim Brotherhood, a religious regime mixed with Communist ideologies rising which was de-secularizing Egyptian culture, placing the Coptic Christians in a dire situation. This religious regime was supported by the Obama Administration, and Qatar. The military threw it off and has been wooing Russia for support, for obvious reasons.

4) Turkey throws off the NATO sponsored 2016 coup d’état attempt by Fethullah Gülen’s highly religious Hizmet Movement, which is critical of the secular nature of Turkish society setup by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This subversive movement has forced Erdogan to court religious segments of Turkish society to prevent them falling to the radicals supported by Langley.

Now, the secular Baathist Assad, protector of the Christians and minorities in Syria (protecting them from obliteration by the majority of Sunni wolves on a Saudi leash), is being targeted for destruction; just as the largely secular Gaddafi was teared down by NATO and his nation thrown to three extremist groups, one of which setup a central bank within one day of the overthrow. European petro-companies will clean up the spoils and get the rebuilding contracts after the dust settles, being given all valuable concessions from a bankrupt puppet government.

You say that it upsets you to see them chant “Death to America”, and to burn the US Flag. I understand your sentiment. It would piss me off too (I’m Australian). But, I always remind myself when emotions overpower my logic, that “nobody lives in a vacuum”, as a wise person once counseled me.

The USA needs to start asking itself some serious questions. Cui bono? Who benefits from the deliberate radicalization of the Muslim world?

Likud Clown World does.
Greater Israel does.
America does not … America goes bankrupt, sheds thousands of its servicemen on foreign battlefields, attracts the hatred of other nations – including European nations being pushed around and told who they can and can’t do business with – and for what? To line the pockets of the owners of Military Industrial Complex companies which are owned by large banks, the same banks who are the Primary Dealers at the Federal Reserve/Treasury, who get the fees and first dibs on US Treasury Securities market, a market that is only issuing new securities because of the budget deficit created by $875 billion (DoD Budget + OCO + Support) of ‘defense’ spending annually.

Introspection is important.


Muslims have been radicalized ever since the demented pedophile, Muhammad wrote his God forsaken Quran…roughly 1500 years ago.

Several Crusades have occurred over the centuries in defense of other religions. Killing a substantial number of radical Muslims gives them pause in their zealot drive to accomplish their goal of killing all that practice different religions.

Their so-called ‘religion’ is nothing more than a maniacal theocracy. Freedom of religion in the USA should not apply to them…unless they agree to re-write the Quran by removing all calls for the deaths of others. (There are many within it.)

What we really need is a mega-Crusade that kills them all.


You know, I usually don’t attribute intent to other people until they display their intent willingly, but I find a strange similarity between your own opinion here, and many ‘libertarians’/ChristianZionists/3%ers/, which is strange because they have a problem with my white identitarian ideology based on a perception that I am pro-genocide (which I am not, I’m simply pro-race realism and support segregation where necessary and where willing among people’s. I also support cosmopolitanism for other groups who are fine with this, though people who don’t agree should be allowed to form their own nation, just as the Jews have been allowed).

You clearly don’t see any nuance in the Muslim issue. One drop of Muhummad is enough to justify a genocide, so the foreign policy ‘mistakes’ (deliberate) I mentioned above for the 4-Corners of core Islam (Arabs, Arab-Egyptians, Turks, Persians) which deliberately radicalized them, you would see as a benevolent and necessary form of accelerationism?

If this is the case, you agree wildly with Likudniks and their neocon and neolib puppet supporters (shabbos goy).

I am not nor have I ever served in the military (not through personal choice), but after becoming aware of the bigger picture geopolitically, I have become a non-interventionist. So, I have one question for you, seeing that you’re advocating a Crusade: Are you currently, or are you going to sign up for the military so you can be at the fore of such a Crusade, or is that the job for someone else’s son or daughter who being straight out of school might not have such a deep understanding of geopolitical realities or the agendas of special interest groups?


This is a great day for both the U.S.and Israel. It takes one item off the table with the PLA. The Gaza protests do nothing for the Palestinians. They know what the first step is to achieve a Palestinian State and they refuse to take it. They think nothing of sacrificing women’s lives in these protests. :poop:


Happy Birthday HASBARA !!
Keep typing, thanks for the web traffic.
Tell your friends.

>Armageddon Now
>waves flags … wooooo


While I do not claim a political party, I am closer to libertarian than any other current group. I believe in small government, big and well equipped military, maximized personal freedoms and defense of the Constitution.

I am a Christian and I do support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, but my reasoning in that regard has nothing to do with fulfillment of biblical prophecy. It is solely based on the inherent right of any nation to exist and defend itself.

I am not a 3%er as I do not belong to a paramilitary organization. However, if you come at me with intent to take my firearms, I will shoot you. My guns will be up for grabs only after I am dead.

I too support voluntary separation of races. It is natural and pleases those groups of one race that want to be left alone. This is why I never attend a black church service unless invited and accompanied by the person that invited me. The same goes with patronizing a black bar.

Our views on Israel appear to be quite similar. However, your opinion that Israel is anti-cosmopolitan is not correct. Israel welcomes Palestinians and Muslims to coexist in peace. There are several within the Israelli house of government.

You clearly are not aware of my differentiation between radical and moderate Muslims. Either you have not read all of my posts on this site or you read something I did not write into what you have read of me.

My often used line on another political discussion site is:

Kill ALL radical Muslims…and their indoctrinated children!

I have a handful of Muslim friends and several more Muslim acquaintances. My Muslim friends agree with my hatred of radicalism and the ingrained intent to kill all infidels. Some of them have had family members killed by terrorists.

So don’t preach to me about not seeing any nuances among Muslims. Worship of Muhammad and his fucked up Quran is the biggest problem the world has right now.

Regarding your idiotic shabbos goy comment, I don’t work for the Jews. I merely support their efforts to exist in peace.

I am far too aged to join the US military. However, if we have an uncivil war with radical Muslims, I will gladly endeavor to kill as many as possible. War is ugly and causes unnecessary deaths on both sides. However, freedom is worth the casualties if the only alternative is slavery to a maniacal cult of radical Islam. All free women of the world should know this already. Sharia Law is not a good thing.


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Because people write articles to have people not click them. Don’t you know this?


Well then, it shall be a ‘small government’ invasion [crusade] of the Muslim lands where the westerners will be welcomed with open arms after you exterminate all the ‘radical’ Muslims in a genocide while all the moderates clap and don’t at all get dragged further towards the extreme seeing you as an enemy. This is what happened in Afghanistan and Iraq, after ‘democracy’ was attained. Pray heavenward for the blessings! Inshallah!

Does Palestine deserve to exist? How much land should they get? 10%? 20%? How much of the water resources in this parched land? How much of Jerusalem?

The nation of Israel has been slowly moving from Commie-Kibbutznik left-wing to extreme right-wing as the Hegelian dialectic of the Likudniks and their Lehi founding stock require. The plan is working swimmingly and there is an active policy moving towards segregation and probably exile of non-Jews in Israel. I too know Muslims and Palestinian Christians, so I know quite well. The quotes from Haaretz in the article are an example.

I wasn’t aware that anyone on this site was reading everyone else’s comments to ensure they fully understand everyone’s opinions. That’s kind of a demanding requirement isn’t it? You then say :

‘Moderate’ Muslims ‘worship’ (more of a respect I would say, though they worship the divine nature of his laws) Muhammad too. I’m just confused, because you initially said :

And then :

Not exactly what I would call an uber-specific comment about the ‘radicals’ as opposed to the ‘moderates’.

You misunderstood, it was not a direct attribution, but rather a general comment that your stated goals just happen to coincide in the end game. From what I have read of your positions, you aren’t in that radical Israel+US flag waiving category I find so perplexing.


I don’t think it’s a great day for anyone other than evangelicals and maybe some Isrselis. Evangelicals believe that restoring Jerusalem is a precursor to Armageddon, which has to happen before Jesus Christ can return. This is why an evangelical theocracy is extremely problematic for everyone else.


I can assure you, that there are Evangelicals who don’t believe that, but you’re not wrong in it being an accurate generalization of US Evangelicals … unfortunately. I’m a Baptist myself and I find myself shaking my head at many of the doctrines they picked up from the likes of Cyrus Scofield in 1909, running headlong into the Western Wall, then wailing that the birthright of the Jews was revoked. I think when they smashed their heads up against that wall, they damaged something. Identity crisis? Maybe they think they are Jews? I’m really starting to think they do.


Radical Christians are (except in calling for conversion rather than death of non-believers) just as hideous as radical Muslims. When I speak of death to all radical Muslims, I do not include my Muslims friends. They all realize that Muhammad’s Quran is replete with radical bullshit…just as I realize that our Bible is replete with incongruities.


I’ve never seen, in recent memory, a Christian radical claiming people should be put to death for not converting. This is non-Biblical. Christian Zionists calling for a Crusade, however, are technically endorsing the same thing, except for the fact they believe there’s something called the ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’, in which some technicality created a dual blessing, one for the goyim, and another for the Jew … also non-Biblical. Jingoism will cause a clash of civilization that will kill a shit ton of people of all ethnicities and faiths, but these people aren’t Biblical Christians, they’re heretics imho.