US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead


Goodness gracious me, go do some research into genetic analysis of the Jewish peoples before commenting.

Jewishness of course covers the following attributes :
1) Race and Ethnicity
2) Religion
3) Personal Identification

Mix and match, whatever, Jewishness was carried by a CORE DEMOGRAPHIC among their communities that historically subscribed to all 3 attributes (it would be a super-majority until the recent onset of the secular era). As @Ash_Sharp has said, there is some fuzziness on the edges, as with anything, but it’s just clear you live in a world where playing with semantics, being a sophist, and embracing casuist arguments, which is a comfortable living space for your brain. As such, I feel as if I have said enough in response to you within this thread, though thanks for presenting such a wonderful exhibit. People can learn much about this particular Israel-Palestine debate by studying the answers you gave. Cheers.


I do believe it was you that initiated the issue of Jewish referring to a race. When such idiotic claims are made, I cannot help but reply.

Words are meant to be interpreted according to their definitions. Otherwise sensible conversation would be impossible.



It’s Semitic !!
This is why people are calling me and others an ‘anti-semite’ throughout this thread !!

Even most American Jews know some Yiddish and descend from the racial/ethnic core demographic I mention in the reply to asaratis above.

In regards to your justification for the Jewish terrorist bombing that killed 93 people at the King David Hotel … really? “muh documents”? What about all the other attacks then on the crime spree list I mentioned going back to the 1920’s? Context doesn’t matter though to fellow Jews batting for their countrymen/in-group, regardless of whether they need to defend Jewish terrorists in the process who started the reign of terror in the Levant almost 100 years ago now.


If any of you Palestinian shills were not brainwashed latte sipping lefties, you would bother to read the actual facts about what happened and is happening.

If someone from Hoboken declared war on Manhattan, launched thousands of missiles in three different wars that were completely initiated by them, refused assistance and medical help for civilians in Hoboken, stole international financial help and most of the cement sent over from Manhattan for Hoboken civilians to dig tunnels into Manhattan with the explicit (see their own YouTube videos) goal of terrorizing and murdering the latte-sipping civilians of Manhattan and their children, launched a “return day” pushing many civilians mixed with terrorists (Hamas) to destroy the border fence and enter illegally into Manhattan with the explicit goal of “tearing their hearts out” - You might even take the time to care. Your willful ignorance is disgusting and explains why nobody takes you seriously. Starting with this article:



This thread is about the history of the conflict, not simply the reactions caused by severe land theft and invasion.

I’m a race realist hard right-winger who endorses Nationalism, Mercantilism, and Traditionalism.

Nice try pinning me as a ‘leftist’ though. Life must be so easy when your only thought is to create two categories known as ‘left’ and ‘right’, place ideological stereotypes into them convenient to your own agenda, then claim that everyone has to stand in one of two circles, thus naturally adopt all the tenets written within. I refuse to live within the cause and effect loops and the bipolar political dichotomy created by the owners of the plantation (neoliberals)


Could be your attitude towards Jewish people.

Few people today were alive during that part of jewish history but to you, you blame everyone today for actions that happened a lifetime ago.

The Palestinians could easily get along with the people that inhabit Israel however like most Arabs they want the Jewish people gonna and everything that remains theirs to claim.


They’ll end up with about 10% of the land if they’re lucky and it has nothing to do with whether they decided to fight for their rights or not, it is because the Jews were/are going to steal as much land as possible, then they’ll take more of Syria and Lebanon, eat into Jordan, and it’ll never end. They are subversive by nature, and action.

Yes, I study history, so sue me. I’ll go back to 33AD if I want to.


Judging from your responses, you’re one of the stupidest people I’ve seen on this site. But do carry on! Every message you send digs you a deeper intellectual grave.


You can take a train from Hoboken right into Manhattan. And more people, speaking more languages and having more diverse religious beliefs, have taken the PATH from Hoboken to NYC, and back again, than probably the entirety of Gaza, Tel Aviv and Petah Tikva combined. So your analogy falls apart pretty quickly.

I think it would be great if missiles weren’t being launched into Southern Israel randomly from Gaza AND if Gazans didn’t have to have sniper bullets shot in their lower extremities because they don’t want their children to go hungry or to play in open sewers.


Oh, poor dear! Did I offend you and your buddy? Tough fuckin’ shit!


I don’t recall the people of Hoboken having been forcibly removed from Manhattan by an occupying army and stripped of their possessions, dignity and human rights.

Other than that, it’s a brilliant analogy.

You have a gift for this.


Why on earth would people from Hoboken need to invade Manhattan? They can go through the tunnels and over the bridges any time because they are equally citizens of one country.


LOL, Yes your anti semitic.

Your hatred of the jewish people has no bounds.


My goodness, you seem to have your panties in a twist like your alter ego above.


Name calling earns you a flag.


You see, you just finished saying Jews were not Semitic and that this was a ‘label’, then you call me anti semitic.

“Labeling people is a despicable thing as it’s generally wrong” … no, calling a race a race is a largely scientific and sociological exercise and even the US Census Bureau is committing this grave sin - all politics revolves at some point around ethnicity within a multiracial society. Deal with it, hypocrite!

What planet do you people live on?

Do logical things like gravity exist on this planet?

I’m not even anti-Zionist in the purest sense because I do believe the Jews deserve an ethnostate somewhere if they so wish (I generally support ethnostates as they’re more stable nations), but I question the validity of modern Jews having more claim over this particular land than the people who have inhabited it for the last 1300-3500 years (Arabs-Philistines respectively), especially their terroristic and inhumane M.O., used to secure it since the first Jewish terror attacks in the 1920’s.

And the first instance of Zionist terror was actually the assassination of a fellow Jew who disagreed with Zionism !!

I’m done with your ridiculous arguments on this thread Lou. Thanks for commenting though, as I said to asaratis, your comments are an important exhibit in the Iran-Palestine peace circus ‘discussion’.


I’d advise against that. A cursory glance at the comments from above and we’d all be guilty of that charge. But it’s a hilarious display of irony that you call Choroin antisemitic while immediately following to flag me for “name calling”. Or perhaps Asaratis claiming Choroin is a pseudo-intellectual? Or perhaps Republic calling those who question the Israeli claim to its statehood leftists? Surely the corn syrup doesn’t also affect your attention span? But to amend my original comment, I think you may very well have taken Asaratis’ place as fool of the month.


It can be given at the same ceremony as the “Zionist award for Wahhabist of the Year” I mentioned in the article. lol. Instead of the “golden clown waiving the black flag of Jihad wearing a suicide vest of peace” it’ll be a golden clown with a cuckoo perching on its head.


@LexB @Choroin_O_Ceallaigh You two lovebirds are just too goddamned cute! Both of you should share the Primo Pseudo Intellectual Pipsqueak of the Month trophy.

Judaism is not a race. So sayeth the Rabbi.

Now go along and play with yourselves. You’re already blind.


Your much a waste of time and deserve a giant IGNORE.