US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead


Oh, poor dear! Did I offend you and your buddy? Tough fuckin’ shit!


I don’t recall the people of Hoboken having been forcibly removed from Manhattan by an occupying army and stripped of their possessions, dignity and human rights.

Other than that, it’s a brilliant analogy.

You have a gift for this.


Why on earth would people from Hoboken need to invade Manhattan? They can go through the tunnels and over the bridges any time because they are equally citizens of one country.


LOL, Yes your anti semitic.

Your hatred of the jewish people has no bounds.


My goodness, you seem to have your panties in a twist like your alter ego above.


Name calling earns you a flag.


You see, you just finished saying Jews were not Semitic and that this was a ‘label’, then you call me anti semitic.

“Labeling people is a despicable thing as it’s generally wrong” … no, calling a race a race is a largely scientific and sociological exercise and even the US Census Bureau is committing this grave sin - all politics revolves at some point around ethnicity within a multiracial society. Deal with it, hypocrite!

What planet do you people live on?

Do logical things like gravity exist on this planet?

I’m not even anti-Zionist in the purest sense because I do believe the Jews deserve an ethnostate somewhere if they so wish (I generally support ethnostates as they’re more stable nations), but I question the validity of modern Jews having more claim over this particular land than the people who have inhabited it for the last 1300-3500 years (Arabs-Philistines respectively), especially their terroristic and inhumane M.O., used to secure it since the first Jewish terror attacks in the 1920’s.

And the first instance of Zionist terror was actually the assassination of a fellow Jew who disagreed with Zionism !!

I’m done with your ridiculous arguments on this thread Lou. Thanks for commenting though, as I said to asaratis, your comments are an important exhibit in the Iran-Palestine peace circus ‘discussion’.


I’d advise against that. A cursory glance at the comments from above and we’d all be guilty of that charge. But it’s a hilarious display of irony that you call Choroin antisemitic while immediately following to flag me for “name calling”. Or perhaps Asaratis claiming Choroin is a pseudo-intellectual? Or perhaps Republic calling those who question the Israeli claim to its statehood leftists? Surely the corn syrup doesn’t also affect your attention span? But to amend my original comment, I think you may very well have taken Asaratis’ place as fool of the month.


It can be given at the same ceremony as the “Zionist award for Wahhabist of the Year” I mentioned in the article. lol. Instead of the “golden clown waiving the black flag of Jihad wearing a suicide vest of peace” it’ll be a golden clown with a cuckoo perching on its head.


@LexB @Choroin_O_Ceallaigh You two lovebirds are just too goddamned cute! Both of you should share the Primo Pseudo Intellectual Pipsqueak of the Month trophy.

Judaism is not a race. So sayeth the Rabbi.

Now go along and play with yourselves. You’re already blind.


Your much a waste of time and deserve a giant IGNORE.


So you’re the one that wrote that shitheaded article! I knew it wasn’t Ash!


You’re such an observant person, aren’t you? I only made it clear in my comments that I was the author of this article about a dozen times. Why do you think I spent such effort attempting to field knucklehead criticisms in this comments thread?

Please march over to Zion and throw yourself into the fight if you’re so keen to fight for your fellow ethnics, rather than insulting everyone’s intelligence with your dim witted observations and lackluster understanding of the world.


I also made it equally clear that I am a Christian, yet you asked me to answer your question THREE TIMES!


Nah, you might as well be Jewish. You’re feathering their nest so strong you’re either suffering from Stockholm Syndrome or you have an identity crisis … imho.


Okay. I’ll give you a chance to make your next dimwitted reply, then I’ll leave this pathetic thread so you can inflate you ego with thoughts that…you won.


Now Now Children… lets calm down. we are straying will into the realm of personal attacks rather than substance of the material…


What substance???

Personal opinion.


Most everything around the existence of Israel and its relationship with the Palestinians and the wider middle east is all personal opinion. The views around the Jewish faith and Zion are opinion … Their are even compelling reasons to believe both sides started the 6 day war… Who is a Jew and who isn’t… So yeah, if you see the OP’s 'opinion as wrong… debunk it with fact… :man_shrugging:


The fact is the Jews do not consider themselves to be a race, Scott. I presented this FACT. As the Rabbi said, anyone can become a Jew by conversion…and they are considered a Jew in every way. Judaism is a religion only.

Let me know how converting to Judaism in any way changes one’s race.