US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead


As a Lutheran, I don’t have the hangups that other denominations have .I still believe that the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is a wise decision. Each country has the right to determine where their capital is. What would Canada say if we moved our Embassy to Edmonton of all places. The President could have moved the Embassy to Haifa if he wanted.
He showed the Palestinians they will not intimidate him. He has dealt with tougher people than them with success. Jerusalem has been the capital for 3 thousand years and they might as well get used to it and come to the bargaining table.:rofl:


Here’s the problem. It hasn’t. It wasn’t close to being a Jewish capital since 70AD.

Including the Palestinians. Moving an Embassy to Edmonton is irrelevant, because Edmonton is still part of Canada and is not disputed by anyone in Canada. We’re talking about the most important historical city in the world here, which has now been dispossessed from Palestinian Christians, together with Bethlehem that they have been virtually run out of, by invading Jews the majority of whom don’t even believe Moses to have received a divine promise from a God they don’t believe in. The ceremony made me want to puke. They even rolled out Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah (a song about Jesus Christ), for a ceremony celebrating the handing over of the city, full-cloth, to people who despise the person of Jesus Christ. This ceremony was more than an Embassy opening, it had deep political and religious undertones.

To top off the poetry, the spawn of Satan, ‘pastor’ John Hagee, who did the closing blessing, had his lapel pin upside down, the American flag upside down and the Israeli flag of course looks quite fine upside down. That summed up the ceremony quite well for me.


No one ever brings up the Palestinian Christians not only in the context of this…but ever. They are probably most screwed over group of Christians on the planet and interestingly enough no one has given them safe quarter.


I mentioned this in the first quarter of my article above. Australia has given many of them safe quarter, and 70% of them have left the Levant because of the persecution (started by Israel … the Muslims and Christian Palestinians were getting along fine as they are the same race, until the Jews invaded). Christian Zionists couldn’t give a shit about them, and it makes me sick. People like Hagee have their back pocket stuffed full of Zionist payoffs, and he preaches at the pulpit of Zionism, claiming it to be for Christ. He’s utter spawn of Satan.


The Palestinian Christians got the message that they and their Savior Jesus Christ can go to hell. Still they remain faithful to the King of Kings despite enduring oppression and denial to worship at their holy sites because of his promise to them. They truly are God’s chosen.


I just wanted him to Build The Wall… no one voted for this Donald.


When I debate with intelligent people, I do not feel the need to differentiate between moderate and radical Muslims within every sentence denigrating Muslims. When sentences follow one another in a paragraph or series of paragraphs in response to a quoted posit, intelligent people usually perceive the sentences to be connected by way of topic.

When I start such a group of sentences with “Muslims have been radicalized since…” , it is obvious to intelligent people that the next sentence, beginning with, “Their so-called ‘religion’…” refers to them…the radicalized Muslims.

I shall revisit that assumption concerning future discourse with you.


It’s not a religious conflict at the core; at the core it’s about land and who is allowed to live where (and not have their house demolished) and have which rights. Palestinian Christians are persecuted, as are Palestinian atheists, as are Palestinian Muslims.


It’s apparent that the Trump administration will interpose no meaningful objection to any policy Netanyahu implements.

So, why doesn’t he just go ahead and annex the major settlement blocs in the West Bank?

Israel’s quasi-allies in the Sunni world may complain, but would that really be much more of a dealbreaker than effectively taking Jerusalem’s final status off the table?

It’s just really difficult to deny that we’re living in a Likud fantasy right now.


That would kill the “Peace Talks” fig leaf that is used to shield Israel from the charge of apartheid. If the fig leaf is gone, BDS comes front and center for Europe and the rest of the world (excluding the US). It is also possible that with the apartheid charge being leveled, support for the Palestinian Authority is about as popular as support for the Bantustans was. That means Israel would have to shoulder the cost of occupation directly.

East Jerusalem and the outlying areas were annexed before the Oslo agreement. So the concept of a peace deal was agreed to with Jerusalem already annexed and thus the potential of the reversal was also accepted by both parties. But annexing the Settlements now, after Oslo, is a post agreement killing stroke that the pre-agreement annexation could never be.


The first two sentences are correct. However, your assumed cause of Crusades is errant. The Crusades were initiated to protect Christians from harassment and killing by radical Muslims.

There is such a thing as Judeo-Christian tradition. You may recall that Jesus was a Jew. Then again, you may not.

The Bible contains many instances of the Lord commanding a people to go and slay other peoples. IIRC, in at least one such instance the command includes the slaying of all of the men, women and children…and their livestock.


How long has Jerusalem been Israel’s capital?
Officially Jerusalem has been unified again as capital since 1967. It was first made the capital by King David around 3000 years ago according to the Bible. Jerusalem has fallen and arisen again many times through out history. It has been besieged 23 times, destroyed 2 times, attacked 52 times and captured and recaptured 44 times.


No. There’s only the one tradition. If you are a Christian, there is no difference between Messianic Judaism and Christianity, it is the Jews who have accepted the leaven of the Talmud and all of the rubbish contained therein. When Christians say ‘Judeo-Christian tradition’ in the modern world, it’s because they are setting up a salvation caveat for non-Christian Jews where one does not exist. This started to creep in even before Cyrus Scofield, those denominations appeasing world Zionism being the culprit. Zionism has nothing to do with Christianity, unless you consider the Potters Field an eternal inheritance (which I guess it is; a land for the dead; they’ll get their wish if they keep this up, which they obviously will).


As I said. It wasn’t their capital since 70AD until they invaded in 1948. How could it have been a capital city of a non-landed nation between 70AD and 1948? They were cast to the 4 winds of heaven. Now they return to the Potters Field.

At the ‘Embassy’ ceremony yesterday, they all took the chance to claim the city as having been the capital since 1948, not 1967 when they occupied the Old City and East Jerusalem. This wasn’t an Embassy ceremony, it was a formal declaration of intent to never give up an inch of Jerusalem (albeit probably 4 neighborhoods on the outskirts of East Jerusalem which Israel will most definitely further annex in the future … they won’t stop until they are removed from the whole land somehow, by natural disaster or man-made disaster; a wish they might just have granted by their own devices).

This applies to pre-Messianic tribalism. There is no religious justification for it in post-Messianic dictum. When the European Rulers in the dark and middle ages forced conversion, they were doing it out of temporal necessity to carve a stable polity, it had no justification under the NT … none.

The Crusades, as pertain to the capture of Jerusalem and the Levant, had nothing to do with defending Europe as you said, by the way. It was an expansion of European control rather than a defense of their own territory like during the reconquista, Battle of Tours, and the driving out of the Turks from Vienna.

The Latin aligned Crusaders despised the Byzantines and their Orthodox faith, so it’s not like they were taking the Levant as some buffer zone to protect Byzantium … heck, they sacked Constantinople and overthrew the Orthodox leaders after the 4th Crusade when they setup the short lived Latin Empire.

But I know … there were many Crusades some with wildly differing aims and intent, so let’s not quibble about the meaning of the word Crusade. I was only initially reacting to your initial statement where you called for a Crusade in the modern era to “kill them all” … which may have simply been said as a throw-away line. ok, I get it, we all say things in passion and don’t mean them.


70% of them have left the Levant because of the persecution

Look up Lalo Dagach too, Chilean Atheist of Palestinian descent, bit evangelical on the atheism part but a genuine dude.


Judeo-Christian principles refers to the ethical standards that are common between Christianity and Judaism.

“Our form of government has no sense unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith….With us of course it is the Judeo-Christian concept.”
–Dwight D. Eisenhower

The basic difference between Christians and Jews is that we Christians believe the Messiah came and went and will return while the Jews believe the Messiah is yet to come.


Theologians differ regarding whether the Messianic Age has begun or not. Since it is to be a period of no evil, no war and no poverty, I’ll go with the ones who say the “Messianic Era” is yet to come. Besides, if it had already begun, the Messiah would have revealed himself to us.

Whether one is Christian or Jewish, it cannot be denied that (according to the Bible) God has commanded the mass slaughter of entire populations…men, women, and children.


Hamas’ goal is to breach the border fence. If there’s a mass breach we could see hundreds killed, and that would possibly start an intifada in Gaza. (West Bank is less and less unified with Gaza and tired of their shit)

That’s why these hand-wringing displays about IDF use of force are ridiculous – live fire is what is deployed as a final measure to keep the rioters off of the fence to prevent them from planting explosives or breaking through. If a mass wave of rioters broke through, they would be stepping into a meat grinder of heavy weapons fire… that’s what Hamas wants, to kick off a new intifada. That’s what Israel is trying to prevent.

  • Two Comings (Nicene Creed)
  • (PRIESTS) First Coming to declare a spiritual kingdom
  • (KINGS) Second Coming to declare a temporal kingdom;“The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever” [REV 11:15, post 7th trump]

Priests and Kings
Spiritual and Temporal

Nicene Creed is clear as day. It’s the foundation of Christian interpretation.

The definitions of “Messianic era” are confused and semanticized because most Christians pay no real attention to ritual hermeneutics or honest biblical exegetics; especially when it comes to Eschatology. Christian Zionists are the worst offenders in this regard, because they need to reconcile their caveat towards the Rabbinical Jews of the modern era, with the definitive Person of Messiah. The book itself is quite consistent, however, thus I find it weird that people would say things like this :

This is the exact contention between Christians and Jews. The former obviously claiming Jesus did in fact fulfill the incarnation of logos, the latter claiming Jesus was a false Messiah. There’s no reconciling these two, though a formal policy of cognitive dissonance on behalf of the former pays dividends to the latter.

Besides … Mat_16:28 Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom. … it’s quite clear the spiritual Kingdom was attained at ascension, then witnessed also by Stephen in Acts at his death, to confirm the triumph of Logos over the Dragon (the deception). The earthly Kingdom is reconciled after 7th trump and after the false image of Kingdom is set up.

I don’t want to get into a theological debate here, it’s not the right place.


Hamas exists because of the Jewish invasion and because the Palestinians have only 1/3rd of the land they had prior. I’d be more critical of ANY nation which weren’t defending its rights and bending over and taking a spanking. The only reason the Palestinians have any land left at all and weren’t all chased out, is because they fought for what they have.

The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you … “Hamas! Hamas! The terrible Hamas!”

The West Bank has just a little less population density last time I checked.