US Embassy in Jerusalem Opening Tomorrow: Regional Unrest Ahead


If the Murderous Hamas Terrorists breach the fence,they will start a killing spree of Israeli people without any thought . Hamas isn’t afraid to use people,especially women as sacrificial lambs as human shields.
There isn’t any way of reasonably negotiating with Hamas Terrorists .The Israelis have made Israel the modern Western Style country that it is. There isn’t any type of strict religious legal system like Sharia Law
If Hamas ruled ,the country would become a THIRD RATE CAMEL COUNTRY exporting their terrorism elsewhere .:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nobody lives in a vacuum. Hamas only exists because Israel exists.

… after the King David Hotel bombing and dozens of Israeli Terror Attacks aimed at driving out the British. Now the Palestinians are fighting back against the same vicious Lehi/SternGang/Likud land thieves and the Jews shout “terrorists !! terrorists !!”.

I’ll say it again : “The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you”

R.I.P., 93 British Embassy workers and their staffers, most of whom were Christians.
King David Hotel bombing :

The fathers of modern terrorism in the Middle East weren’t Muslims.


I will concede that Israel is in violation of the Oslo Accords related to their expansion.


All the land on which Jewish settlements were built prior to 1948 were legally owned by private entities which purchased that land from private owners (sometimes Muslim, sometime Christians sometimes old Ottoman government officials who took advantage of the messy bureaucracy of post military conquest to take control of government land [uncommon but happened]) specifically for the purpose of building these settlements and this was allowed by the British mandate.

When the UN decided to grant the Jewish population and the Muslim population of Palestine two separate independent states the Jews accepted the proposal and the Muslims did not.


Can a valid claim of the land being stolen, on a legal level, be made? No.

But stick with your mantra and get out of the US as it belongs to the native Americans.


Hamas exists as an organization funded by Iran.


I don’t live in the US, but this is different because the US is a massive landmass that doesn’t require the cramming of Native Americans into a plot of land so small they’re falling all over each other. Besides, the US allows all Native Americans to settle wherever they wish, unmolested. If Israel were to do the same thing, it would require issuing ALL Palestinians citizenship, then they wouldn’t get their ‘Jewish State’ under the only ‘democracy’ in the middle east.

Correct, none of which included a sovereignty deal over a Jewish Nation, but actually their acceptance to take part in the existing administration, and the numbers were limited by that administration. The numbers were very small, and the settlements were limited. You cannot compare those settlements with the land Israel owns now. Only a deaf dumb and blind person could claim not to see the difference.

I don’t accept the suzerainty of the UN for any purpose what so ever, especially the giving of someone else’s land to another people without their consent. Why exactly did they have to agree to the UN borders? If the UN walked into the USA today, and told you that the State of New York was to become part of a Greater Israel, and then Jews from god knows where marched in, would you say “okie dokie, don’t let me stop you”. No, you’d fill the beaches with blood and tell the UN to kiss your ass, and I’d clap.

Yes. Because after the British removed their mandate, the administration legally fell to the natural inhabitants.

ffs, I feel like I’m conversing with world class strawman builders lately.
I’m never going to run out of matches to light these strawmen on fire either.


You appear to be a pseudo-intellectual pedant.



Of course they looked outside of their Arab neighbors for assistance when they’re jammed into a sandpit surrounded by fences and violent Jews, while nobody give two craps about their plight. Once again, Hamas wouldn’t exist without Israel. Israel started the terrorism first in the neighborhood blowing up the British. Palestinians weren’t blowing up the British. Let’s not get into Operation Ajax and the operation to trash the Shah that led to the Iranian Revolution that put those nutters in power though, because that would require introspection on the behalf of Israel and its allies. That would be far too challenging, mentally, and we’d have to stop our psychological projections.


Ahh, the old ad hominem. The last resort. I’m fine if you don’t reply to any of my comments, it will save me a matchstick.


After all the history and Biblical lessons we still have to deal with the situation as it exists in the 21st century.:clock10:


It won’t really matter at the end of the day because the Likud are hell bent on triggering the final Shiite vs Sunni MENA restructuring, which will drag every nation into this land because of the oil and gas politics. If the land of Israel is actually inhabitable after their done blowing themselves up, it would definitely be a divine miracle. If they get their war, the Russians are coming in, sure as day, then the fireworks get a little bigger, and much hotter.


It’s obvious you don’t love in the US.

Native Americans live on reservations by choice if they want US government/native government services. And yes they can move anywhere and support themselves.

To bad as they made the determination, get over it.

Pay real close attention, Israel is a very small country. The total area of Israel is slightly larger than Massachusetts, and slightly smaller than New Jersey.

The Palestinians want what the Israeli’s built for nothing. Not going to happen. Who is the first to fire missiles into Israel from schools and hospitals? And yes these people are terrorists.


What’s with the sympathy for Palestinians. Instead of being civilized and recognize Israel as a sovereign country and sitting at the bargaining table where they could make a compromised agreement for a Palestinian state, they continue their hard headed ways and get NOTHING.
They continue the unnecessary terrorism and sacrifice the lives of people that would help to build a Palestinian state. They are the biggest ROADBLOCK for any type of state to happen. :grin:


A State where they end up with a minority of the land, no water resources, landlocked completely by Israel in the West Bank (they’re taking the Jordan Valley and only the Gaza Strip will have a border with Egypt), and they can look forward to even more land confiscations by hard-right filthy parasitical Talmud waiving demons bulldozing their properties (this will continue to happen, ask Sheldon Adelson).

I get it. I really do. The Palestinian Christians are a non-entity to you, and the Muslim Palestinians are unpersoned because you all worship Jews who hate Christianity and the west. I get it. It’s obvious. That’ll never stop me from telling the truth about the situation or the sociopathy of Christian Zionism. Early Church fathers were flogged and killed for telling the truth and testifying against the un-righteous, so I’ll continue in that tradition (known as ‘carrying the cross’).

I know this … so they have access to their own land and semi-sovereign benefits of the same, and are considered citizens. CHECK !! Not the case in Israel for nearly 5million people. Thus, not the same situation, as you fallaciously argued.

I guess when they also take over your media, Hollywood, and your banking sector, then the Israel lobbies capture both sides of your political spectrum, the creep of Stockholm Syndrome is unavoidable for certain psychological profiles. I get it. I really do. Sad!



Sorry but they are not available for take over as they already belong to the progressive left.


Your posting of a link to an opinion blog article is a disingenuous attempt to present factual information.

While the article is sprinkled with names and supposed relationships that may or may not be true, the premise it is intended to support is preposterous.

The first war on Muslim terrorism began with the Pope and the Crusades in 1096 AD in response to Islam’s army of brainwashed idiots terrorizing Christians on pilgrimages to the Holy Land.

What is known as today’s War on Terror began after September 11, 2001 when GWBush declared it.

From the article linked:

Netanyahu is partially correct. Islamic terrorists attack Israel because it is the strongest, most viable, non-Muslim nation in the ME. It’s proximity to Muslim nations makes it a prime target. The United States being Israel’s most powerful ally makes his plea to the United States to join the war understandable. It parallels the desire of Western European leaders for the United States to enter into alliance with them in WWII. The fact that the United States did not enter the war until attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese parallels the declaration of war on terror by then President Bush after the attack on the World Trade Center by Islamic terrorists on 9/11/2001.

From the article:

I don’t know that I will ever stop laughing at this ridiculous posit.

Your posted article is quite literally choke full of shit…likely written by a Muslim sympathizing anti-Semite.


It’s truly a waste of time responding to a person who quotes opinion as facts.

I laugh at how this person is so full of hate for the Jewish people yet claims the moral high ground for a terrorist state of the Palestinians.


Why is there all this tap dancing like Gregory Hines and sympathy for Palestinians when they’re instigating the violence!!!:child:


I’m the only one quoting the actual history (facts) of the situation.

King David hotel bombing, et al, the terrorist state from the beginning was Israel, not Palestine. FACT

As I said above. The Israeli’s started this fight when they invaded and after their terrorism campaign against the British. If they have a problem with the violence caused by stealing the vast majority of a people’s land, then claiming Jerusalem as their property while comically calling this a ‘peace’ process, then they, and you, are either deluded, or evil.