US House Speaker Paul Ryan to stand down


US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan will not run for re-election this year, in a big blow to Republicans with mid-term elections looming.

Congress’ most powerful lawmaker said he would not stand for another term in his Wisconsin district this November.

Republicans already face a tough challenge from Democrats to keep control of the lower chamber.

Mr Ryan joins nearly 30 House Republicans who have announced this year they are retiring outright.

Democrats need 23 seats to take over the House.


In a Wednesday morning news conference, Mr Ryan said the decision was family-related… The 48-year-old father-of-three said he did not want to be known by his children as “only a weekend dad”. Why not say, “Now that my wife did the hard part and the kids are old enough to mostly take care of themselves, I want to spend more time at home while the kids attend to their own interests at school or with friends.”

His children are 13, 15 and 16. If they think of him as a weekend dad, it’s a bit late to come home to play cat’s in the cradle with them.

Of course, admitting that you’re trying to rush out the door and get a highly paid job before a potentially embarrassing midterm election doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as, “My family is sooooo important to me…”

What is it… about 90% of politicians who leave office do so to “spend more time with their families”?


Absolutely no one believes them.

Their concern for their families is always timed precisely to rise when their political fortunes fall.

Now, if someone were to do that at the peak of their political power - no one would believe them either. Everyone would think there was a scandal coming that is not yet public. Maybe a few years later they would believe it, if said individual showed they really meant it and remained out of activities that would keep them away.


I am wondering about the revolving door and where he will land. If his primary goal in Congress was to get tax cuts passed, he succeeded. There are plenty of rich - richer - corporations and individuals out there who are very happy about his “accomplishment.” Let’s see what his next gig is. Maybe he will be playing cat’s cradle with his teenagers on his new yacht. Never too late for that.


Internal polling predicts an absolute bloodbath in November.

I think Ryan would stick around and try to gut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security if he thought he had the slightest chance of pulling it off. The GOP is too badly damaged already to try even for that on their way out the door.


Do you honestly think SS will exist like it is today

You realize it’s a pay as you go entitlement don’t you

Medicare is in dire straits and major changes will be required

Dems and Republicans will gut it together


Likely so- like when Colin Powell dropped out two days after the OJ verdict- to (you guessed it)…




Steve Scalise sponsored a bill to end birthright citizenship and opposes amnesty for illegals. Sounds like Speaker of the House material to me.


It is interesting to see the liberals come out for this one.

I do not predict a bloodbath in Nov.; I’ll even go out on a limb and predict that the GOP will retain both houses. ‘Internal polling’ also predicted a Clinton win last Nov.
The only places Clinton ‘won’ were the kleptoparasitic states- semi - literate Sheila Jackson Lee could have won those…


They hang on those email notifications just waiting for one of theirs to weigh in.


What pisses me off about that is that when it is an interesting subject and you take the time to respond, they never return to continue the conversation… for the most part they appear very much to be ‘hit and run’ liberals.


One has to wonder is this not the coup de gras for anything that considers itself right wing… Many of this people were

I did a quick check with both Conservative Review and Freedom Works to see how these guys (stepping down but not seeking another public position) stacked up and it would seem to me that all but a couple are natural replacements for moderate democrats…



[quote=“LouMan, post:6, topic:7869”]
Do you honestly think SS will exist like it is today… Not when it is used for every democrats program out there !!

You realize it’s a pay as you go entitlement don’t you … An entitlement is NOT something you are required to pay into your ENTIRE working life !!!

Medicare is in dire straits and major changes will be required
[/quote] Because when unemployment was high the number of people applying for SS disability hit all time highs !

Today, the federal government automatically puts all of the money that should be set aside for the Social Security Trust Fund into the General Fund. Raiding the Social Security Trust Fund was a precedent set in 1968 by another progressive president, Lyndon B. Johnson, to help pay for the Vietnam War.
Those Social Security trust funds were supposed to be held — literally — “in trust” for America’s citizens. The raiding of that trust fund violates a fiduciary responsibility. a trustee or mutual-fund manager who violated that sort of trust — the fiduciary relationship — would go to jail. That’s exactly what Bernie Madoff was all about.
The “FICA” you’ve paid to date was really just income tax, used to pay for long-forgotten “government programs”.
FICA never stops there is no maximum limit , just pay ,pay ,pay !!! entitlement my a$$ !!!


The SCOTUS has made it clear that SS is an entitlement.

Many people believe that Social Security is an “earned right.” That is, they think that because they have paid Social Security taxes, they are entitled to receive Social Security benefits. The government encourages that belief by referring to Social Security taxes as “contributions,” as in the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. However, in the 1960 case of Fleming v. Nestor, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that workers have no legally binding contractual rights to their Social Security benefits, and that those benefits can be cut or even eliminated at any time.

Don’t tell anyone, SS funds have always been deposited into the General Fund since it’s inception.

Since day 1 the Federal Government has always issued bids to cover the excess funds.

The Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund and the Disability Insurance Trust Fund comprise the Social Security trust funds. Both funds are managed by the Department of the Treasury through their Bureau of the Fiscal Service. Since the beginning of the Social Security program, all securities held by the trust funds have been issued by the Federal Government. There are two general types of such securities:

Special issues—available only to the trust funds
Public issues—marketable Treasury bonds available to the public. 

The trust funds now hold only special issues, but they have held public issues in the past.


Entitlement as “the fact of having a right to something.” And “the amount to which a person has a right.” As defined by SCOTUS . But in NO way like welfare where one believes they inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
Social security is your own equity in Social Security.and NOT a handout ! My employer and I have paid over $500,000 in to the Social Security system in my career so far and I never expected a handout only what I paid for all those years and will continue to pay for a few more.


Social security is nothing but a promise from the government to you that can be changed at the drop of a hat.

And it will be changed like it or not a it’s UNSUSTAINABLE!


While I have no dispute with your right to presume that the money you paid in ‘Should’ come back to you I would have to say that their is most certainly no guarantee to that presumption. The Social Security earnings statement is pretty clear that it is up to the whim and the wish of the congress.

Words to this effect are included in every statement:


The second thing I would say is that your calculations perhaps are a little high. I did a quick spread sheet from 1960 to present and assuming that you hit the ground running in your first year of employment and maxed deductions for every year since then, total contributions would have only been $369,569.

Just for giggles I plugged in the maximum results and they only show earnings back to the year 1967 which would put someone close to the retirement age of 67… the max you could contribute from 1967 is slightly less at 367,141 and the max benefit would be just over 3,800 per month. At that pay out you would exhaust your total pay in in 97 months or a little over 8 years … The problem with social security and the pay as you go system is that people more often than not collect far more than they contribute. A person that lives for 20 years past 67 will collect (from this example) some 912,000 or three times what was contributed and with surviver benefits it goes up from there.

Again, I’m not discounting your work or your contributions and I agree, you should get back what you put in plus a ‘reasonable’ return but people end up taking far more than anything they could have managed on their own with US treasuries.


The problem is that CONGRESS changed the rules so a spouse that never contributed a dime can collect benefits for life.

The problem is that CONGRESS changed the rules so a child could collect benefits based on a deceased parent that have yet to contribute a dime.

The problem is that CONGRESS changed the rules so a disable people collect benefits for the rest of their lives.

The problem is CONGRESS forgot to change the age of retirement with longevity increases. But they did change SS to 62.5 down from 65.


My SS deductions stopped mid August almost every year for the last 20 years ,I paid the max for close to 31 years , I continued to pay FICA the entire year for every year I worked . about 47 years of paying into the system which are called " contributions " ! My employers was required to match my SS contributions all those years too !
I’m certain things will change for those 45 years of ago and younger with higher age requirements and such BUT those on SS and those close to collecting things will remain the same pretty much . I have a few years where I paid more in taxes than half the population earns a year . I’m healthy and very comfortable but enjoy the work I do BUT I intend to receive what I paid for all those years .