US Will Impose Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on EU


What about putting America first has anything to do with one party over another…other than at least one party having a few members who publicly say that they want to put America first - something another party calls hate speech and the rest of the politicians stay silent on.


Nothings wrong with putting America first. It just gets sticky when folks start talking about what that means, and who it is that’s actually being put first.


Also, we have trade AGREEMENTS, those agreements must be honored. In the case of NAFTA, that was a very bipartisan agreement negotiated by George H W Bush and signed by Clinton. If it’s not working out in our interest, then you renegotiate it. Which was in process until Trump torpedoed it with his arbitrary tariffs that has everybody, friends and foes alike, his own party and his own chief economic adviser pissed off.


Sometimes doing the hard things isn’t popular, particularity with those who tend to find themselves sitting on the top of a bubble that they created. What ever approach Bush and Clinton used in ‘negotiating’ that agreement, many people, Perot being the loudest called BS on it. They negotiated it and other trade agreement with objectives that were probably more beneficial to them and their compatriots than the best interest of the US… Trump is in process of renegotiating these agreements and will use whatever leverage he can to change the terms and conditions. P.S. no trade agreement is permanent and the sitting president has some power in saying which ones we continue and which ones we terminate.


Nothing in life is perfect, NOTHING. With regards to NAFTA, most economists agree that it was more beneficial to the US then injurious. If it can be improved upon, then you renegotiate it. But nothings going to be wholly beneficial to the US while harming the other member of the agreement or vise versa. Canada’s PM has already stated that Trumps proposed tarries will hurt those talks.


They only say that in the context that lost jobs and the American worker don’t matter…


Not if they aren’t working for us anymore. The President can just terminate them. No amount of name calling that you do is going to change that either. You will have to just sit there and watch these AGREEMENTS get torn to shreds.


I’ve not spoken to the presidents authority.



The tariffs will go into effect in 15 days and include exemptions for Canada and Mexico.

Tariffs of 25% are to be placed on steel and 10% on aluminium imported into the US.

They will apply to all countries except Canada and Mexico, which will be exempt while discussions over the North America Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) take place.


I said it in another thread, I think this will hurt China. I have been looking for the data. Extracted vs exported vs imported.


This is interesting. The EU needs the Chinese but they export to the US because we are fools and buy it.

The EU needs the steel products that it is importing from China. In other words, even if the EU did not buy them from China, it would still import them from other countries. According to the latest report by the European Steel Association, the EU’s steel imports from China dropped by 41 percent from January to November 2017. However, the gap was immediately filled by other countries, with some even doubling their steel exports to the EU.


Trump has said that any country affected by the tariff can submit a request for exemption… Trump will review any outstanding trade issues that harm the US and if they can be resolved, he will grant an exemption… Its all about leverage and its not just about China… :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Not all, ever since he made the declaration and got his nose bit off he’s been backpedaling, now Mexico and Canada are carved out and any country that gets hurt by it can request exemption. No teeth in his tariffs and the trumpers get to claim promise kept hahahahaha, that’s all I could laugh because my side started hurting.


Temporarily, contingent on some things changing in the NAFTA deal … They were not exempt.

The other exemptions were also contingent on addressing any trade issues that disadvantaged the US… leverage. Their was no back tracking… it is what he does to the liberal media and his opponents every time… he lets you flail your arms and then does what he intended to do. I don’t pretend to know just how it will all work out but anytime you think Trump has screwed up… you more than likely have been played.