USA Approaching 20T in Debt - The End is Near



FIRST 6 MONTHS OF 44 & 45:

+1,027,000 Jobs
-$102 Billion National Debt

-3,826,000 Jobs
+$985 Billion National Debt


That’s true but Trump is going to force two choices on the American people:

  1. Default on debt
  2. Cut all social programs included Obamacare

We could never afford socialism lite. Europe cannot either. We have dodged this question by taking on debt and immigration, as have they. It won’t work.


Sadly at end of September when congress shuts down government to complain about the debt ceiling, this will be forgotten.


It is hard to separate the fact and fiction of Trump and his reasoning. I would like to think that his ‘plan’ would be to eventually take on entitlements but he first had to show the body public that he was wringing the waste out of discretionary spending… The problem is that while he is absorbed with the idea of having a strong homeland defense, the MIC is one huge sponge that will never allow for meaningful cutbacks. The only good thing is that the Neocon’s are finally coming out of the closet and going back to the Democratic party that planted them… hopefully this will give the people a pause for thought, but I doubt it.


And you think there will be a choice when investors demand a risk premium for our worthless treasuries