Utility company sends racial slur password to woman 🤣


What part of “It was a random computer-generated password” dont you and other people in this thread understand?
Next stop: activists get outraged as they look at the color black, and demand black-colored items to be banned.



Yep , dumber than a rock ! :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


They walk around every day with that HUGE chip on their shoulder and just wait to yell racist ! Let the hatred eat them alive !!!


Is it ok to call Chiggers “Chiggas”?..:thinking:


Im asian and I approve the use of that word.


Hahaha…:laughing:…That’s hella funny, but I wasn’t referring to Asians. Shit, I didn’t even realize that was a term for Asians…I was referring to the chigger bug…:laughing:


Oh I didnt realize the person changed the name to Rich Brian. It used to be Rich Chigga i.e. chinese nigga. It’s interesting in this context, since he did censor himself in this interview.


Interesting as the rhetoric of the left is beyond unbelievable


This is one of the most racist threads I’ve ever seen on a forum. It’s absolutely disgusting that you would talk about people of color, who have been systematically oppressed for centuries, so terribly.

Free speech is not hate speech.


Blacks are actually screaming racism in Democrat run towns… what are you doing about it??


Racism of lower expectation. Just because they are POCs doesnt mean they need your white-knighting racebait.


A person of color.


You want to see real racism? Go on Twitter.


Are you the final arbiter of gate speech???